Friday, December 4, 2009


Hello ladies,

The sun has been so elusive the past two days. We had bright sun for a few hours in the morning and then cloud cover consumed all manner of light.  I will be putting up a new contest on Sunday when the clouds are rumored to dispel. The offerings are really beautiful and I want to have quality photos to showcase them. 

Today I am wearing Monarch Masquerade by Diamond Cosmetics. This sumptuous purple is highly pigmented with fushia shimmer. It has a glowing pearl finish that alters the color with the light. I stamped the poisonous flower image from Konad plate M54 using silver special polish. The design is reminiscent of Belladonna, more commonly referred to as Deadly Nightshade. I think if the Evil Queen from Snow White opted for nail art, she would be well suited with this look. 

The photos above show Monarch Masquerade under a natural lamp, designed to simulate sunlight indoors. Below, the pictures were taken beneath clouds. The pink shimmer has a striking pearl effect in low light.  

It's astounding to me the way Monarch Masquerade shifts in hue between royal purple and the shade of a pansy bouquet. I think the creators at Diamond Cosmetics were on point with choosing a name that hints at the transformative and theatrical nature of this polish. On my screen, both sets of photos show the polish as purple. Monitors can shift purples into blue tones. You may need to use your imagination to squint away the blues.

The application of Monarch Masquerade was problem free. Two coats brought perfect opacity. I love the pearl finish. It has the reflective quality of a frost formula, but without the brushstrokes. 

Monarch Masquerade was sent to me for review. The polish is available for $2.00 at

Happy painting, ladies!



  1. That is stunningly beautiful!
    If I can put an end to this no buy I have to order some Diamond cosmetics!

  2. I definitely think the evil queen would be befitting of this mani. I feel like being one myself, just to wear it! ;). It is gorgeous Diana! I love the shade and the stamping! Thank you xx

  3. Beautiful color! I love Diamond Cosmetics. I like the Konad its perfect for this mani!

  4. That's a gorgeous color, Dianna! Love the poisonous flower as well, and the pearl accent.

  5. Evil Angel: Thank you! I will continue to tempt you with more shades. ;)

    gildedangel: Thank you, sweetie. Monarch Masquerade would be a great color on you. <3

    Danielle: Thanks so much! It's certainly easy to step into the role of the Evil Queen with such color on your tips. I wanted to use that design for awhile and when I unpacked Monarch Masquerade I knew what had to be done! ;)

    AllYouDesire: Thank you! I adore almost every shade of purple.

    Jessica: Thanks! I was happy to find the perfect color to match this stamp. I understand your love! The more Diamond Cosmetics polishes I try, the more enthusiastic I feel about the brand.

    beautyjudy: Thank you! Nothing like purple, poison and pearls. ;)

  6. This is lovely even if it's for the Evil Queen from Snow White. I think her name was Malificient. I'm not sure. This is a stunner.

  7. Lucy: Thank you! I think you are right about her name. This manicure did start out with good intentions and became more evil as time progressed. It seems to be the way with some characters. ;)


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