Friday, December 18, 2009

Festive flowers

Hello ladies,

I am wearing Party Hearty from Diamond Cosmetics. This color is a beautiful take on a neutral palette. I could see this shade leaving the realm of work appropriate and going out to dinner. I dressed up Party Hearty with a leafy design from Konad plate M51 stamped in green special polish. Red flower rhinestones were placed at the curve of the stem. 

Party Hearty has a lustrous foil finish. It reminds me of champagne in a fluted glass. It shines with a pinkish hue in some lights. In others, it's a pale and sparkling taupe. 

Here I am with my penguin friend out gathering holly for wreath necklaces. 

Party Hearty was opaque in two coats. There were minimal brush strokes when working with the formula. Diamond Cosmetics makes superb foil polishes. I excited to try my bottle of Decadence, a chocolate foil, soon.  

Party Hearty was sent to me for review. The color is available at for $2.00. At the time of this post, Diamond Cosmetics is also offering a stocking stuffer mini size of Party Hearty for 99 cents.

We still have a couple more days before the Ladies Choice of Diamonds contest draws to a close. Please stop by the contest post and enter if you haven't had the chance. Best of luck!

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. That is so pretty! It reminds me of spring; I can't wait for it to warm up where I live!

  2. what a lovely colour and these followers look amazing, great combo<3

    this polish reminds me a bit of essence le iced chai latte which is no longer available:

    could you say they're similar??


  3. Oh this color is so pretty! I love taupe colors, especially on longer nails, makes them feel less nude. Just gorgeous! Love the flowers too!

  4. This is one of those colors that you can use in a million ways, be it work appropriate, dressy, casual or decked out fun.
    It looks fabulous on you!

  5. Ooh, this is so pretty and festive! I think the base color is lovely on you - but you really put the "icing" on it with your design.

  6. gildedangel: Thank you! I think substituting pink flowers for the red would really make it springy. :)

    KONADomania: Thanks! I looked at your pictures carefully. I don't have Iced Chai to compare. The color of the polish looks similar. Party Hearty has much more shimmer because of the foil finish. I wouldn't call Party Hearty a dupe, but if you like one, there is a good chance you would like the other. In the sidebar, I have a link for Flashy Nails. The site sells Diamond Cosmetics polishes to much of Europe. They don't have the full color range, but they stock many polishes from their core line.

    Anna: Thank you! I swear Party Hearty made my nails look longer! The color seems like a sparkly version of my skin tone. Any excuse to put flowers on my nails is welcome. :)

    Evil Angel: Thanks so much! This color is indeed versatile. I love that it is both nude and opaque. Genius! :)

    Nicole: Thanks! I wanted to use red and green in a different way for the holidays. Party Hearty gave me a great base to work with. <3

  7. Very pretty. A quiet manicure for Christmas.
    I like the flower jewel also.


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