Thursday, November 12, 2009

A winner by enchantment

Hello ladies,

Today I walked along the canal path intent on selecting the winner for the Follow the Unicorn Contest. I was privy to this fantastical splendor! A faery of the sea and woodlands was at one with Nature. 

I called to her and she turned to me. 

She inquired about the embellished box I was carrying.

I placed it before her and opened it to reveal the names of those wishing to be chosen. 

She offered me use of her magic seashell. 

She raised the winds and bid me to release the entries to the air. Her sparkling shell collected the name of the winner.

Jade experienced incredible faery magic. Her name was the first to grace the shell. The wind spirited her entry away. A gathering of papers rushed to the shell and her name appeared a second time! Perhaps the magical faery in seeing the user name jadecynic decided she undeniably needed a unicorn! Jade will also receive the four Sally Hansen Salon polishes to accompany the unicorn on the journey. Jade has a new nail art blog called Little Bottles of Happiness. There she has a gallery style post of her polish collection and nail art. 

Many congratulations, Jade! 

The current contest for the Migi Nail Art pen set is running through November 20th. Please stop by the contest post to enter. The lovely fairy above was created by Kathleen Francis, a very talented artist whose work is sold locally. Please e-mail for more information if you are interested in purchasing her work. 

I will have another manicure tomorrow. Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. Congratulations Jade!

    I love your Greenman box!

  2. Well done Jade! Enjoy your polishes! Great post Diana, I was intrigued by the faery, her sea-shell and the embellished box ;) Now I am off to look at Jade's blog xx

  3. You have the best way of selecting winners for you contests. I love those magical journeys!

    Congrats Jade!

  4. Congratz!! Enjoy the unicorn adventure!

  5. What an enchanting way to choose the winner of the giveaway. I enjoyed the journey.


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