Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello ladies,

My tips are aflutter! Butterflies comprised of fimo found a shimmering habitat to display their blue wings. They rest atop Revlon Sweet Nothings in Rendez-blue. The purple base color is the last mini polish of the Borghese Serena collection I have to share with you. 

Revlon Rendez-blue is from the Sweet Nothings trio I purchased at Ulta earlier in the year. I have a number of polishes bought before I began painted Lady fingers. I decided to start a category called untried and true to classify these beauties from collections past. While I am still committed to creating looks with newly released colors, I want to uncover the possibilities of my whole collection.  

Another butterfly from the Museum of Natural Sciences. I have such an affinity for the blue wings. 

The purple mini from the Borghese Serena collection applied easily and was opaque in two coats. The color reminds me of shimmering grape jam. While Revlon Rendez-blue wasn't the simplest color to use for a funky french, I loved how the blue tinted white appeared like icy azalea petals. Over the Borghese mini, Rendez-blue looks fushia with a bit of snow. This color would make a beautiful layering note. 

The blue butterflies are much thinner on the nail than pictures can tell. I didn't have any issues with their wings catching on fabrics. I painted the french and added the butterfly to the wet polish, proceeding nail by nail until completion. No glue was required. I used one coat of CND Air Dry to seal the look. 

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. That is so pretty! I really wish that it wasn't the middle of winter where I live!

  2. I love the butterflies, great idea (as always).

  3. Oh my goodness, glow-y gorgeousness!

  4. this is so cute i love butterflies

  5. That is gorgeous! Love vampy purples and the butterflies are so pretty!

  6. wow, gorgeous mani, i love the fimo butterfly, and the colour of your nail polish... nicey...

  7. Wow! The butterflies are awesome and the color is simply lovely. What a stunning picture of the butterfly.

  8. gorgeous color, love the fimo butterfly!

  9. so pretty.. i also have a butterfly fimo but urs is much pretty...

  10. Gorgeous! I love the butterflies!

  11. gildedangel: Thank you! I think winter has found me at last!

    Princess: Thank you, sweetie. We certainly share a love of flora and fauna. xoxo!

    kittyluvscolor: Thank you so much! I am glad you like the look.

    ainos2: Thanks! That Borghese mini would be a great color on you. <3

    Skye: Thank you. Of course the blue butterflies would have an affinity for you too. <3

  12. Anna: Thank you! Two great things paired together.<3

    Art of Nail: Thanks so much! I have been having great fun trying out all the fimo shapes I have collected.

    Mighty Lambchop: Thanks! I love butterflies! I had such a great experience at the exhibit. I have been going through photos and being inspired to create looks to match.

    Madeleine Bouquet: Thanks so much! <3

    Kae: Thanks! You should try fimo too!

    Liz: Thank you! *curtseys*

    thriszha: Thank you, sweetie! All butterflies are pretty to me. <3

    Evil Angel: Thank you! I bet you would do great looks with fimo butterflies. xoxo!

  13. Your nails look stunningly lovely. The butterfly is adorable. The real butterfly is so beautiful. The wings are so amazing.

  14. Lucy: Thank you! You are so dear! *curtsey*


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