Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cherry Cola

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing Cherry Tobacco from the Diamond Cosmetics Winter Collection. Many readers listed this among their selections for the Ladies Choice of Diamonds Contest. I wanted to showcase the color on the first day with bright skies.

Years ago, I used to drink cherry flavored cola as a daily pleasure. Looking at my nails, the sense memory is so vivid. I can almost taste the syrupy liquid iced in a glass. I still find the given name of the polish evocative. The scent of cherry tobacco smoke in the air is restorative for me. One of my favorite gardeners where I took photos in the summer and early fall cultivated the land with a pipe in his mouth. I actually never saw him without the pipe! The scent must have comforted his dahlias as well. 

Since the season of flower rings won't be revisited until Spring, how about a fir ring?

Cherry Tobacco is not quite classifiable as almost black. The red shimmer maintains a low fire in every light, but is at it's strongest in full sun. While not a dupe, the color reminds me of OPI Black Cherry Chutney. The primary difference is Cherry Tobacco maintains it's vitality of shimmer under far more lighting conditions. This color is a must have for vampy lovers.

Application was as it should be. Two coats brought perfect opacity. I painted my nails at my boyfriend's apartment today. I didn't have acetone with me for cleanup and I took photos directly after painting. The formula was easy to work with and the color stayed where I placed it. 

Cherry Tobacco was sent to me for review. This color can be purchased at diamondcosmetics.com for $2.00 a bottle. 

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. Oooo that's pretty! I like it a lot!

  2. oh this is just gorjuzz
    i really like this colour on you

  3. Beautiful color, I am dying to get some Diamond cosmetics. Stupid no buy!

  4. Very nice color ! And now I think about Cherry Coke, I need to get one ! xD

  5. I love this shade of polish. My Dad used to smoke a pipe. I would buy him Cherry pipe tobacco. I love the smell of it. I always think of my Father when I see this. He was a smart, quiet and sweet man. I really miss him. I also think of cherry coke. Although my favorite soda is Diet Dr Pepper Cherry. I'm so hooked on this right now. I usually don't drink a lot of soda but I am now. Well that was way off subject. Your nails looks lovely in that shade. I definitely have to order it. Love the fir ring.

  6. LOVE the smell of pipe tobacco, my dad used to smoke a pipe, it was very soothing! This is a huge lemming for me right now, I've seen utterly no bad photos of it and I think it's gorgeous. I love your fir ring! Cute :)

  7. This is just killing me! I want this so bad! It is a stunning color and it looks so lovely on you.

  8. This is such a gorgeous color. I love it! I also love cherry coke, and also used to drink it everyday... I don't anymore because I try to eat healthier now, but every once in a while when I'm feeling down I'll give in and it always makes me feel better!!! =)

  9. This is gorgeous. I need this color and it will be mine! Thank you for sharing this one with us!

  10. I received a lot of compliments when wearing this one.

  11. Great colour on you! Beautiful!

    And thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll, that is really sweet of you. <3

  12. i like this!!!


  13. Glittermille: Thank you! It certainly enough gorgeous shimmer to be a perfect choice for you.<3

    Skye: Thank you, sweetie! I love vampy shades. xoxo!

    Stephanie: Thanks so much! I couldn't get over how pretty the color was in the sunlight especially.

    Evil Angel: Thanks, sweet lady! Would $2.00 really put you off your no buy? I suppose I am the evil one now. ;) Love you!

    gildedangel: Thanks so much! You should try this one for certain!

  14. Ayuu: Thank you! I think I have been thirsty for a Cherry Coke since applying the first coat. <3

    Lucy: I miss my father too. It's amazing how our senses can be linked. A color can bring back a scent and a scent can evoke a whole chain of feeling. Quite amazing what complicated beings we are. It's nice to return to simple pleasures like a satisfying beverage or a pretty shade of polish. I will have to model more fir rings for you. xoxo!

    Nicole: I am so glad to see you back 'round these parts. :) Cherry Tobacco would be beautiful on your nails. You wear the vampies well. I am not helping with the lemming, am I? <3

    Mighty Lambchop: Thank you, sweet lady! Cherry Tobacco in lacquer form is quite hard to resist!

    kelsealaurel: Thanks so much! I feel the same way about soda and sweets. Even with a greater focus on health, it's nice on occasion to enjoy a treat. It amuses me that an indulgence in nail polish can lead to other indulgences. ;)

    Jessica: Yay! I am glad you will succumb. Cherry Tobacco is a beauty that belongs on the nails of every vampy lover. <3

    Danielle: How could you not? I bet it looks lovely on you. <3

    Kirsten: Thanks sweetie! I am more than happy to add you so I can keep up with your polish adventures. xoxo!

    flytime70: Thank you so much! I appreciate it!


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