Friday, December 11, 2009

Raspberry Ice

Hello ladies,

Today I have another polish from the Color Club Wonderland mini set: Yule Love It. Red and silver glitter shine together in a red jelly base. The color reminds me of the juice from crushed raspberry, red in some lights and hot pink in others. Years ago, I used to read Tarot at a restaurant called the Astral Plane. The interior was filled with antiques, trinkets found at rummage sales and black and white pictures of movie starlets. Guests dined on vintage, mismatched china. Yule Love It makes me think of the color of an iced raspberry drink. If I look at the shade, I can almost see the drinks lined up along the dark wood bar. 

I layered Yule Love It over Christmas in New York from Carolyn New York. The base color I used is unfortunately no longer available since CNY went out of business this year. The same results can easily be attained by using any blue based red. I imagine the majority of you ladies own a few of those! 

Yule Love It is semi-opaque and could easily be worn without layering. However, the nail line would be visible. For this look, I used two coats of Christmas in New York followed by two coats of Yule Love It. The glitter applied evenly and smoothed nicely under one layer of topcoat. Perfect!  

Although Yule Love It is part of a holiday set, it would make a lovely valentine as well. I can easily flash ahead to February and imagine adding white hearts with the Konad.

Yule Love It was sent to me for review. A full size version is available at under the category of Color Club limited edition glitter polishes. At the time of this post, the Wonderland mini set is currently in stock. 

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. Absolutly amazing color! You just can't go wrong with a red, jelly, glitter!

  2. That is beautiful! I agree that it would be perfect for Valentine's Day!

  3. you're totally right about the color being appropriate for Valentine's day :) It's funny you mentioned pin-ups in this post because I thought there was something a little retro looking in this shade. Really pretty anyway!

  4. That looks awesome! Raspberry name, very accurate!

  5. Evil Angel: So true! I love glitter in a jelly formula. The red makes it saucy. <3

    gildedangel: Thank you! I love reds that can work with either holiday. <3

    ~Lisa: Thank you! This red is definitely an attention grabber.

    chocaddict: Thanks so much! Despite my devotion to unusual nail colors, I love the feeling of wearing red now and again! I may have to bring this one back for a Valentine's Day konad look! :)

    Aurora's Nails: Thank you! The color is simultaneously juicy and icy. Love it!

  6. I just love this pretty sparkly manicure. Fortunately I have both of these polishes. CNY had some really pretty reds. Last Christmas she had a fantastic deal on her polishes. I ordered quite a few. It's really a shame she went out of business. I could also see this for Valentine's Day. Or any day where you want to look sparkly and beautiful.

  7. Lucy~Thank you so much! I was really sad too that Carolyn New York went out of business. I have a box of their polishes, many of which are untried. I think I will bring them out on occasion as a base for Konad designs. I am glad you like the Color Club red glitter. I was entertained all day by the sparkle. xoxo!


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