Thursday, January 28, 2010

Starry Kitty

Hello ladies,

I am wearing another beauty from the Nubar Sparkles Collection. Star Sparkle is a silver glitter polish aglow with holographic reflection.

I decided to experiment with the smaller scale leopard design from Konad plate M24. I alternated positioning the stamp at an angle and keeping the pattern aligned with the side of my nail. The feline print was stamped with black special polish. I added a black stripe and affixed a metallic star. Paired with the leopard, it reminds me a bit of a cat collar. I painted a double line with an Art Club striper to achieve the desired thickness.

It's so nice to have a gargoyle looking out for me on work days.

Star Sparkle was fairly easy to apply. Three coats should suffice. I ended up painting four, but I was concerned with having perfect opacity under magnification. The next time I wear this polish for a full manicure, I will likely layer it over silver. The glitter is suspended in a clear base, which is phenomenal for shine but a little more effort for thorough coverage. I love Star Sparkle too much to worry over minor details. I am simply happy it exists.

I am really impressed with the versatility of the Nubar Sparkles Collection. The shades look striking when worn alone and create fantastic base colors for nail art. These polishes could be used for layering or adding a glitter funky french to a basic manicure.

Star Sparkle was sent to me for review. The Nubar Sparkles Collection will be available at on January 30th. I will be tempting you with more colors before the release date.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. That looks so beautiful, I love the leopard spots!

  2. My nine year old son: WOW, mom these are beautiful nails.. =O
    You know what? He is right! ;)

  3. oooo love! i really REALLY <3 leopard print, and i like the non-symmetrical-ness of these. n_n maybe this is a dumb question but do you just stick the star on with clear topcoat?

  4. Oh wow that glitter looks so dense! I might have to get some of these sparkles.

  5. Well, your pretty pictures are going to cost me some $. I have made up my mind to order the 3 purple Nubar sparkles, but after seeing the gorgeousness of all the colours in Star Sparkle, I NEED it!!!

  6. Oooh! I love the polish. My favorite part of this mani is how you did the banner/star on just the middle and pinky nails. Very cool!

  7. gildedangel: Thanks so much! I was really experimenting with this manicure. I am glad my intent came through. <3

    Thess: How charming your son is! Many thanks to both of you. :)

    pfefi: Thanks! I am so glad all the elements came together to your liking. What I do with Konad manicures is use their special topcoat over the design. I stick whatever sparkly additions I have into the topcoat and seal with a fast dry topcoat, either Nubar Diamont or CND Air Dry.

  8. BabyD: Thank you! I want to do some more looks with animal prints in the future. I am considering doing some freehand designs. <3

    Kirsten: Thanks! From what I have tried of the Sparkles collection, I can certainly recommend them. The glitter is far denser than a traditional glitter topcoat. The glitter builds nicely and the polish has a fairly quick dry time. <3

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  10. This mani looks wonderful Diana!
    The Sparkles Collection is the first, entire Nubar collection I want.

  11. Maestra: Thank you, sweetie!

    L: Thank you so much. <3

    kittyluvscolor: Thanks! A sparkly kitty manicure is perfect for you. <3

    avroys: I still have five more colors to go! The more I wear these beautiful shades, the more I enjoy them. I feel honored to have helped add Star Sparkle to your shopping cart. I'm sure you'll be happy with it. :)

    Liz: Thank you! I actually reversed the design on my right hand. The stripe and star motif is on my pointer and ring fingers. I love playing with asymmetry. <3

    To the person whose post I deleted: Sorry about that. Hidden links make me nervous. I don't want to click to check if I am unsure where it is taking me. Thank you for the nice quote.

    ainos2: Thank you so much! I hope you decide to get this collection. It has so much potential for layering. I know you could do some beautiful designs with these polishes. <3

  12. Love your little friend! Gorgeous manicure. I like how you angled the print. Very pretty. I've been kind of bored with polish lately. I've even left my manicure on for a full week with chips and all. I've barely read any blogs either. I'm so involved with Facebook games that it hasn't left me any time for anything else. Hopefully I'll get back into the nail polish things.

  13. Lucy: Thank you so much! I have so much fun borrowing props from the store. Everyone needs a respite from routine once in awhile. It's always a joy to read your comments. My boss loves those Facebook games! His favorites are the ones with the carnival and the farm. I'm not sure of the names, but I am certain you will know what I am referencing. Go enjoy whatever makes you happy, Lucy. I am always delighted to hear from you whenever you feel like stopping by. <3

  14. Ooh I love your ring as well as your mani what is it a fish or turkey? Sorry can't really tell but looks different and unique.

  15. alabasterlacquer: Thanks! It's an owl. The wings wrap around the side of finger. You can see the owl better in this post:

  16. Great polish, and nice pattern ^^ I agree with you, the stripe with star looks like a cat collar ^^


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