Monday, December 14, 2009

Neapolitan metals

Hello ladies,

I have the Art Club Pretty Shiny Things kit for a full review today. The contents of this set have been in my consciousness since opening the package. I decided to create a tricolor funky french with the three stripers. I added the fan and ironwork decals along with an assortment of metallic gems to showcase the set. Color Club Master of Disguise polish forms the glossy black base for the design.

Let's peruse the kit. The packaging for Pretty Shiny Things is vibrant and inviting. The graphics lend themselves to the feel of artistic expression. It's an auspicious way to begin any creative undertaking. 

Next are the metal decorations. There are gold and silver buttons with swirls in the two smaller screw top jars. The nail wheel includes copper, gold and silver pieces shaped like gemstones, silver stars and gold and silver petals. You can click on this picture to view full size. 

The three stripers: You're Golden (fine silver and gold glitter), Steele This Look (metallic silver), Penny Pincher (metallic copper). 

Two decal sheets in silver and gold. The decals have complementing sparkle highlights.

A design booklet with beautifully rendered professional examples. I only wish it were longer. 

When I was creating the look this morning, I was thinking about resort wear collections. I began reading fashion magazines as a pre-teen and I wondered about lines of warm weather clothing designed for extravagant winter getaways. There always seem to be metallic accents in resort collections. Black or navy come into play linked to a nautical theme. Perhaps some part of me, the part that hadn't finished her coffee, was on the deck of a yacht in impossible gold heels. 

The Pretty Shiny Things kit is filled with wonderful accents I will return to for nail art. You will recognize the striper in You're Golden from the whimsical Slush Queen manicure. Various gems were used for Fireside. I discovered the metallic gems and buttons are reusable at least one additional time. They withstood removal with an acetone based solvent and maintained their shape and color. 

Art Club decals are my favorites. They are thin enough to remain flat on the nail once positioned. I was even able to move a decal with tweezers without any damage to the polish beneath or the decal itself. What was the most surprising was the edge of the decals became invisible after adding one layer of topcoat. Were all decals on the market of this quality, I would certainly use them often.  

The Art Club Pretty Shiny Things kit was sent to me for review. For more looks from this kit, check out reviews from Beauty Judy and Body and Soul. Sets are available for purchase at The Pretty Shiny Things Jewels and Gems nail wheel is also sold as an individual item.  

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Those decals are fabulous and I love the metalic stripers!

  2. yay, i love your nail design, also the nail art Art club kit.. =)

  3. I believe I'm going to order this kit. Just for the decals alone. Your nails look fantastic. You've really captured a beautiful look for this kit.

  4. This is one of the most amazing manicures I have ever seen!!! Not only do I absolutely love the colors and the polishes, but the way that you combined them is just a festival for the eyes. all the textures and colors are just nonstop excitement!!

  5. Woweewow. Those are some long ass nails you got there. I loves em.

  6. Your design looks great!
    Really want this kit, the decals are awesome!

  7. Oh I just LOVE this kit and I love your idea for this mani ! It turned out so beautiful !

  8. Kinda reminds me of candy corn...cute!

  9. I really love this look! The color combination is great and I love the details in the gems and decals. Well done Diana!

  10. gildedangel ~Thank you sweetie! xoxo!

    Evil Angel~Thank you so much! I have never been so excited about decals before trying this kit! I will certainly be getting more use of those amazing stripers.

    ART OF NAIL~Thanks! You would do amazing creations with this kit.

    Lucy~Thank you! The Pretty Shiny Things kit is worth a purchase. The decals are fabulous. They would be beautiful over almost any vampy shade. I had so much fun putting the look together. I am glad you find the finished manicure pleasing.

    artbysarada~Thanks! I know how much you enjoy metallic shades and sparkle. There were many moments when I thought I could easily stop adding elements to the manicure, but I wanted to show what could be done with the kit. It's almost like a carnival.

    Arrianne~Thank you. Close up photos really accentuate the length of my nails. They even look longer to me in the pictures. I am glad you enjoy them too.

    Anna~Thanks so much! The kit is so inspiring! I bet you would do great things with it. I wish Art Club sold decals outside the kit too. I will certainly be revisiting the decals I have left.

    Tuli~Thank you, sweetie. This kit is so much fun to work with. I appreciate your kind words.

    Stephanie~I was thinking of neapolitan ice cream but candy corn works too. How sweet!

    Lisa~Thank you! I really was trying to combine all the different elements to showcase the set. I am glad my efforts worked out. Yay!


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