Thursday, December 10, 2009

Faery Wonderland

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing Under the Mistletoe from the Color Club Wonderland mini kit. I am delighted with this polish! The formula is similar to last year's Glitter Vixen collection. Under the Mistletoe features light green and gold glitter in a sheer base. I am impressed that Color Club offered a peridot green instead of a more traditional emerald to help us get festive.

To achieve bottle color, I layered Under the Mistletoe over Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Ivy League. Layering is one of my favorite ways to wear Color Club glitter polishes. I try to match the color of the glitter with the base to create an opaque background. My apologies for not having a picture of Ivy League to share. It's a light green with gold shimmer very similar to Zoya Midori.  

A faery aloft!

The faery guards the bottle of Under the Mistletoe. The glitter is quite magical. 

Inside Wonderland: clear topcoat, Wonderland (silver), Yule Love It (red), Under the Mistletoe (green). 

I applied two coats of Under the Mistletoe over two coats of Ivy League. Under the Mistletoe was the perfect consistency for a glitter polish. It spread evenly and was able to be sealed with one layer of CND Air Dry with almost no texture remaining. I love that the formula is sheer. I will be able to use Under the Mistletoe for funky frenches or as a dramatic glitter topping over darker greens. 

I am excited to try the other two glitter polishes in this collection. I do wish the topcoat had been swapped out with a pale blue glitter. I usually end up using mini size top coats exclusively for pedicures. Color Club produces my favorite mini bottles. The square shape feels substantial and the brushes are a decent size to work with comfortably. 

The packaging is adorable. The font for Wonderland is stylish and creates the sense of icy air and a winter fantasy. The snowflakes on the bright red, green, pink and purple background make me think of decorative papers hanging on wooden slats at the local art store. Such attention was put forth to make this set gift worthy. 

I am happy Color Club sent me the Wonderland mini set for review. Color Club is available for purchase at At the time of this post, VNS has the Wonderland kit in stock. They also have full size bottles of Under the Mistletoe with their limited edition Color Club glitter polishes. 

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. I love that combination, it looks almost iridescent!

  2. I really want that set!!! :) I was thinking "OOOOO I can layer it over Midori when I get it" before I even read that the color you layered over was like Midori. I love glitters. They are so awesome for layering! It is great for adding bling if you don't feel like Konading or doing nail art.

  3. That's a beautiful color. I want this set too!!!

  4. Really pretty! I've been looking for a green glitter in that sort of shade lately.

  5. That is a fabulous green and your Faery friend is lovely!

  6. Wonderful color, I love those glitters !

  7. This looks great. I love all the CC kits, they are so creative!

  8. Ladies! I found out this color is available singly and full size at Victoria Nail Supply. They also have the Wonderland kit in stock. I edited the post above with the link.

    gildedangel: Thank you! The glitter has more depth when layered. It indeed glows! :)

    JustSomeNailsByMJ: Thanks so much! Peridot is a lovely stone. I was so delighted to discover a polish that matched my favorite earrings!

    awesomevegan: We are of like minds with polish favorites! Glitter is a wonderful quick accessory. It can have the same impact as more time consuming nail art. Glitter is joyful for certain. :)

    Brooke: Thank you! The Wonderland set is definitely worth ordering. I love mine!


    : Thanks so much! Under the Mistletoe is a unique green glitter in my collection. I can't think of another quite like it. Isn't it nice when the desire for a color and the availability coincide?

    Evil Angel: Thanks so much! It was nice to have a faery companion during my wintry picture taking.

    Ayuu: Thank you! Glitters bring such delight!

    Jessica: Thanks! I had such a great time with my Masters of Disguise Halloween kit. I am enjoying Wonderland just as much. I will be showing the Pretty Shiny Things Kit soon too!

  9. I ordered this kit twice by mistake but it's fine with me. I also ordered Under the Mistletoe and Yule Like it in the regular size. I just love these two shades. I also loved how you layered that beautiful peridot green glitter. I hope I remember to do that. Perfect faery nails and I love your little friend in the wood.

  10. Lucy~You sound all stocked up and ready to go! I love layering polishes. One of the good things about having a blog is the record of favorable combinations. I would find it hard to remember otherwise too! I had fun with my faery companion amongst the trees. Thank you for your sweet comment.


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