Saturday, November 7, 2009

Raspberry Beret

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing Mulberry Mayhem from the Diamond Cosmetics Winter Collection. I painted a lovely, yet nameless, holographic glitter from a Blue Cross snowman as the funky french.

Mulberry Mayhem is a pink and purple chameleon. As the progression of photos shows, the color ranges from a bright raspberry to a deeper mulberry shade, dependent upon the light. 

A bright yellow ginkgo tree for your pleasure. 

Wearing Mulberry Mayhem made me appreciative of classic shades. With the concentration I placed on autumnal colors and Halloween nail art in October, it was pleasant to return to a basic berry creme. While my tastes tend to venture to unique colors, I am glad Diamond Cosmetics sent me this polish to review. It makes a pretty base for nail art. What I am most enjoying about the application is the opacity and pigmentation of the colors. You know the feeling of painting the first coat and knowing with certainly your manicure will be complete with two? I wish the ladies at Diamond Cosmetics would contact OPI and give them a tutorial on creating an opaque formula. Mulberry Mayhem is available for $2 at

The little snowman from Blue Cross is such a delight! My friend Lisa found him in the sparse beginnings of the holiday aisle at Rite Aid. The application isn't perfect. The jelly formula seems a little sticky to work with. It doesn't glide across the nail the way I would have expected. It's still workable. I find the finished look too pretty to deter you from purchasing. I would recommend using this polish as a layering note. There is a striking mix of hexagons, silver, magenta, and holographic glitter particles. I don't have anything quite like it in my collection. 

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. What a pretty french! I love the snowman bottle too, it's very cute! Thank you for fixing my link in your blogroll, I can't believe that this became such a hassle! I really appreciate it!

  2. Beautiful! The snowman bottle is so cute =P And wow, your nails are freakishly long! You need to cut them! LOL

  3. Absolutly stunning! I love the creme berry colors!

  4. I love the bottle, it`s funny :) your nails are gorgeous!

  5. This color is beautiful ! I've made my first order from Diamond when I was in the states and I think they have some great colors (I'm just disappointed that I can't get them here).
    I love the mani you did with that color and as always, I just LOVE your "others" pictures and this time - the ginkgo tree :-)

  6. Pretty mani, I like how you make this sort of funky french manicure :)

  7. Very beautiful!
    I bought it matte. Big mistake. It's not really matte and the only words I can think of to describe the application are not very ladylike so I won't use them.

  8. I am a big fan of Mulberry Mayhem what a stunning color! Wish I could get it here in Austalia! Those glitter tips give a bit of extra bling! Beautiful mani Diana and gorgeous pics once again!

  9. This looks lovely on you Diana. I agree with you that OPI could learn a thing or two from their formula. For $2 they really are quality!

  10. another pretty funky french mani :)
    the way this color changes is very interesting and I just love the snowman bottle ^_^

  11. This looks great. I love Diamond Cosmetics so much! I need to get this color it looks like.

  12. The color on the Ginko Tree is stunning! Thank you for all the bursts of color you bring to my life. Now I'm going to be singing Prince's Raspberry Beret all day in my mind. Your nails look lovely. The glitter French is fantastic. A wholly beautiful manicure.

  13. gildedangel: Thank you! I just adore the snowman bottle too! I'm glad things are getting fixed with your blog. I'm happy to do my part.

    ~Lisa: I am glad you like the manicure and my little snowman friend! When I wrote "long nails" in the header, I wasn't joking!

    Evil Angel: Thank you! I haven't worn a berry creme in quite a while. I will be showing more colors like this from my untrieds.

    Charming Nails: Thank you, sweetie. The bottle makes me smile too. I appreciate the compliment.

    Tuli: Thanks! The Winter Collection has been my first experience with Diamond Cosmetics and I am loving their product. I am glad you were able to bring some home with you. I am hoping I will be able to take pictures on my outing this coming Tuesday. I hope to share more pretty visuals with you.

    Celine: Thank you! I love doing funky french manicures with glitter. <3

    Kirsten: Thanks! I'm glad you like the manicure. I haven't tested their matte polishes. I have heard that using Matte About You on top increases the matte finish and seals the look. I'm not sure if that would help you for future attempts.

    Danielle: Thanks so much! As I was putting the post up, I thought this would be a look you would enjoy. It's classic with added sass. ;)

    Skye: Thanks, sweet lady!

    beautyjudy: Thank you! I am genuinely impressed with the formula for a $2 polish. I am really enjoying the brand so far. I'm looking forward to the Holiday Collection too!

    chocaddict: Thanks! I love doing funky frenches so I am glad you enjoy them too.<3 I couldn't resist that little snowman!

    Jessica: Thank you! I am just being introduced to the brand and I am very pleased so far. Mulberry Mayhem is indeed worth a purchase!

    Lucy: My friend Lisa is a Prince fan so his songs come to my mind all the time. I knew she would think 'Raspberry Beret' when she saw the manicure. I am glad you like the glitter french. I hope to take some lovely photos on Tuesday. <3 I will keep the content a surprise for now in case cameras aren't allowed.

  14. Love the name :D (yes I am the big Prince fan). This color is really more pink than red in bright sunlight. The snowman glitter looks really good with it. I wonder what other snowman colors we'll see in the stores in the coming weeks?

  15. Lisa: You found that snowman just in time to pair with Mulberry Mayhem! Sarada mentioned buying one that has white glitter. I will have to check that out too! :)


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