Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hello ladies,

I have another beauty from Diamond Cosmetics: Hue Are You?. This shade is burgundy with unimaginable gold shimmer. Hue Are You? reminds me of sitting fireside on Christmas Eve. The color is warm and spirited. I could imagine wearing a velvet dress with Hue Are You? decorating my tips. The shade seems less like a polish and more like an accessory. I added copper, gold and silver pieces to create the look of a bracelet. 

Above is an Owl butterfly, a nice complement to my owl ring. 

I applied three thin coats of Hue Are You?. I was so fascinated by how much shimmer was appearing on my nails with each swish of the brush, I think I made my first coat too thin. I believe Hue Are You? would be a two coater to the less distracted. 

Hue Are You? is one of my selections for the Ladies Choice of Diamonds contest. Please stop by the contest post and enter if you haven't had a chance. Hue Are You? was sent to me for review. This color is available for purchase at

The metallic appliques are part of the Art Club Pretty Shiny Things kit. These metal gems are a little teaser to the full review to come. The Pretty Shiny Things kit can be purchased at I am using a kit sent to me for review. I still haven't quite worked out the look I want to create to most fully showcase the kit. However, I can't seem to leave the ingredients alone!  

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I adore this manicure! It reminds me of a hand muff I had when I was little. I wish I could find a picture.

  2. Where's the fainting couch, I need it desperately. Stunning Diana! Love this manicure. I never knew there were owl butterflies! What a beautiful creature!

  3. That is so beautiful! It makes me want to curl up next to a warm cozy fire and read a book!

  4. very cool design!! This would look great with lots of copper jewelry. very fun!

  5. Beautiful. Why doesnt it look this gorgeous on me?

  6. This really does look like an accessory! Beautiful!

  7. so beautiful, Diana I really admire your creative skills when it comes to associating a polish and decorations :)

  8. Looks beautiful and I love the butterfly :)

  9. Evil Angel: Oh, how sweet! I had a muff with my blue and white faux fur coat. I'm glad my manicure brings back a joyful winter memory. <3

    Diva's Polish: Danielle, I was breaths away from fainting myself! Hue Are You? would be lovely on your nails. I had never heard of an owl butterfly until it landed on my boyfriend! He's tall. I guess he seemed like a good perch. ;)

    gildedangel: I am glad this manicure could inspire such relaxing thoughts. Thank you. :)

    Brooke: Thanks! This look needs bangles at the wrist for certain. <3

    Jessica: Thank you, sweetie! I'm sure it looks lovely on you too! The sun and the fir tree were really working together on my behalf. ;)

    MinderMutsig: Kirsten, thank you! It's fun when one's tips can appear like jewelry. <3

    chocaddict: Thank you so much! Much of the time when I am doing nail art or choosing polishes I am expressing an image or idea that's been in my thoughts. :)

    AllYouDesire: Thank you! I really want to return to the exhibit and see more butterflies. It's such a magical feeling having them all about the air.

  10. What a beautiful shade of polish. I have to have this. My nails almost ache for polishes of this hue at this time of year. Your nails look like beautiful jewelry. Perfect accents with the metal gems. The butterfly is spectacular.

  11. Lucy~You are so dear. Thank you! I love reds with metallic accents around the winter holidays. They are so rich and festive. The day visiting the butterflies was such a beautiful memory. Love you!


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