Saturday, January 16, 2010

Camouflage butterflies

Hello ladies,

Today I want to share a couple polishes from the Diamond Cosmetics core line: Never So Evergreen and Sweet As Sugar. I positioned monarch butterflies comprised of fimo in the center of the french tip. When the pale glitter polish was layered over grey green, it transformed into a shade of platinum.

The combination reminds me of camouflage. I put my hand next to ivy and my nails blended with the leaves. I could stare at Never So Evergreen and discover another facet of color with each moment of contemplation. There are green shimmer particles and an abundance of gold to play with the light.

Aside from having the perfect name, Never So Evergreen also wins for ease in application. The color was opaque in two coats. It certainly ranks among my favorite green polishes.

I love the versatility of Sweet as Sugar. The color makes a beautiful layering note. I would love to try this shade over a variety of dark colors or to add sparkle to a basic nude. Sweet as Sugar has a thicker consistency than other shades from Diamond Cosmetics. I formed the french as a thin layer and built the color with an additional coat placed immediately after the first. While Sweet as Sugar does have a syrupy texture, the polish was relatively easy to control. I would recommend this color as a creative addition to any polish collection.

Never So Evergreen and Sweet as Sugar were sent to me for review. They are available for purchase for $2.25 at

Walking around center city today with Judy from Beauty Judy, we both experienced enthusiastic responses to our manicures. We were most praised at the art supply store where we shopped for fine sable brushes for nail art and natural bristle brushes for cleaning the cuticle area. We were asked about our purchases at checkout and the art students working admired our creativity.

Even our devotion to blogging was supported in Rittenhouse Square Park. A four year old came over to help us gather the scattered entries after the contest drawing. I'm sure to her it looked like we were simply playing. So true!

Happy painting, ladies.


  1. What a great post. I do so enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Oh my, this one is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. What a beautiful mani, those butterflies look like they are going to just flutter away!

  4. I love this and the flutterby's are adorable!

  5. Gorgeous! never So Evergreen is such a lovely shade and the butterflies are so cute.

  6. Gorgeous photos and nails! =) How are those fimo butterflies wearing? Don't they fall off soon?

  7. Looks great. You've always got such creative ideas, stuff I'd never think to do :)

  8. Minha mãe nunca deixaria eu ficar com uma unha desse tamanho. kkk



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