Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apothecary: Sephora by OPI nail colour remover

Hello ladies,

I am sharing another product from my apothecary: Sephora by OPI nail colour remover.

I posed the bottle by the friendly resident goat in Rittenhouse Square to highlight the effectiveness on all manner of hoof and claw.

Sephora by OPI produces my favorite acetone based polish remover. It loosens glitter and removes traces of darker colors with little effort. For maintaining nail length, a high quality polish remover is a key component. Damage can easily be caused by scrubbing polish during removal. Any subtle twisting of the nail from side to side can produce small cracks that eventually lead to breakage. SOPI remover is strong enough to dissolve difficult to remove polish with minimal friction.

I prefer using this remover to 100% acetone. Pure acetone will certainly dissolve polish but it also requires a second application to facilitate clean removal. A quality acetone based remover will help wipe away the polish without redepositing color on the nail.

Grape seed oil, vitamin E, sea kelp and aloe vera are secondary ingredients that help combat the drying effects of acetone. There is no white residue left after using the SOPI remover. The skin around my nails feels smooth after the polish has been dissolved.

The fragrance is also to be praised. Overlaying the smell of all necessary chemicals is a floral scent with a hint of citrus. While I wouldn't confuse this product with perfume, I can certainly attest it is one of the most pleasant smelling polish removers on the market.

The only issue I have with this product is the retail price: $9 for a four ounce bottle, $5 for a two ounce travel size. With the amount of polish remover I use, I think of the SOPI remover as an occasional luxury. I purchase a bottle every few months in between buying salon sizes of OPI removers. Were the SOPI remover available as a bulk item, it would be my standard polish remover.

You can find SOPI nail color remover at and in Sephora stores at the base of the Sephora by OPI display.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Great review, Diana. I will definitely give this a try!

  2. What other nail polish remover do you use when not indulging? My nails are long..or well were long up until a few weeks ago! I can't figure out why my nails are suddenly splitting and peeling off and getting awful ridges up and down the nail. It might be because I change my polish more frequently nowadays...? I would try this out but yea, this is a little pricey!

  3. I wonder if this is the same formula as the Expert Touch! Sounds like the same fragrance and the color is the same - and I love the formula!

  4. Jacie: Thanks! I'm sure you'll love it! <3

    Paisley Lys: I'm sorry your nails are giving you trouble! Keep an eye on your protein intake. Having protein from various sources is the best way to promote growth. Check out my "apothecary" label to see the run of products I use. I haven't reviewed it yet, but I also use OPI polish remover. I've tried the green formula with aloe vera. It's available at My favorite non-acetone remover is Zoya Remove+.

    Nicole: I'll have to try OPI Expert Touch and compare them! I find such a difference in the OPI polishes vs. SOPI. Now I wonder about the remover. I use the OPI polish remover with aloe vera and I would recommend it, but the SOPI remover is stronger.

  5. I love Zoya Remove! I used my bottle up and went to the website to buy an even larger bottle. Oh no, to expensive. I does remove the polish well and leaves nails feeling moisturized. Back to the cheaper brands.

  6. Lucy: transdesign has some good pricing on bulk size OPI removers. OPI's standard remover (green in color) is nearly as effective as Zoya Remove + and is also gentle. The Sephora by OPI remover is fabulous but does have the boutique price point.


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