Thursday, January 21, 2010

Star flowers

Hello ladies,

Today I am sharing an eye catching blue glitter polish from the Nubar Sparkles Collection. In sunlight, Night Sparkle reflects royal blue. The color appears an inky velvet blue in low light.

I added the floral pattern with cascading vines from Konad plate M24. The design is simultaneously stellar and floral. If the sky were to be hung with flowers, I would imagine the result to be similar. Konad special polish in silver was utilized for stamping. It almost looks holographic with the glitter beneath amplifying the reflective properties.

I borrowed a ritual knife with a decorative sheath for a prop. I was charmed by how well Night Sparkle coordinated with the sculpted bangs of the medieval woman.

Night Sparkle was easily opaque in two coats. The fine blue glitter suspended in a tinted blue base provided ample coverage. I found the finish to be gritty and matte before applying topcoat. Diamont returned the shine, but I didn't find one coat sufficient to completely even the texture. I would imagine two coats of Diamont would have solved the issue. I will have to experiment. Ladies with shorter nails may not need the additional layer of topcoat. I am icing a big cake.

My manicure is showing three layers of topcoat due to the Konad design. The first is to dry the polish and prepare the nail for stamping. The second application is with Konad princess topcoat to keep the design from smearing and provide a sticky layer to secure rhinestones. The final coat with Diamont seals the manicure.

Night Sparkle was sent to me for review. The Nubar Sparkles Collection will be available for purchase at on January 30th. I will be showing more of these polishes on sunlit days. The forecast conveys I should be able to create another look with one of these beauties for Saturday's post.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. This is gorgeous! I love the shape of your manicure! I need to pick up so many new plates! :D

  2. I love it when I know that you've posted a blue polish! I've said it before but you wear it well Diana! The Konad is perfect for the post title. <3 xx

  3. Oh my! Your prop picture is phenomenal!
    I love the effect of the silver special polish over Night Sparkle!!!

  4. I love this new nubar collection! Thanks for sharing, luv the flowers!

  5. The prop is beautiful and the mani stunning!

  6. WOW! Beautiful and stunning! I cannot wait until this collection comes out!!!

  7. Toxin: Thanks so much! My desire for Konad plates is never ending! It's so much fun to experiment with different designs. <3

    Danielle: Thank you, sweetie! There is one more blue in this collection. I will be wearing it soon. I think I may do Konad stamping over many of these Nubar sparkles. :)

    ainos2: Thank you! I love borrowing little treasures to photograph. I think I am going try gold special polish and some of the China Glaze Khromes for stamping over the remaining colors. We'll see what happens! ;)

    kittyluvscolor: Thank you! This collection is so perfect for you, Kitty! <3

    Evil Angel: Thanks so much! I am so happy the weather was slightly warmer here so I didn't mind the extra time outdoors positioning props. <3

    Polish'd Cindy: Thank you! I hope the forecast blesses us with lots of sun. I am so very excited to do manicures with each of these.

    gildedangel: Thanks! I have lots of plans for the other colors. ;)

  8. Charity: Thanks so much! I can't wait to share the rest of the collection.

  9. Wow! A Jewish-Chinese cermonial dagger! Never saw one of those before! Love the mani, too!

  10. love the mani! i love the flowers too, so pretty!

  11. Love the pretty blue sparkle. Very nice manicure. Love the ritual dagger. Beautiful design.

  12. Anonymous: There was also a Celtic sun on the handle. The artist certainly created a spiritual medley! Glad the manicure was to your fancy as well. :)

    Musicalhouses: Thank you! I love having endless gardens on my nails. <3

    Lucy: Thank you so much! There can never be enough sparkle, can there? ;) I am glad the weather has been a little warmer. That translates to more time outside and more props. <3

  13. Do you know where your friend got the dagger or what type it is?

  14. Anon: The dagger was a prop borrowed from a store called Mystickal Tymes in New Hope, PA. Unfortunately, I don't have any knowledge of the manufacturer or supplier. I took the photos two years ago and I haven't visited the store in awhile to know if the item is still available. I wish you good luck in your search!


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