Friday, November 27, 2009


Hello ladies,

I decided to properly accessorize for Black Friday. This is the last mini polish from the Borghese Allegra collection I have to share with you. The black with silver glitter looks cosmic to me, like the path of a meteor descending to Earth in a shower of light.

This little butterfly from the Museum of Natural Sciences represents the color of the day. Before my little friend alighted to the stone bench, he rested on my hand and gave me a kiss. It was precious!

The black and silver glitter mini applied similarly to the other three polishes in the Allegra collection. What was curious is this polish had a full size brush. The red, gold and white glitter polishes had slightly smaller brushes. I found that all the polishes in my Serena mini collection, released at the same time as Allegra, had full size brushes. 

While black polish with silver glitter is hardly an original concept, the Borghese mini is a gorgeous representation of the idea. The silver is present in various sizes, from medium squares to a sprinkling of micro glitter. The base color is sheer enough that the glitter is visible at the surface, yet the shade builds easily to opacity in two to three coats. 

Happy painting, ladies! Happy shopping as well to those who were indulging today. 


  1. While black nail polish with silver glitter might not be a new concept, it is always a lovely one!
    {{sending you butterfly kisses}}

  2. That is a beautiful polish! I saw the mini set earlier today; I can't believe how tiny those minis are! I love the picture of the butterfly too, she is so pretty!

  3. The butterfly is so pretty and your nails too. Love your pictures :)

  4. Your picture of butterfly is very beautiful !
    And this shade, waw not really new but always gorgeous ;)

  5. I love love love this black ! So pretty !

    And thanks for the butterfly's picture :-)

  6. Your nails look lovely as always!! The butterfly is breathtaking! Oh my goodness! I went out shopping yesterday and am now poor. But my house has touches of the holidays and about half of my shopping list is done :)

  7. Evil Angel: Thanks! I agree. Black and silver together is classic and elegant. xoxo!

    gildedangel: Thank you! They are cute bottles. The size of them is deceptive in my pictures since my hands are small too! For reference, an OPI mini is 3.75 ml and a Borghese mini is 4.3 ml. I still have a couple more butterflies to share. <3

    AllYouDesire: Thank you so much! It was such an amazing trip to the museum to see the live butterfly exhibit.

    Celine: Thank you! I knew you would love this shade! You wear glitter vampy polishes so well. <3

    Tuli: Thank you! I took so many butterfly pictures! I love sharing them. I am glad you liked the polish too. :)

    beautyjudy: Thank you! It sounds like you had very productive start on your holiday list. You definitely went with the spirit of the day. Yay! :)

  8. Perfect polish for the day. How nice to get a kiss from a butterfly. I'm still looking for this set. One of these days I'll find it. Looks lovely on your beautiful nails.

  9. wow!! another great giveaways again from u.. u really rock!!!

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    2. u're already on my blog roll lists
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