Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ladies Choice of Diamonds Contest!

Hello ladies,

I have partnered with Diamond Cosmetics to bring you a Ladies Choice Contest. I wanted to celebrate gathering 300 followers and beyond at painted Lady fingers by letting the winner select part of the prize. 

The contest winner will receive: 
~the Diamond Cosmetics Holiday Collection of four polishes 
~their new matte top coat
~eight additional polishes of her choice from the core line
~a nail file
~a clear cosmetics bag

You can see the matte topcoat, the holiday collection and the eight polishes I chose to review for you during the contest period. The winner will get to choose any eight polishes she desires. Diamond Cosmetics will ship the prize package directly to the winner. The polishes pictured are part of my personal collection. 

Let's look closer. You can click on any of these pictures to view full size. 
Rubies & Diamonds, Amethyst & Diamonds, Diamond's Diamonds, Blue Diamonds

Matte topcoat. The Holiday Collection comes packaged in a clear cosmetic bag and includes a nail file. 

These are my choices of eight polishes. Which would you choose? The full line of colors can viewed on the Diamond Cosmetics Color Chart.
Above: Hi Ho Silver, Decadence, Monarch Masquerade, Never So Evergreen.
Below:  Sweet as Sugar, Oh, Tiff!,  Hue Are You?, Party Hearty.

The winner will receive a total of twelve polishes plus the matte topcoat, nail file and clear cosmetic bag. I am so thankful to Diamond Cosmetics for sponsoring the Ladies Choice Contest. I hope you all have fun with it! 

The Ladies Choice of Diamonds Contest is open internationally for followers and e-mail subscribers. The contest runs through the end of the day December 20th. To keep this simple, I am willing to count the date as the last available time zone worldwide. As long as it is December 20th somewhere on the planet, you may still enter. 

Here's how to enter:
1) Become a follower or e-mail subscriber of painted Lady fingers. If you are currently a follower or subscriber, that certainly counts! I appreciate it! Please let me know in the comments which option you choose for keeping up with painted Lady fingers. 1 entry.

Optional extra entries:
2) Tell me which polishes from Diamond Cosmetics you would choose. You can view their color chart here. You don't have to choose all eight now, just let me know several you fancy. 1 entry.

3) Blog about the contest.  Please provide a link. 2 entries.

4) Tweet about the contest.  Please provide a link. 1 entry. 

5) Have painted Lady fingers on your blogroll or add painted Lady fingers. Please provide a link if I haven't already commented on your blogOtherwise please remind me. 1 entry.

You are welcome to put all your entries in one comment or return to the contest post with comments for each entry. Either way works for me. Your entries don't have to be sequential. Enter in any way you like whenever you like before the end of the day December 20th. For the ease of your contest host, please include your e-mail with your entry. To qualify, I need to have your e-mail included with one of your entries. Thank you, ladies! I appreciate your readership and comments so much. I love being able to host contests for you. I hope you enjoy the offerings. 


  1. This is one of the best contests every! I'm so excited and I just can't hide it...

    1. I'm already a follower through blogger (1)
    2. I'd like Drift Away, Plum Pie In The Sky, The Naughty Intern ,Cherry Tobacco, Seafoam spray, Crushed Velvet, Mulberry Mayhem, and Hi Ho Silver (1)
    5. You're on my blog roll and I'm pretty sure you've already commented on my blog but just in case I'm Polished Lyrics.

    My email is

  2. What an awesome contest!
    I follow you through blogger, you're part of my blogroll, and one color I know for sure I would have to get is Chainmail Charm & I also like Never So Ever-Green & Teal Away My Heart Away. Diamond has so many awesome colors.

    So I guess that's a total of 3 entries =) Email is

  3. Gorgeous mani's and an amazing's no wonder I'm on your blog so much!

    I follow via blogger.

    I would pick Metallic Venom, Midnight Passion,
    Chainmail Charm, Not Your "Hum Drum" Plum,
    Cherry Tobacco,Sun-kissed Coral,Blue Fantasy and Hue Are You?

    I posted in my sidebar in my contest corner at

    And you have been on my blog role forever!

    my email is

  4. hi! I am a follower. email- chunkyxmunki (@) gmail (dot) com.

    I love the 18k Gold polish! i have reposted on my blog here:

  5. I already read you through my Google Reader, but since that doesn't seem to be trackable for blog owners I just added you to my follow list on Blogger.

    As for what Diamond polishes I like, I've had my eye on Cherry Tobacco and Chainmail Charm for quite a while...maybe also Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle and Froggy? I don't know, there are so many great choices!

    My email is rickiebeth at gmail dot com. Thanks for doing this contest!

  6. I'm a follower and I really like hi-ho silver, party hearty, decadence, and seafoam spray just to name a few :)

    My email is

    Thanks for the contest! :)

  7. Wow, a lot of colors to choose from. I like Never So Ever-Green, Oh, Tiff, Chainmail Charm, Yukon Gold, Dogwood, Seafoam Spray, Cherry Tobacco, & Don't Teal My Heart Away. I'm subscribed to you blog and I Tweeted about your contest over at

    So that's me, entered 3 times.

  8. Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! I follow you through Blogger/Google Friend Connect. My email is madeleinebouquet (at) gmail (dot) com. So far the colors that are really jumping out at me are Midnight Passion, Chainmail Charm, and Hi Ho Silver. Thanks!

  9. Hi Diana, four entries for you today.

    I'm actually a follower by both methods. I started off as an email subscriber, and when I started my nail polish blog, I joined as a follower. I love opening my email to find a new post from you!

    I've blogged about the contest in this post:

    Of course, you are on my blogroll. Scroll along or ctrl+F my blog list on the sidebar:

    email: d0ntliet0me at hotmail dot com

  10. hi i'm a follower already.
    I love you blog beacouse the great reviews and fabulous manicures and don't forget the awesome giveaways.
    I'd like Mauve, Orchid,Matallic Venom, Tickled pink,Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle, Monarch Masquerade, Plum Pie in the Sky and Matte Smoke.
    You are already in my blogroll.
    You can email me at

  11. I forget my blog is

  12. I am already following your blog - (1)

    If I were to win, I would choose: Seafoam Spray, Hot Kinky Pink, Sweet as Sugar, Oh, Tiff!, Fiery Coral, Midnight Passion, Silver Brocade, and French Pink. - (1)

    I have blogged about your contest here: - (2)

    And I have tweeted about your contest here: - (1)

    Entered 5 times! Laney_74[at]hotmail[dot]com

  13. I'm a follower through Google Friend Connect!

  14. From Diamond Cosmetics, the polishes I'm interested in are:
    - Mauve
    - Lovin Lilac
    - Olivia Orchid
    - Raspberry Ice
    - Rose Suede
    - Pink Starburst
    - Metallic Venom
    & some more =] May depend if they swatches are accurate.

  15. I blogged here!

    That's 2 (two) entries! =]

  16. I tweeted too!

    I have a total of 5 entries =D

  17. Congrats on your 300+ followers, I'm a follower.

    Love the Twilight violet, Hot Summer Pink,Calypso, Cherry Tobacco, Cranberry Crush & Wrap me up in Red colors.

    Super awesome giveaway. Thanks ^_^

  18. 1. i'm a follower through RSS feeds

    2. i would choose hue are you?, orchid, venom, romance, safety zone... i'd have to think of the rest!

    4. i tweeted!

    my email is heyheylove87 at

  19. 1) I keep up by being a follower and using the blogspot dashboard. :D
    2) Wow, these are surprisingly affordable! My top picks would be Froggy (i find this to be a really unique green but i'll guiltily admit that the name first caught my eye. :P), warm coral, lovin lilac, Get Red-E, Here I Come (there seem to be a whole slew of extremely similar colors, at least according to the online swatches...), and twilight violet. Essentially, work-friendly colors with the exception of Froggy and the violet (i'm on a hunt for a really nice purply color).

    So those are my two entries...and my email is! n_n

  20. Hey!
    Congrats on your 300+ followers!
    1. I'm a subscriber already.
    2. I would choose matte smoke, cotton candy, island delight, twinkle twinkle periwinkle, I lilac you a lot...
    Tank you for this opportunity. My email:

  21. 1. I am a follower through Blogger :)
    2. Oh, Tiff! has been a polish I've coveted for a long time. I also love Seafoam Spray, Fuchsia Flash, Orchid, Hot Kinky Pink, Coffee, Tea, or Me?, Hot Summer Nights, and Rubies and Diamonds.
    3. I tweeted!
    5. You're on my blogroll:
    6. email:


  22. Hi! I'm a blogger follower.
    Metallic Venom polish totally conquered me!

  23. Hi!
    I'm a follower (through google) and tweeted about this giveaway here:

    I love cherry tobacco, smokey rose, dont teal my heart away, hue are you, dirty and flirty ... there are so many great shades :)
    nachtfee.zlobko @gmail. com

  24. I am a e-mail subscriber.
    Thanks for this great giveaway!
    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  25. I love those colors:
    mauve/Fuschia Flash/Orchid/Metallic Blue/Purplesque/Feelin' Groovy/Hot Kinky Pink/Midnight Passion/Monarch Masquerade. There are so many beautiful colors!
    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  26. 1. I follow via Google Friend Connect.
    2. I tweeted:
    3. I am definitely choosing the following colors:
    Oh, Tiff!
    Don't Teal My Heart Away
    Chainmail Charm
    Plum Pie In The Sky
    Party Hearty
    Midnight Blue
    Cherry Tobacco
    4. I have you on my blogroll:

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  27. 1. Hello! I am a follower of your blog an I want to enter to your beautiful conteste!

    2. I like almost all the colors from Diamond Cosmetics, but still, here are some of them: Burgundy, Winey the Pooh, Blackberry, Iced Plum, Pink Flaminglo etc.

    3. I blogged about yout contest here:

    4. I already have your blog on my blogroll:

  28. Hi Diana. This is Lisa (G) here finally entering a contest! As you know, I am an email subscriber to your newsletter. I don't tweet or blog :o

  29. Great contest!

    +1 I am already a follower

    +1 I like metallic blue, Monarch Masquerade, Chainmail Charm, and Plum Pie in the Sky

    +1 blogroll

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  30. Great contest!

    a) I'm a follower
    b) Glitter Silver, Metallic Venom, Decadence, Iced Plum, I'm Raven About You, Chainmail Charm, Monrach Masquerade and Amethysts&Diamonds look cool to me.


  31. I'm a blog follower. Thanks so much for the giveaway

  32. I like Metallic Venom, Hi Ho Silver, Chainmail Charm and many more :-)

  33. The nail polishes I like are:

    Mauve, Lavender, Free N Easy, Iced Plum, Pink Flaminglo, Matte Mulberry, Amethyst & Diamonds...well, 7 will have to be enough. I entered before too. I didn't mention my address though, I thought the link to my blogger profile was enough. Sorry!

    screwed_88 @ hotmail . com

  34. Tweeted

  35. Great giveaway!!!
    I follow you through google/blogger.
    I really like Crushed Velvet, Amethyst & Diamonds, and Blue Diamonds.
    I blogged about your giveaway here.
    And you are on my blogroll (see link above).

  36. I'm a follower

    I LOVE the colors metallic blue, midnight passion, chainmail charm, hot summer pink, cherry tabacco, hi ho silver, angel kiss, you set my heart ablaze ,so many colors to choose from wow...they are just great!

  37. 1. I am a follower
    2. many to choose. I would have to say: Tickled pink, nice & spicy, silver brocade, joust for kicks, glitter silver, sun kissed coral, don't teal my heart away and plum pie in the sy.

    Awesome giveaway!

  38. WOW! i want in!
    Blogged here: (+2)
    You're on my blogroll! (+1) and I'm certainly a follower! (+1)

    My color picks: Monarch Masquerade; Hi Ho Silver; Mulberry Mayem; Oh,Tiff!; Dont Teal My Heart Away; Mystical Knights; Chainmail Charm and Venom.

    That makes 4 entries for me!

    *praying for a miracle!*


  39. - I'm a follower

    - I would at least pick "Celebration Red", "Sparkling Cherry", "Hot Summer Pink", "Peach Mist" and "Oh Tiff". For the rest I don't know!

    - I twitted about your contest

    - I blogged about your contest

    my email adress:
    blog.jellynat ///a/// gmail dot com

  40. Great giveaway!!!!

    1.I am a follower
    2.I twitted your contest ---->
    3.I would picked these: Chainmail Charm , Fuchsia Flash,cafe Au Le ,Metalic Venom , Hi Ho Silver , Party Hearty,Decadence,Iced Plum.

  41. Hey

    here are my entries:

    a) I'm a follower via google friend connect and I read your posts via the dashboard
    b) The colours I'd chose would be
    Opal Glitter
    Metallic Venom
    Hiho Silver
    Monarch Masquerade
    Chainmail Charm
    Blue Moonglo
    Crushed Velvet
    Midnight Passion
    c) I blogged about your contest here:
    d) I've got you in my blogroll
    e) my email adress is roryleighgilmore-at-gmail-dot-com

  42. XD great giveaway~
    I'm an email subscriber.
    I would pick blue diamonds (loved it when I saw it on Getcha Nails Did) & the Holo Chainmail
    I tweeted the giveaway (

    *crosses fingers~*

  43. Hello!!!
    What a wonderful contest...
    Here are my entries:
    A) I am a follower
    B) The colours i would choose are 135 Orchid, 156 Park Ave Purple, 4 Texas Red, 182 Metallic Blue, 234 Purplesque, 245 Drift Away, 285 Hot Kink Pinky and 332 Plum Pie In the Sky.
    c) I blogged about the contest here,
    d) I have you in my blogrroll

    I guess its a total of five entries.
    My email is

  44. Have been a follower for a little while now. Love your posts and the creativity of them.
    I follow with Blogger which sends it to my google reader.
    I am diggin on Cherry Tobacco, Cabernet, Not your "Hum Drum" Plum, Chainmail Charm, Midnight Passion, Seafoam Spray, Venom or Metallic Venom and Drift Away.
    I tweeted about it here:

    I have a blog, but it's not nail related yet...though there will be some nail related items in the future.
    So I guess 3 entries is it for me. :)

    Good Luck to Everyone!!

  45. I am already a follower through Google Reader.

    There are too many great colors to choose from, but here are a few:
    1.HiHo Silver
    2. Winterberry
    3. Spring Fling
    4. Silver Brocade
    5. Midnight Passion
    6. Chainmail Charm

  46. Oops, forgot my email
    ldevenport at gmail dot com

  47. I love the blog and I am a follower. I follow up via mail. And I love the midnight blue, don't Teal My Heart Away, Plum Pie in the Sky and Matte Smoke.
    Thanks for the contest.


  48. OMG, that's so GREAT! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! It's just perfect, as I do not own any Diamond cosmetics nail polish.

    1. am a follower of course, via blogger

    2. you're on my blog list since I've become your follower some moths ago

    3. according to swatches I choose for now Don't teal my heart away and Metallic venom, but there are so many gorgeous shades:)

    4. I'll do a post on this awsome giveaway and post it here:)

    5. my email adress: anita dot flis at gmail dot com

    THank you again!

  49. Hello
    I'm a follower, I really love your blpg, the way you present it, it's a bit magic !

    You're on my blogroll,
    i would choose as nail polishes :
    Rubies & Diamonds,
    Amethyst & Diamonds,
    Diamond's Diamonds,
    Blue Diamonds

    I posted about your contest here

    Here is my name : Claire
    My email address is

  50. Thanks for this contest - I love Diamond's polishes! 1) I subscribe via email. 2) I would choose the following: Free & Easy, Seafoam Spray, Fiery Coral, & Renew. Thanks again

  51. Hello I'm celine
    I 'm a new follower.
    I ilke you blog. It has been recommanded by Claire's Blog.

    I like those colours
    warm coral, lovin lilac
    Amethyst & Diamonds, and the top coat.

    My email address is

  52. hello dear :) thank you for your contest!!

    1st entry: i am a follower thru blogger

    2nd entry: you are on my blog roll -

  53. Hi I'm Erin and I'm a new follower. I gave you a post on my blog:

    and have added you to my link list. I'm very excited about this contest and discovering your blog! I've always wanted to check out Diamond Cosmetics. Their products look awesome =)

    I would possibly be interested in these colors: Hi Ho Silver, Decadence, Chainmail Charm, Never So Ever-Green, Cherry Tobacco, Joust For Kicks, Oh, Tiff!, and Drift Away.

    Here is my email -

    Thanks again for the chance to enter such a cool contest!

  54. Ooooooh, wowee! This is a bitching contest! I'm a follower, for sure, and the 8 polishes I'd love to try are:
    Cherry Tobacco, Metallic Venom, Cabernet, Decadence, Hue are You, Don't Teal my Heart Away, Never so Ever-Green, and Crushed Velvet. (You'd never guess I love vampies.) I've been meaning to try Diamond, so even if I don't win, some of those may be mine!

    My email is kate.barrington (a)

  55. I am already a follower and the shades i would choose are

    Chainmail Charm
    Oh, Tiff!
    Don't Teal My Heart Away
    Not Your Hum Drum Plum
    Kinky Pink
    Midnight Passion

  56. Fantastic competition!

    1) I'm already a subscriber via email.

    2) The beautiful colours I would choose are:-
    Monarch Masquerade, Cherry Tobacco, Never So Ever So Green, Free N Easy, Seafoam Spray and Canyon Sunrise.


  57. i am a subscriber by email
    I def. want cherry tobacco, oh tiff! Plum Pie in the sky,etc. etc. I want them all! probably a silver and gold one too, if they got one

  58. Yeah thanks for the great contest!! I am excited!

    +1 I am a follower already
    +1 I love these shades
    Midnight Passion
    Seafoam Spray
    Amethyst & Diamonds
    Blue Diamonds
    They are beautiful!!

  59. Wow, what a giveaway! I of course am a follower; you are on my blogroll, and I posted about this giveaway here:

    I haven't tried DC but some of the colors that catch my eye are Oh Tiff!, Midnight Passion, Don't Teal My Heart Away, and Cherry Tobacco!

  60. Awesome giveaway. :)
    I just became a follower. :)

  61. I'm a follower :)


  62. I blogged about your contest as well.

  63. What a fantastic contest! I would LOVE to enter!

    I am a follower and you are on my blogroll (

    The colours that caught my eye straight away are Never so ever-green, midnight passion and decandence!

    I also tweeted about it here -

    My email address is glittermillie (at)ymail (dot) com


  64. 1) I follow through Google!

    2) I'm liking (in no particular order): Iced Plum, Metallic Blue, Sun-Kissed Coral, 18k Gold, Ho Ho Silver, Midnight Passion, Never So Ever-Green and Cherry Tobacco.

    4) Tweeted!

    5) You're on my blogroll:

    Email address is

    Thanks for hosting the contact, and thanks to Diamond for providing the prize!

  65. Wow, what an awesome contest! I follow via blogger, and would be more than happy to send other readers your way!

    Sweet as sugar (I can't resist pretty glittery polishes), Cherry Tobacco, Oh Tiff!, and Plum Pie in the Sky have been on my wishlist for ages now. Oh, and Don't teal My Heart Away! And maybe a backup of chainmail charm; I do love it so much...

    Can you tell that I'm getting excited about this? :)

  66. Thanks for the great contest!

    1) I follow with Google Reader

    2) I've never tried Diamond Cosmetics polish before, never seen it in Canada. I love the look of Metallic Blue, Seafoam Spray, Midnight Passion and Chainmail Charm.

    3) I've mentioned the contest on Twitter

  67. 1) Already a follower
    2) I adore, but have yet to try, the glow in the dark collection; Hum Drum Plum, Wow!, Chain Mail Charm, Sweet as Sugar. It`s ridiculously hard to pick favourites. Can I just say the entire line ? :)

    abbylandd at

  68. Hey!

    I'm a follower! (1)

    Also, I tweeted about it! (1)

    You are also on my blog roll! (1)

    And, I love the colors Sandalwood and Metallic Venom! (1)

    Yay! I love contests!

    My email is

    Thank you for putting this on ~Kelsea

  69. What an awesome contest! I'm a follower now (asweetp) AND I have an e-mail sub.

    Now I'm going to go ahead and give you my 8 faves :)

    Fushcia Flash
    Chainmail Charm
    Silver Brocade
    Angel Kiss
    Cherry Tobacco
    Pink Flamingo
    Opal Glitter

    Now I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I win!!

  70. awesome contest :) i've been wanting to try diamond cosmetics np for a while now. not sure why i haven't considering how inexpensive they are! i've really been looking at monarch masquerade and oh, tiff!. but i'm confident i could pick out others ;) oh, and i am a follower through blogger dashboard.

    nirfreak03 @

  71. Hi dear,
    great giveaway
    1-Followed your blog (Shaimaa)
    2-The most wanted
    Diamond's diamonds
    pink flaminglo
    smokey rose
    sweet as sugar
    don't teal my heart away
    chainmail charm
    darkest desire
    3- blogged here

    4-twitted here shaimapassion
    Ladies Choice of Diamonds Contest! Nail

    thanks dear for the chance

  72. 1.) Already a follower (private)

    2.) Most Wanted: #183 Metallic Venom; #135 Orchid; #156 Seafoam Spray; #289 You Set My Heart Ablaze; #208 Pink Ribbons for My Lady; #342 Cherry Tobacco; #327 Hot Summer Pink; #312 Monarch Masquerade

    3.) Blogged:

    5.) You've been on my blogroll since Day 1, lovely lady! :-)

    My email is geek[at]geekening[dot]com.

  73. Hi Lady!

    1 I am a follower

    2 The hardest decision ever... But some especially took my attention:
    Midnight passion
    Cherry tobacco
    Blue Fantasy
    Plum pie in the sky
    Spring Fling
    Hot red

    3-4 I blogged competition in my blog (it is Finnish but you see the links work ;):


  74. Hey!

    I'm your follower, ofcourse=)

    I like these polisehes:
    So berry sweet
    Don't teal my heart away
    Not your "hum drum" plum
    Chainmail charm
    Dirty and flirty

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

    my mail:

  75. Congrats on 300 followers! Your blog really sky-rocketed!

    I love this giveway, I have two Diamond Cosmetics polishes that were given to me by a friend and I love them very much.

    1. I am a follower!
    2. I have absolutely no problems with listing the polishes I would love to own! I've been lemming these:
    - Oh, Tiff!
    - Drift Away
    - Coffee, Tea or Me? (Love that name!)
    - Midnight Blue
    - Crushed Velvet
    - I lilac you a lot!
    - Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle
    - Not your Hum Drum Plum

    3. I made a twitter post on your contest here:

    I can't wait to see what you come up with this time to decide on the winner!

  76. Oh I forgot my email!
    mindermutsig at hotmail dot com

  77. Hey, I did a post on your awsome giveaway, here's the link

    So I enter with 5 entries:)

    Thanks a lot!

  78. amazing, amazing giveaway! thank you!
    I'm a follower
    you are on my blog roll
    my fav diamonds NP are:
    cherry tobacco
    don't teal my heart away
    chainmail charm
    oh, tiff
    crushed velvet

    I'll add another coment with links when I'll post and tweet :-)

  79. hi! i'm a follower through blogger and if i had to choose a couple from the color chart, it'd probably be royal fool's gold, winterberry, yukon gold, decadence, blue fantasy, never so ever-green and blue moonglo (omg, cool~!)

    gosh, i could go on forever :P the color choices are a-ma-zing.

    thank you for this giveaway!!

    miscellaneous.psyche (at) gmail (dot) com

  80. Hi, I'm a follower.

    I also blogged about the contest:

    And I tweeted:

    Here is my email:

    Thanks for the contest!

  81. AWESOME!!!!

    1) I'm a follower!!!

    2) OOOooo, I'd like: Crushed Velvet, Never so Ever-Green, Twilight Violet, Chainmail Charm, Monarch Masquerade, Seafoam Spray, Metalic Vemon, and maybe another Chainmail Charm???

    3) I Blogged! ttp://

    4) I tweeted!:

    5) You've been on my blog roll since day 1!

    Thank You!!

  82. DUH!!! My email is


  83. 1. I'm a follower :)

    2. I LOVE Oh, Tiff!, Fiery Coral, Blue Diamonds, Rubies and Diamonds, Amethyst and Diamonds... basically, anything with glitter. I also love Glo-Worm Green, Blue Moonglo and Matte Mulberry :)

    3. Tweeting about it now! Unfortunately I don't have many followers and hardly use my account, but I'll use it now just for this.

    Thanks so much!

    st.fx (at) hotmail (dot) com

  84. I am a follower.... I would probably pick Chainmail Charm, Hue to you, maybe Oh, Tiff! just to pick a few...

    Great giveaway!

  85. (1)hi,i'm your follower,& would like to nter this giveaway

    (2)i would like 18K Gold,Venom,Blue Fantasy, Midnight Passion, Chainmail Charm, Royal Fool's Gold, Pink Ribbons for M'Lady.

    (3)i tweeted about your giveaway:

    here's my email:

  86. I've been following for a long time now! You are on my blogroll!

    Diamond Cosmetics has some amazing colors but I am so taken with Cherry Tobacco! I also love Venom, Chainmail Charm, Monarch Masquerade and Don't Teal My Heart Away.

    This is a super fun contest and I'm glad to enter. Thanks, Diana!

    mightylambchop AT yahoo Dot com

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. Congratulations!

    (1) I'm a follower!
    (2) I'm totally lemming Cherry Tobacco. I've wanted that one since I saw it on Vampy Varnish.
    (3) I blogged about your giveaway today and you've been on my blogroll for quite some time. Here's a link:

    Wah, deleted comment above because I forgot my e-mizzle.


  89. What a great contest, so cool i enter:

    I follow you via blogger

    I'd like to receive:
    Park Ave Purple
    Raspberry Ice
    Get Red-E, Here I Come
    Hue Are You?
    Chainmail Charm
    Pink Starburst
    Mulberry Mayhem

    Hey hey

    oh and my e-mail is:


  90. I am a follower under , and would love Cherry Tobacco,192 hi-ho silver, 310 chainmail charm, but honestly I dont have any Diamond Cosmetic polishes and would adore any of them!

    jscott8325 at aol dot com :)

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Thanks for a great contest PLF!

    1. I am a follower of your blog.
    2. I would choose Cherry Tobacco, Never So Ever-Green, Don't Teal My Heart Away, Chainmail Charm, Hue Are You, Decadence, Metallic Venom and Venom (if I had to narrow down my choices!)
    3. I posted about the contest here:
    4. You are definitely on the blogroll at my site


  94. Congrats to all the followers :)

    I am your follower. I would buy Monarch Masquerade, it looks really nice.

    My mail is:

  95. Congrats on reaching 300 followers and thanks for setting up such a great contest :)

    I'd really like to enter it, my email is moncoinamoua (at) hotmail (dot) com

    I'm a follower through the google thingie.
    I blogged about your contest at the end of this entry:
    The Diamond Cosmetics polish shades I'd like to try are metallic venom, drift away, mystical knights, monarch masquerade and many others ^_^
    Of course you are on my blogroll here:

    I believe that makes 5 entries for me, yay \o/

  96. Hi ! This contest is great, and I'd like to enter it !

    1. I'm a follower with Friends Connect
    2. I'm just discovering Diamonds Cosmetics but there are many great polishe ! I enjoy Chainmail Charm, Seafoam Spray, Ethereal, Don't Teal... , Pink Flaminglo, 18k Gold, Decadence and Angle Kiss.
    3. I've blog about this contest on my blog:
    4. I tweeted about the contest here:
    5. And finally, I've added you to my blogroll ;)

    Thanks a lot !
    ayuumi AT hotmail DOT fr

  97. Wow! What a great giveaway. =)
    1) I'm a follower via Google Friend connect.
    2) I'd definitely pick Crushes Velvet, Not Your Hum Drum Plum, Drift Away, Matte Smoke... So many gorgeous colors to choose from...
    3) I posted about your giveaway on my blog:
    4) Here's my tweet:
    5) You're also on my blogroll.

    So that's 6 entries? =)
    Thank you so much for this giveaway. I LOVE those 2 Diamond Cosmetics polishes I have. I hope to get some more.

    My mail: amerseksasa at hotmail dot com

    Thanks! =*

  98. Hi!
    I'm a new follower of your blog.
    The colors I would prefer for sure are:
    Bronze Star
    Silver Brocade

    I talk about your giveaway at this link (my blog, I'm sorry but it is in Italian language!):

    I tweet about your giveaway at this link:

    I'd lik to have the possibility to try these nail polish that are not so easy to find in Italy.
    My email is
    Thank you!

  99. 1. I'm a follower of your blog (and I'm lovin' it)
    2. And also I looove blue polishes. Metallic Blue, Midnight Passion, Metallic Venom...

  100. (1) I'm following you!

    (2) Here are my picks:
    18K Gold, Oh Tiff!, Party Hearty, Seafoam Spray, Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle, Midnight Passion, Lemon Yellow Zest, and Orchid


  101. I`m a follower of your blog.

    A lot of colors to choose from! I like: Mauve, Cameo, Desert rose, French beige, So Berry Sweet, Don't Teal My Heart Away, Monarch Masquerade Get Red-E and Here I Come.

    I wrote about your giveaway on my blog: (you can use the Google traductor button on the right to traduce it).

    I tweeted:

    Thanks a lot!!!


  102. Hi,
    - I'm a follower
    - My top picks would be Chainmail Charm, Don't Teal My Heart Away, Oh, Tiff!, Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle
    - I tweeted about the giveaway (
    - My e-mail is flavietta.g [@] gmail . com

    Thanks for this great giveaway, I'd be all over this brand if only they shipped internationally!

  103. Hey I'm a follower :)
    I would choose Cherry Tobacco, Smokey Rose, Never so ever green, Joust for kicks, Very berry smoothie, Raspberry ice, Hi ho silver, Winterberry.

  104. Hello, this is a great contest!

    I am follower and i like these polishes: Hot Red, Opal Glitter, Cherry Cherry, Sweet as sugar, Sparkling sherry

    my email is


  105. This comment has been removed by the author.


    1.I follow you through blogger/google
    2. I'd probably choose colors like venom, blackberry, Mudd, Darkest Desire, Mystical Knights and Cherry Tobaco
    3. My blogpost:
    4. My twitter:
    5. You're on my blogroll at

  107. Hi,
    I'm a follower.
    I love the Holiday Glitters and the yellow and orange ones too.

  108. Hello,

    I follow you via email.

    My email is swangeese at gmail dot com.

  109. I follow you thru Google Reader.

    I like Chainmail charm, monarch masquerade, don't teal my heart away, and cherry tobacco.

  110. Hi! I am a follower (my email is tar (dot) gzip at gmail). I never tried Diamond Cosmetics polish, but there's lots of shades that I feel I would like. Some of them: Don't Teal my heart away; Oh Tiff!; Calypso; Rubies and Diamonds; Chainmail charm; Crushed Velvet; Decadence; Hue are You; Party Hearty and many more... :)

  111. yehey!imma new follower =) enter me,thanks

  112. I'm a follower through google reader, and suscribed on an RSS feed.

    Here's my profile,

    I also tweeted about the contest -

    I love the look of Calypso, Oh Tiff, and Don't Teal My Heart Away

  113. Awesome contest, I'm entering for sure. :)

    1) I'm a new follower through blogspot.

    2) I would pick the following polishes: Chainmail Charm, Never So Evergreen, Seafoam Spray, Hi-Ho Silver, Cherry Tobacco, Don't Teal My Heart Away, Oh, Tiff!, Party Hearty.

  114. Hi! I love Diamond Cosmetics! Also, I just found your blog and its amazing.

    Some of the colors i would choose are, Chainmail Charm, Don't Teal My Heart Away, Matte Mulberry, and Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle.

    My email is

  115. 1. I'm a new follower through blogspot, though I've visited your blog before. Love it!

    2. The eight I'd choose are Don't Teal My Heart Away, Not Your "Hum Drum" Plum, So Berry Sweet, Raging Orange, Lemon Yellow Zest, Chainmail Charm, Crushed Velvet, and Cherry Tobacco.

    3. I've blogged about the contest.

    4. I've tweeted about the contest.

    5. And you're on my blog roll! You haven't commented on my blog, but my blog is War paint. Here's the link:

    My email is

  116. OMG this comp is awsome
    Diamond polishes arent
    available in Aus so this
    would be perfect for me to
    try out...
    Anywau im a follower,your on
    my blog roll
    and if i had choice id choose any cause just tryin one would be fab!

  117. Please include me in your giveaway. I am a Follower of your blog. I prefer to read your blog rather than have it on email. I might be tempted to just keep putting it away in a folder for later. I know I want Cherry Tobacco. Thank you sweetie.

  118. Congratulations on all your followers :) I follow your blog in the follower google button in the sidebar :) Blue Fantasy looks so great! :D

  119. Hello!

    I'm a follower ^^

    I don't have polishes from Diamond Cosmetics, so it's hard to choose xD But here it goes:
    * #332 Plum Pie in the Sky
    * #10 Mauve
    * #301 Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle
    * #277 In The Buff
    * #156 Park Ave Purple
    * #128 Opal Glitter

    I posted about your giveway here:

    And I have your blog on my blogroll (where it says "I follow [International blogs]")

    Thank you for this opportunity! Wish me luck ^^


  120. Hi!
    I love those colors. Unfortunatly i dont have any polish from Diamond Cosmetics. I would love to have Blue Moonglo, Oh, Tiff, Metalic Blue and Orchid, and a lot of others. I just love polishes. I follow you with the name lau and my email adress is

  121. Hi there, this is the greatest giveaway ever!

    1. I'm a follower
    2. You're on my blogroll (
    3. I would love these: Cherry Cola, Monarch Masquerade, Hi Ho Silver, Never So Evergreen, Crushed Velvet, Metallic Venom, Hue Are You? and Midnight Passion.

    Have a nice day!

  122. This comment has been removed by the author.

  123. Hi Diana,

    I'm actually a follower by both methods.

    I've blogged about the contest in this post:

    I twitted it also here:

    Yes, you are on my blogroll for some time now.


    I would choose the next colors: Chainmail Charm, Hue Are You, Mystical Knights ...

    I look forward to read your new posts.

    Best wishes to all.

  124. wow great giveaway diana... im a follower and youre already on my blogroll list,
    I would choose #346 Amethyst& Diamonds,#335
    Matte Black,#182 Metallic Blue
    i blogged about ur contest here located at my left side corner of my blog...

    my eadd:

  125. Hi, I'm a email follower (sheri.goh [at] and I tweeted about it here: Love your blog!

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. Great contest!

    I follow you through blogger/google reader.

  128. 1. I am following you on site this as of today! via google friend connect
    2. I love the blue diamonds and Amethyst& Diamonds and Party Hearty!

  129. Hi!
    1. I'm following you through blogger
    2. I would probably choose: Chainmail Charm, Sweet As Sugar & Seafoam Spray

  130. I have more entries!

    I started a blog and you are on my blogroll:

    And I blogged about your giveway here:

  131. Painted Lady Fingers - you are great! Thx for this great contest!

    1) I'm a follower
    2) You're in my blogroll
    3) I made a blogpost about this contest
    -> Check out at:
    4) I like Seafoam Spray, Chainmail Charm, the 4 "diamonds" and much much more ;)

    I think I got 5 entries. Good luck to all of you!

    e-mail: princezzbunny at

  132. Oh this is awesome!

    1. I'm a follower (1 entry)
    2. There's soo many colors I would like. Oh,Tiff, Don't teal my heart away, Chainmail Charm and Seafoam spray to mention a few (1 entry)
    3. Blogged about the contest: (2 entries)
    4. You're on my blogroll (1 entry)

    Total 5 entries!
    thenailnerd [at] live [dot] se

    Thanks for this great contest!

  133. Hi Diana,

    I have subscribed via email, and want to thank you for an excellent contest. It is great that this is open internationally!

    I would love to get Oh, Tiff, Metallic Blue, Drift Away, Seafoam Spray, Hue Are You?, Joust for Kicks, Chainmail Charm, and Crushed Velvet. Many of their colours are awesome, but this would be my first run. :)

    Happy Holidays everyone and best wishes to you all!

  134. Diane,
    This is a totally awesome giveaway! DC is one brand I have serious lemmings for and they're htf for me cos they just wont ship international unless its USD$200!!

    Some of the ones that I really want:
    • Don't Teal My Heart Away
    • Hue Are You?
    • Joust For Kicks
    • Oh, Tiff!
    • Seafoam Spray
    • So Berry Sweet
    • Sparkling Sherry

    I've already blogged about the giveaway:

    and You're definitely on my blog roll!

    So that's a total of 5 entries!
    my email:

    *crossing my fingers & toes for this one!*

  135. I'm a follower.

    My polishes would be:
    Sterling Silver
    Never So Ever-green
    Chainmail Charm
    Hue Are You?
    Sparkling Sherry
    Party Hearty
    Hot Summer Pink
    Cherry Tobacco

    My email is: bluepeng04 (at) gmail (dot) com


  136. Awesome giveaway!

    I'm a follower. And among my 8 polishes there would be Monarch Masquerade, Oh Tiff! and Never So Evergreen.
    I don't have a blog or Twitter.

    Here's my email address:


  137. 1. new follower : Silana

    2. Most Wanted: #94, #128, #129, #168, #182, #183, #232, #317

    3. Blogged:

    5.) You are in my blogroll :

    So that's a total of 5 entries!
    My email is

  138. Hey!
    1 - I'm a follower with google.
    2 - The colours I like are 182-metallic blue, 183-metallic venom, 192-hi ho silver, 221-blackberry, 315-midnight blue.

  139. Hiya, what a great contest! Thanks for running it and making it international.

    1}I'm a follower on google/blogger.

    2}I blogged about this comp here -

    3}You're on my blog roll.

    3)Some of the colours that I am loving are-

    Midnight Passion
    Chainmail Charm
    Monarch Masquerade
    Don't Teal My Heart Away
    Oh, Tiff!

    Seasons greetings from London X

  140. Hi! I'm really new to the nail blogs, and haven't even tried Diamond polish yet. Thanks so much for hosting this great contest!
    1) So, I now follow you on blogger.
    2) I added you to my blogroll at
    3) I just blogged about this contest, at the same place.
    4)Trying to narrow down my selections to just 8 proved to be the most difficult challenge, but here goes: Never So Evergreen, Cherry Tobacco, Hue Are You, Chainmail Charm, Oh Tiff!, Not Just Your Hum Drum Plum, Seafoam Spray, Angelic.

    Oh, and my email is: walkerjs7920(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thanks again for the great contest! :)

  141. I am following your blog.

    Tweeted. (amt946)

  142. Hello!
    I'm a follower! - 1 entry
    i blogged about the giveaway here: - 1 entry
    nail polihes i would choose: texas red, mauve, twilight violet, gold, don't teal my heart away, hot kinky pink, orange you sexy, iced plum - 1 entry
    i have you on my blogroll (see the same link, in the right bar) - 1 entry
    Thank you

  143. Hi!
    My name is Sara....
    the polishes are beautiful....

  144. I follow you on Google

    I would probably choose:
    Don't Teal my Heart Away
    Oh Tiff!
    Chainmail Charm
    Blue Diamonds
    Diamond Diamonds

    goldfish65 at

  145. I posted an entry about following somewhere way up there, but I also tweeted about your contest:

    bluepeng04 (at) gmail (dot) com

  146. I'm following via Google Friend Connect!

    How does anyone choose which ones they like?!?! I'm a blue/green girl, so So, Tiff! and Blue Diamonds jump out at me most.

    What a great giveaway! Thanks again, doll!


  147. I'm a new follower, lovely blog by the way!!!

    I'd choose:
    Seafoam Spray, Angel Kiss, Chainmail Charm, Lemon Yellow Zest, Pink Flamingo, Froggy, Matte Smoke, Amethyst
    & Diamonds

  148. Hello!
    This contest is amazing! I loved these prizes!! :) And congratulations for your 300 followers!

    1. I'm a subscriber already.
    2. With so many lovely colors, it´s so difficult just pick eight! Well, but here there are: deep red, desert rose, park ave purple, free n easy, purplesque, Midnight blue, Mulberry Mayhem, cool & creamy

    The other points I cann't fulfill because I don´t have blog or twitter...

    Thanks for this oportunity :)
    My e-mail is

    Kiss Kiss

    PS: Ah, sorry for my english...

  149. Hello! :)

    1. I am already a follower.
    2. I really like the following colors: mauve, fuchsia flash, glitter silver, orchid, metallic venom, sparkly sherry, baby bloom ... oh there are so many more!
    3. I have blogged about your contest:

  150. What an awesome giveaway! Please count me in!

    1. I'm a follower.

    2. Here are some of my favourites: Tangeglo, So Berry Sweet, Park Ave Purple, Midnight Passion

    3. I blogged here:

    4. I tweeted here:

    5. I added you to my blogroll:

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  151. And now I have blogged about the contest, too.

  152. I really hope win win this giveaway! I'm a follower.

    joanne.j (at) hotmail (dot) com

  153. Right now I'm loving Cameo, Glitter Silver, Blue Fantasy and Pink Flaminglo! Actually I like all the colors :)

    joanne.j (at) hotmail (dot) com

  154. I posted on my blog.

    joanne.j (at) hotmail (dot) com

  155. Tweet

    joanne.j (at) hotmail (dot) com

  156. I am following via email. I love the polish btw

  157. hi, thank you for your giveaway. I'm a follow. My favaroutes but not the totality are: canyon sunrise, seafoam spray, sparkling sherry, matallic venom, fushia flash, 18K gold, celebration red....

  158. This is one amazing giveaway ^_^ I'd love to join :) I'm a new follower.

    These are my favorite nail colors: Cabernet,Nice N Naked,Opal Glitter,Celebration Red,French Pink,Cherry Tobacco,Dirty & Flirty,Metallic Venom.

    My email is

    Happy Holidays to all :)

  159. Already a follower!

    Colors I'll like to try out:
    #301 Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle
    #123 18K Gold
    #328 Oh, Tiff!
    #326 Don't Teal My Heart Away
    #128 Opal Glitter
    #263 Rose Suede
    Giddy, and Pink Flaminglo


    Totaly Entry: 3 =)
    email: digital _ syren AT hotmail DOT com

  160. I subscribed via email.

    luvwendy87 at hotmail dot com

  161. I like Iced Pink Parfait, Monarch Masquerade, Wow!, Raspberry Ice.

    luvwendy87 at hotmail dot com

  162. I'm a follower!

    xperlerare at

  163. I'd choose these!

    mauve, sandlewood, decadence, matte smoke, calypso, metallic blue, raspberry ice and sweet reverie.

  164. Hi Diana!
    Awesome contest you're running. :) The polishes I'm eyeing are Never So Ever-Green, Don't Teal My Heart Away, Cherry Tobacco and the whole Holiday Glitter collex.

    I follow you on Google Reader and I tweeted about the contest at

    E-mail is

    And I need to catch up with you soon. :)

  165. I'm an e-mail subscriber

    I'm not sure which all I'd pick (this is when I go on a swatch-looking rampage) , but some are Mulberry Mayhem, Don't Teal My Heart Away, Rubies&Diamonds

    moonchaii80 at

  166. Hello !!
    what a great contest !!
    I'm a follower with google account,
    I have your blog on my blogroll
    and i made a comment on your contest on my blog
    and my favorite colors are
    Very berry smoothie, Cherry tobacco, Sparkling cherry, Chainmail charm...
    You never post a comment on my blog
    my mail is

  167. My blog post:


  168. What a great contest!

    - I'm an e-mail suscriber.

    - I've posted the information in a Spanish forum about contests that I follow (I hope it counts as blogging about it, since I don't have my own blog!)

    - I like a lot of the colors, for exmaple #121 Fuchsia Flash and #182 Metallic Blue.

  169. What a great contest!

    Sorry! I forgot to add my e-mail: svlara (at) hotmail (dot) com

    - I'm an e-mail suscriber.

    - I've posted the information in a Spanish forum about contests that I follow (I hope it counts as blogging about it, since I don't have my own blog!)

    - I like a lot of the colors, for exmaple #121 Fuchsia Flash and #182 Metallic Blue.

  170. Yes great giveaway ! You are the Santa Claus of the year !

    1)I'm your follower with jesslousy username

    2) I like the colour - well all!! Okay I am selecting a few
    -Hi Ho Silver
    -Hue Are you
    -Chainmail charm
    -Cherry Tobacco
    -Amethyst & Diamonds
    -Blue Diamonds
    -Crushed Velvet

    3)Blogged about your giveaway here -

    4)Tweet about the entry here -

    5)Added you in my blogroll of cos ! -

    I'm done, cross my fingers! My email is

  171. I follow through blogger
    email address is

    Polishes I would choose:
    Cherry Tobacco
    Chainmail Charm
    Sparkling Sherry
    Not So ever Green
    Crushed Velvet
    Don’t Teal My Heart Away
    Oh Tiff
    Joust For Kicks

  172. great contest...

  173. hi
    i am a follower and also an email subscriber

    i love
    Amethyst & Diamonds
    Diamond's Diamonds
    Blue Diamonds
    Sweet as Sugar
    Oh, Tiff!

    you're already in my blogroll, check it

  174. I'm a email subscriber and a new blog follower.

  175. Hi, your contest is amazing....
    I'm an email subscriber :
    I blooged about your contest here :
    I love these polishes : Hue are you, Winterberry, Decadence, Drift away, Dirty & Flirty, Chainmail charm, Gidy and to finish Don't teal my heart away.
    Bye bye

  176. Hi Lady!

    1)I subscribe to your blog.
    2)Several look very interesting: Monarch Masquerade, Canyon Sunrise, Don't Teal My Heart Away, Mulberry Mayhem....
    My email is danaenfi at yahoo dot com
    Thanks for hosting this fabulous contest!

    xoxo DanaCerise

  177. I like Hi Ho Silver, Winterberry and Mulberry Mayhem

  178. First of all, congrats for this great giveaway.

    Now, my entries are:

    1) I alredy am a follower of your blog (I don't use to comment, but I always see what's new around here). I am folloing in your followera list on the right side bar. My name is Tânia. - 1 entry.

    2) I have the colors "Oh Tiff" and "Don't teal my heart away" and I love them and their quality. I would like to try the matte colletion too, they have pretty colors on that collection. - 1 entry.

    5) Painted Lady fingers is on my blogroll. My blog is - 1 entry.

    My email is: tania[.]freitas[@]ymail[.]com

  179. Hiya! I've been a follower for a while (through google reader), and I really enjoy all your posts, though I'm pretty remiss in commenting.

    I really like Plum Pie In The Sky, Cotton Candy and Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle, and Chainmail Charm of course! :)

    I think my email shows up to you since I'm logged in to google, at least I hope so!

  180. Hello,

    I am a follower of your blog.

    I think I would choose Iced Plum, Iced Pink Parfait and Very Berry Smoothie, but it's really hard to decide, there are so many great colours.

    I twittered your contest:

    My email ist

  181. Tweet:

  182. hi, i'm a follower of your blog!

    the polishes i would like are Blue Moonglo, Pink Flaminglo, Glo-worm Green, Chainmail Charm, Olivia Orchid, Metallic Venom, Seafoam Spray & Iced Plum.

    my email is

  183. Hi Ho Silver and Never So Evergreen would be my top two choices.

  184. I tweeted here

  185. 1. I am an e-mail subscriber to your blog.

    2. I would like to try Don't Teal My Heart Away and Blue Diamonds.


  186. I follow your blog and also I posted your giveaway on my blog :)

    I love Metallic Venom colour!

    Merry Christmas!

  187. I forgot to give you my email address in the other post.
    I'm a follower.
    I love the Holiday Glitters and the yellow and orange ones too.

  188. Hey I'm a follower :) I would choose Cherry Tobacco, Smokey Rose, Never so ever green, Joust for kicks, Very berry smoothie, Raspberry ice, Hi ho silver, Winterberry.
    December 8, 2009 5:24 PM

    I forgot to give my email address in my previous post.

    have a nice day :)

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  190. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  191. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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