Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eastern influence

Hello ladies,

I have another untried and true manicure for you today. Pointing towards Valentine's Day, I will be searching my untried polishes for amorous reds. I wanted to create a simple red and gold manicure. I paired OPI Red Dazzle, a jelly polish with red and gold glitter, with Precision 18 Carat Cake. Bearing no responsibility for the spelling of the name, I can attest that the bright and reflective quality of the gold is more like jewelry and less like cake.

I like the simplicity of the red polish with gilded tips. The color combination makes me think of a Chinese lacquered box or sari fabric with a metallic border.

Look who walked across the ice to visit me. What a sweet pair!

I picked up OPI Red Dazzle at a salon sale last year. For those who enjoy dusty hunting, this would be a red to seek out in clearance bins or untouched shelves in older salons.

Red Dazzle is mostly opaque. There is a hint of visible nail line after three coats. I found this useful for creating the funky french. Despite my devotion to opacity, I wore Red Dazzle without embellishment on the first day and added the gold tips on the second day of wear. This orange based red captures attention. It would likely be appreciated if worn on a date.

Precision 18 Carat Cake is a useful layering note. I enjoyed how the clear base let the red show amidst the gold. It appears speckled rather than a bright line of glitter. I love creating variations to a basic french.

Please check out the poll in the upper right hand sidebar. I am thinking about having a vampy day at painted Lady fingers once a week. I have so many beautiful vampy polishes that should venture out into the light. I would love to know whether or not that appeals to you.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. I love the red and gold combination. Yikes - I hadn't even thought about Valentine's Day manicures yet - eek!

  2. That gold is really delicate, pretty :-)

  3. Oooh pretty! That is a really nice clear red. Red and gold is a favorite color combination of mine. I can't wait to see your other Valentine's manicures.

  4. This is a beautiful combination!

  5. Great pictures! Love the color combo. I'm going to keep an eye out for this red jelly. Your feathery friends like the mani too!
    xoxo DanaCerise

  6. I can really see a sari in this combination of colors. A beautiful rich red and gold tips is really a beautiful manicure. I would love to have piles of beautiful sari fabrics. My Mother used to sew and I always enjoyed fabric shopping. I've always loved sari's and the beautiful silks of India. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie.

  7. Always loved Chinese red + gold.


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