Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Celtic chandelier

Hello ladies,

This manicure answers the question: What would result if you crossed a Celtic tattoo with a chandelier? The look also makes me think of a Gothic pendant with metalwork and a crystal drop.

I am wearing Gusto Gold Dust by Borghese. This gold metallic was part of the Festivo holiday collection. While my computer problems deterred me from showing this color to you before the calendar change, I often find bottles from recent Borghese collections relocated to the main aisle display. Gusto Gold Dust is interesting because it appears to be a neutral gold. There is hint of rosiness to the shade making it suitable for many skin tones. It's a subdued metallic that could venture into the work appropriate category when left unadorned.

Of course, I added embellishments! The Celtic design can be found on Konad plate M15. I used black special polish for the stamping.

The centering of the designs is more accurately pictured in the last two photographs, but I love the touch of the sun in the first.

Gusto Gold Dust is well named. Tiny specks of micro glitter make up the gilded hue. It seems like you could reach into the bottle and pinch enough gold dust to give dreams to an unsuspecting sleeper. The more traditional application required three coats. The first layer looked unpromising, but by the third I was pleased. There is a hint of visible brush stokes, but is quite manageable for a metallic shade. I would certainly recommend this polish for anyone looking for a gold isn't bright or overly yellow.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Color, design, rhinestone, is all good!!!

  2. I've just picked my jaw off the floor! I can't find the words to eloquently describe how I feel about this mani but I can assure you my words would be kind. I love it!

  3. I think this is my favorite manicure you've ever done. Gorgeous! =)

  4. Love it! Definitely one of your best designs! Beautiful!

  5. Diana this is the most gorgeous mani I have seen you do yet! Stunning!

  6. Firstly, a belated Welcome Back!! I'm glad you got your computer issues resolved.
    I agree with the other posters- this is a stunning manicure!! It's simple yet so elegant and classy. Plus you know I love gold :D

  7. Ohmygosh I love that design! That is so pretty! I'm jealous cause I can't wear gold

  8. This is such a beautiful design ! Great job :-)))

  9. That is breathtaking!!!!
    I will definitely check out this color, as neutral and 'cold' golds well for me.

  10. I find this to be very pretty and classy!

  11. Your nails look lovely. Celtic designs are so gorgeous. I love all of the design work. I used to work with a guy who was a Celtic artist. He also made some lovely jewelry. Your so right about your nails looking like a Celtic work pendant. That is a perfect shade of gold. I can imagine if working for everyone. You described it perfectly. Missed hearing from you. I'm glad you finally have gotten your computer woes fixed. Have a beautiful weekend.

  12. Thess: Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

    The Diva's Polish: Thank you! I could easily imagine you wearing this look too. <3

    nihrida: Thank you, kindly. I am so glad you like it. :)

    Maestra: Thanks! *curtseys*

    Evil Angel: You are so sweet. Thank you. <3

    Lisa: Thanks! This gold would be so pretty on you. I was expecting something brighter when I first saw the bottle, but I like the subtlety of the shade.

  13. These nails are beautyful, Wow waht a great site I stumble it today I loved it very creative.


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