Monday, February 1, 2010


Hello ladies,

On my nails today is Who Are You Wearing? from the Color Club Rebel Debutante collection. It's an usual shade of whitened lavender. Who Are You Wearing? could easily be categorized as work appropriate. It's a couple shades lighter than a typical pastel lavender and has far more visual interest than a basic white. This polish is a good representation of the theme of the collection. Who Are You Wearing? falls into the neutral range, but it has a little edge.

Inspired by the name, I decided to do some Konad stamping. I chose the high heeled shoe and the belt from M9, the purse from M16 and the girl from M71. I used gold black princess polish to stamp the images with a bit of shimmer. Originally, I planned to add some rhinestones to this look. Once I finished stamping, I was so reminded of old fashioned silhouettes and vintage advertising, I didn't think it needed further adornment.

Who Are You Wearing? applied well for a pastel creme. I didn't need to use a ridge filling base coat the way I normally would with a light color. I applied three coats for near perfect opacity. Pale creams can be tricky to apply, but Color Club's formula certainly made the process easier.

I am having some trouble with the Konad princess topcoat. I had bubbling only in the clear topcoat. Who Are You Wearing? applied smoothly and without issues. I am going to be trying every topcoat in my collection to see if there is a suitable alternative for use with Konad. I will certainly let you ladies know my findings.

Who Are You Wearing? was sent to me for review. The Color Club Rebel Debutante Collection will be available soon from Victoria Nail Supply. I will update you when I have an exact release date. Please check out the Be A Rebel Debutante Contest for a chance to win this collection.

Happy painting, ladies.


  1. I love the classic style stamps on this!

  2. Evil Angel: Thanks so much! I have been eyeing those designs for awhile and this polish seemed to call to them. <3

    gildedangel: Thank you! I could totally see you wearing this look. :)

  3. I love this mani, so girly, your nails and designs get even more amazing everytime i visit your blog!

  4. hi diana i love your mani,great konadicure! so sexy.. =)
    pls vote for me..
    no. 11 maespiritu
    thank you..

  5. Skye: Thank you, sweetie! It's so nice to see you back and commenting. There is a blue polish in this collection called Gossip Column that you will love. I have a special manicure planned for it later this week. <3

    ART OF NAIL: Thank you! You are the second person today who found this look sexy. I got the same comment when I went out for coffee. I appreciate it. I stopped by parokeets earlier today and voted. I thought your design was wonderful from the moment I saw it on your blog. Best of luck to you. :)

  6. If someone could make a nude pastel creme appealing to me this had to be you Diana! Once again you have come up with a lovely mani :)
    I have to remember to enter your contest ^_^

  7. Lucy: Thank you so much! <3

    chocaddict: Thanks! I had fun putting this look together. Wait until you see what I do with the other nude pastel cremes! Perhaps I can tempt you again. ;)

  8. wow.. so girly.. love it.. thanks for ur comment on my page...i wrote an email to u last month.. and im not sure if u receive it or my email went to ur spam box.. anyways...take care

  9. Adorable with those stamps. I love the purse stamp!

  10. This is so gosh darn cute! I love it, the stamps are perfect.

  11. I love this color ! And what a cute idea for a mani - you've done a great job :-)))

  12. thriszha: Thank you, sweetie! I had a great time with this look. I was thinking about shopping. I always love stopping by your blog and seeing your designs. Your e-mail may have been lost while I was having computer problems. So sorry about that! I certainly would have responded to you if I had received it. <3

    Kirsten: Thank you! I loved that little purse too. So retro!

    Jessica: Thanks so much! I ended up doing a little bow on my thumb nail. Were it not so cold, I would have taken pictures of that too.

    Tuli: Thanks! I was so intrigued by Who Are You Wearing?, I had to try it first. :)

  13. I love this idea and it totally reminded me of vintage-ness like that vintage chanel pink enamel type look (if that makes any sense :(), I think I will try this soon since I have those Konads as well yay!

  14. Alabaster Lacquer: Thank you! I know exactly what you mean about the Chanel pink. <3 Feel free to give the look a try. Please link back to this post when you do. I would love to see your take on it. :)

  15. I can see this look from an old catalog. I didn't think I'd like this shade. I saw it on Niki's nails and it looked whiter. Looks a little better but I think I may have other shades somewhat like it. Love this manicure. I adore all your manicures as I do you.

  16. Lucy: Thank you! Who Are You Wearing? was a surprise for me too. I wonder if looks whiter with Nikki's skin tone. If you think of the Carolyn New York shade, Blue Skies over the City, this would be the lavender version. You always leave the sweetest comments and I do appreciate them, and you, very much. <3


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