Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pearl, Sea and Sky

Hello ladies,

Walking across town early last evening, I seemed to have ushered in the snowfall. It began as I left my boyfriend's apartment and gathered as I ventured home. Small white flakes glistened in the twilight. I knew when I was warm in my apartment I would do a manicure with Nubar Sky Sparkle.

Despite how lovely a light snowfall can be, I really wanted a more temperate version of the element water to be displayed in my manicure. I stamped the mermaid from plate M34 along with the fish, the seahorse and the dolphin designs from M27. I used Konad special polish in white and accented the underwater fantasy with blue and white pearls. For those in need of a new weather destination, I hope my manicure will transport your senses.

Such a reflective shade of azure! I thought it would be nice to see the underwater motif close up.

Sky Sparkle has effervescent blue glitter in a clear base. I would recommend layering this color over a bright blue cream. I painted four coats, though I think most people would be satisfied with three. The next time I wear Sky Sparkle, I intend to wear two coats over an opaque blue. The reason I suggest layering is the difficulty with building color on the tip of the nail. In photos, I can see some of my nail showing. This isn't a noticeable factor when my nails aren't under magnification.

I am having such a great time with this collection. I love the reflective capacity of the pure glitter. I feel like these shades are so evocative they easily lend themselves to nail art. They are quite striking on their own as well. Are any of you feeling tempted by this collection?

Sky Sparkle was sent to me for review. The Sparkles Collection is now available for purchase at

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. That is beautiful, it makes me wish that it was warm enough to go and swim in the ocean!

  2. love this color !!!!!! nubar :) and this konadicure is coooool !!!!!

  3. This is lovely Diana! I love it! I may have to get this one!!!

  4. I think this is gorgeous and the perfect base color for an ocean mani!

  5. I love this!!! The pearls are a nice addition too. Why doesn't konad make a plate with seashells on it???? I would buy it in a heart beat as I love the ocean:)

  6. Aaaw god, what a beautiful blue ! Those glitters are fabulous. And you had a great idea to use the fish patterns, it suits with the polish at perfection ;)

  7. Wow, this is such an amazing manicure! It reminds of holidays:) Gorgeous

  8. you always have the BEST sun pictures! i'm so jealous :) love these glitters! they look so great on your lovely long talons.

  9. gildedangel: Thank you, sweetie! A warm swim in the ocean would be so very welcome today. <3

    Lily nail: Thank you so much! Nubar is one of my favorite brands. I am loving the colors in this collection. They work so well with the Konad. :)

    beauty Judy: Thanks! Sky Sparkle would be so pretty with your coloring.

    Evil Angel: Thank you! I have been wanting to do an ocean scene with Konad for quite awhile. When I unpacked Sky Sparkle, I knew it was time!

    Millie: Thank you! When a seashell design plate is released from Konad, I will be trying it for certain.

    Ayuu: Thanks so much! The blue reflects so beautifully, I couldn't help but think of the sea and all of its inhabitants.

    KONADomania: Thanks! I am so glad I could conjure up holiday memories. Always nice to think about.

    kelliegonzo: Thank you. That's so sweet. I stalk sunbeams. I tend to like the later day sun, around 3 pm EST at this time of year. I will take pictures anywhere.

  10. Nice! I just got my first konad kit in the mail over the weekend. I'm gonna try it tonight. I can't wait! You are inspiring.

  11. Nikki Warner: Thank you! I found it easier to practice stamping over a single coat of quick dry top coat before trying it on a finished manicure. It took me a little practice to place the stamps. Trying each design before doing a full manicure helped me tremendously as I got started. Konad is such a fun way to dress up a manicure. I am sure you will love it. :)

  12. This is adorable!
    I love the pearls, they really give the illusion of bubbles.

  13. Kirsten: Thank you so much! I'm glad my intent with the pearls came through. <3

  14. Holy crap, this is INSANE! I'm in love :)

  15. What a beautiful blue. Looks like the warm water I'd love to be floating in. Love the maniucre and the pearls. I really need this imagery this morning with all this snow piled up.

  16. Silhouette Screams: I concur! Sky Sparkle is pretty amazing. :)

    Lucy: Thank you! I am so glad the manicure was inspired at an auspicious time. I really love Sky Sparkle. I have a few more polishes from the Nubar Sparkle Collection left to share. I love this collection so much, I don't want it to end. Hopefully, it will continue to point is towards Spring. <3


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