Friday, November 6, 2009

Lady of prolific tags

Hi Ladies,

There has been lots of tagging and appreciation afoot. I'm presenting a collective of blogger awards bestowed on painted Lady fingers. 

I was tagged by Lisa at Glammed Up , Kellie from Also Known As...
and Berry from Happy Berry Naiad.
I will turn off my inner spell check and accept all the good feeling associated with this award. 

I was also tagged by Mae from Art of Nail

I have been requested to mention seven random things about myself and tag seven blogs I enjoy. 

1) I love natural wood. I have an assortment of trunks and boxes from India, Bali, and Indonesia I use as decorative storage.

2) I have a collection of loose leaf tea in baskets as well as herbs for infusing. I love rich, earthy tea in winter. My favorites in this category include Smoky Russian Caravan, Lapsang Souchong and Pu Erh. 

3) I burn incense a few times a day. I am selective, preferring better quality, hand made varieties. I have been loving the scent of myrrh this past week. 

4) Bunnies! I adore them. My favorite book as a child was The Velveteen Rabbit. I have been considering adopting a lop eared rabbit. 

5) I enjoy reading faery tales, especially traditional stories set in faraway lands. 

6) I am good with plants. Since I live in an apartment, my windowsills are lined with them year round. 

7) I love cooking with herbs. My favorite is chervil. I also love French herb blends like Bouquet Garni and Herbes de Provence. 
I am very late to tagging. It seems like most other bloggers have participated. I am thankful to be thought of and I will call to those ladies who haven't posted yet to enjoy the opportunity. 

Juicy Nails tagged me for the One Lovely Blogger award. I find the design of this award quite charming. Roses, a teacup and ribbons! How delightful! 

I am supposed to chose 15 other blogs to offer this award. That is quite a number! I think I am going to bestow this on all the wonderful ladies on my blogroll. I certainly enjoy reading your reviews, experiencing your creativity and viewing your beautiful pictures. Thank you. xoxo!


  1. Thank you for sharing your 7 random facts :) Mmmm. Loose tea. We will have to visit the shop again next time I visit in Philly!

  2. There used to be a wonderful shop in Haddonfield, NJ many years ago. You could buy loose teas, herbs, coffee and everything to go with it. I loved going in there. My Mom and I used to enjoy trying different teas. I just can't stomach anything with mint in it. Hot tea that is. Love iced tea with mint. It was nice cooking with very fresh herbs. Smelled delicious in there. I'm also a lover of fairy tales. My favorite book is a large book of fairy tales. It has beautiful illustrations in it. I also have a book from Holland that I love. My cousin had the same one and we used to read it together. When I got older I found the Holland book at a used bookstore in Haddonfield!

  3. beautyjudy: We have to make a ladies afternoon out date soon! I could always use more tea (in the same way that I could always use more polish!). ;)

    Lucy: Haddonfield has been good to you in terms of housing your delights. There's a wonderful tea and herb shop in the Italian Market I enjoy visiting for occasional stocking of kitchen herbs. They have a wonderful chocolate tea I adore. As I child there was wild mint growing in the backyard. I convinced my mom to add sprigs to ice tea. So refreshing! Your fairy tale books sound beautiful. I love gazing at the illustrations.


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