Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Raindrops and leaves

Hello ladies,

The skies were heavily overcast today. As I was walking back from the park, I felt some auspiciously timed raindrops. While I am glad I was able to take some outdoor photos, I wish the sun had been in attendance. 

I am wearing Maybelline Exu-Blue-Rant from the Poptimistic Collection. This dark, inky blue provides the base for the funky french with a Migi Nail art pen in glitter navy. Despite the name the fine glitter particles appear a deeper shade of turquoise. The raindrop jewels are from the NYC New York Color Frankly Scarlet Collection. 

Behind the red tree is the garden where many of my summer manicures had been photographed. 

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to the live butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Natural Sciences. I will be showcasing some of the winged beauties we encountered over the next week. This blue butterfly was resting near the exit. I think he may have been planning to become a stowaway.  

Exu-Blue-Rant was opaque in two coats. I find the Maybelline 60 second formula to be tricky to work with. Thankfully, the brush included with my bottle of Exu-Blue-Rant had evenly cut bristles unlike Optimistic and Glad to Be Green. I purchase Maybelline for the colors and tolerate the formula. 

I was excited to try the brush portion of the Migi Nail Art pen set. Many of you know my devotion to the funky french. I have painted smile lines with completely inappropriate tools. I have used an OPI prowide brush. I have battled the long drippy stem of a Hot Topic brush more than once to create a french. In the beginning, I even tried the not entirely useful tip guide stickers. They tend to adhere in unpleasant ways as often as they work. I have painted runny big three free formula polish and viscous glitters with equal aplomb. 

The brush in the Migi Nail art pen set presented the easiest way to create a french of any method I have tried. The formula of the polish is thick enough to brush slowly and thin enough to spread across the nail evenly. If you haven't been able to successfully freehand a french, the Migi Nail Art pen and brush set is a great tool for practicing technique. I loved the glitter navy pen sent to me for review. I wish Migi would put out an entire collection of fine glitter pens. If you haven't had a chance yet, please see the contest post for a chance to win the Gold Set of Migi Nail Art pens. The sets are available for purchase at

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. hot nails, this is very unique. Love it...cute butterflutter!

  2. I love your funky frenchies, they are always stunning!

  3. Well, I just love blue polish on you Diana. Gorgeous funky french and totally appropriate for an overcast day. The diamonti drops are delightful. Glad to hear you are having a lovely time with your man ;) that's the best news xx

  4. I LOVE this manicure! That blue Maybelline is close to perfection and those tips with raindrops...WOW!

  5. That is a really lovely mani, I like how it is simple but there is a little bling too!

  6. This is gorgeous! I love the jewels, they are perfect for this.

  7. Gorgeous! I really like the blue!:)

  8. how pretty! I had never thought of adding jewels on the free edge before, it's a great idea

  9. this is gorjuz
    i love ur twist on the french mani's
    you do just gorjuz

  10. rayqueenbee: Thanks so much! I am glad you find the look pleasing. I have more butterfly photos to share. <3

    Evil Angel: Thank you! I am glad you enjoy seeing the funky french look as much as I do creating it. Symbiosis!

    Danielle: Thanks! I love blue polish on rainy days. <3 My boyfriend is awesome. The same day he took me to the butterfly exhibit, he also baked me cornbread. Seriously!

    ethnimad: Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

    The Princess: Thank you, sweet lady. <3

    nihrida: Thanks so much, love. The Poptimistic collection has a pretty amazing purple too. I may have to go back for that one!

    gildedangel: Thank you! You know I can't keep away from the rhinestones. ;)

    Jessica: Thank you kindly. <3

    Mighty Lambchop: Thanks! I have another set of those rain drop jewels for prettying up a grey afternoon. :)

    Madeleine Bouquet: Thank you! *curtsey*

    chocaddict: Thanks so much! Jewels travel to all areas of my nails. I love them! I would adhere rhinestones to the cat if I could. ;)

    Skye: You are so sweet! Thank you, dear one. <3

    ainos2: Thanks! There's nothing quite like an inky navy blue!

  11. Lovely nails!! I want to try Migi now =]

  12. I love that shade of blue. Your manicure is fantastic. I love the glittery tips and the jewel. You almost matched the butterfly.

  13. ~Lisa: Thank you! I have been having a great time with the pens. :)

    Lucy: Thank you so much! I am so glad you like it. I really was thinking about the butterfly when I created the look. <3


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