Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hello ladies,

I managed to catch the last few moments of sun today. I walked to the park for picture taking and felt as if the wind was going to whirl me off the pavement. The temperature in Philadelphia is 23 degrees fahrenheit with a wind chill of eight degrees. That converts to minus five degrees celsius and minus 13 degrees celsius respectively. I know many of you would cherish such temperatures in comparison to colder climates.

To complement the icy touch of the wind, I wore China Glaze Luna. I love silvery blues in winter. The color conveys the sense of chill.

Above is a picture of my cat Moon. I tried to name her Luna, but she had a different preference. I always have let my cats decide their names based on what captures their attention and what sounds they respond to. She always came when I called her name. Moon passed away a couple years ago. She was such a dear and cheeky cat. China Glaze Luna reminded me of her and I wanted to share. She was a street rescue who came to me in an unusual way. On the night of a full Moon, she followed me five flights up an outdoor staircase to my apartment and she stayed with me. She was so dirty from the rusty colored soil in a nearby parking lot that I thought she was an orange cat! After a few days of rest, warmth and grooming, she showed all of her beauty. I do miss her.

Returning to polish, Luna has a frost formula stirred with holographic glitter and smaller silver particles. It took three coats for opacity. The result reminds me of a layering experiment instead of a single polish. I am rather amazed all the elements converged respectfully into one formula. It seems like inviting guests with divergent opinions to a dinner party and seeing if all can converse without a clattering of soup spoons. Thankfully, China Glaze understood how to bring a frost, a metallic, holographic and silver glitter along with a shade of ice blue together without incident or unpleasantries.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love the polish and have been hunting for it. I will find my luna.
    Moon was lovely but her eyes are truly amazing!

  2. Look how pretty! Moon and Luna!

    I *love* visiting your Blog. Your nails always look amazing and you write with such eloquence.

  3. Bless.... What a beautiful cat! Hope she's being looked after by someone lovely now! The mani suits the moon theme made me feel nice and cool. We are enduring a 40 degree day here in my home town :( give me cold weather any day!

  4. This is very like the mani I wore for NYE and haven't changed yet. Though mine hasn't any blue to it, I used SH Celeb City and over that I used ChG Fairy Dust.
    I agree with Ainos2, love your blog and your writing.

  5. Moon was a beautiful cat and what a great story.

    I really like this polish too!!

  6. Evil Angel: Thanks! I ordered my bottle of Luna from Victoria Nail Supply. Moon had very enchanting eyes. When she would be focused on something, her eyes would look so dark. I called her my black eyed pea. At more relaxed moments, her eyes were sage green.

    ainos2: Thank you so much! That is so dear of you! *curtseys*

    The Diva's Polish: Thank you! I hope Moon is in faeryland flying through the air. I'm not sure if you saw The Neverending Story, but I would think she would be the perfect feline version of the luck dragon. Yes, a bit of whimsy there! For any Americans checking comments it's 104 degrees fahrenheit in a part of Australia. Anything above 90F (or 32C) is too much for me. I worship the benevolent god Freon at such times. ;)

    ~Elizabeth: Although I haven't tried Celeb City, I am well acquainted with Fairy Dust. It sounds like you made your own specialty polish for New Year's. Lovely! I appreciate your compliments. Thank you. <3

    Sheila: Thank you for your sweet thoughts of Moon and Luna. :)

  7. Moon is so sweet! Beautiful eyes :) and your mani is chilly, love it!

  8. Oww she seemed like a really cute cat and you have such a big heart for taking her in.. if i could do that at home I would probably have around 10 cats but my boyfriends allergic :( I am sure if Moon have been alive she would have approved Lunar ;D

  9. Both Luna and Moon look gorgeous.
    Moon was a really lucky cat to find such a generous person as you :)

  10. Gorgeous manicure and gorgeous kitty. She's so beautiful!

  11. That is a beautiful polish! Moon was such a pretty cat!

  12. What a beautiful cat. Moon and Luna are both good cat names; short and sweet. I have a black kitty that I rescued from an evil pet store on the south side of Chicago. My constant companion.

    I love the polish, too. It's a wonderful choice for this time of year.

  13. What a beautiful cat. Moon choose a very special person to live out her life with. So sorry she's gone now. Luna is a beautiful color. Your nails look fantastic. Love that cold white frosty look. Have a Happy New Year sweetie.

  14. Moon was so lovely ! I understand you miss her ...
    The polish is wonderful, I love the frost effect !

  15. your kitty is so gorgeous. I don't like to wear glitter polish, but that one is beautiful

  16. sooo pretty can I raid your nail polish collection and your cat is adorable just by that picture I can tell she had so much character...

  17. Two beautiful souls brought together, Diana and the lovely Moon! Thanks for sharing this.


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