Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bite and scratch

Hello ladies,

From the Nubar Risque Reds Collection, I bring you Lustful Red. It's a high gloss red creme that's a shade deeper than a pin up model's lips and nails. Lustful Red has a touch more bite and scratch.

Still resting up today, I decided to try a variant on a chevron French. I used ManGlaze Matte is Murder for the black and Hot Mess glitter topcoat for the curve of silver. Teardrop crystals sparkle just below the overlapping matte polishes.

Nubar Lustful Red was the inspiration for this look. I wanted to create a sultry manicure that is inclusive of classic ideas of beauty but has a modern, urban feel. I started with two coats of Lustful Red. The formula is exquisite. It was almost opaque in one coat and easy to apply.

Next, I positioned the rhinestones into the wet polish and sealed them with quick dry topcoat. Painting the chevron was a little messy. To attain a fluid stroke, I placed the brush partly on the nail and partly on my skin. Starting with Matte is Murder, I brought the stroke upwards alongside the crystal. You'll want the brush to give the crystal a little kiss during the swipe. The teardrops have the added benefit of helping to guide your brushstrokes.

Try not to work with too much polish on the brush. The first stroke is to create the line. You can fill in afterwards. It's good to have a size zero sable brush from the art supply or craft store on hand if you need to touch up a small portion, especially with the glitter. Hot Mess has good coverage for a top coat. It would be easy to completely hide the red underneath while trying to perfect the concentration of glitter. Adding the silver is the last step since the look is meant to be part matte and part glossy.

I was really pleased with how easy Matte is Murder and Hot Mess were to work with. ManGlaze knows how to formulate the perfect matte polish. Matte is Murder levels nicely and there is a hint of sparkle below the surface. It reminds me of blackened metal. Who would have thought such incredible polish could have originated under the muse of a GWAR concert and a thorough steeping in alcohol? OPI should take a lesson from ManGlaze.

Lustful Red is part of the Nubar Risque Reds Collection. This polish was sent to me for review. Risque Reds is set for release on March 1st. The collection will be available for purchase at bynubar.com.

ManGlaze Hot Mess and Matte is Murder were offered to me for review. They can be purchased at manglaze.com. For a chance to win Hot Mess glitter topcoat, Matte is Murder black matte polish and Matte-Astrophe topcoat, please visit the contest post to enter.

What do you think, ladies? Is this look something you would like to try?

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Oh Wow! That is Awesome!
    It also looks hard to do!

  2. The Nubar Lustful Red is worthy of any red carpet! Sigh... Stunning mani, black, red and diamonties are simply glorious together. Beautiful Diana xxx

  3. This is an awesome mani; it's not often that we see your "darker" side!

  4. Seeing Sunshine: Thanks so much! I love adding sparkle whenever I can.

    Wizards Of Bling: Thanks, Sylvia! If you can freehand paint a basic french, you could do this manicure pretty easily. This is the first time I tried the technique. I'm pretty happy with it overall and I want to try it again with a different color palette. <3

    Danielle: Thanks so much! There are seven more reds in this collection! So far, I am really impressed with the other colors in the bottles and this one is a delight to wear. This would be a great look for you and the other divas. xoxo!

    gildedangel: Thanks! I should do Nails from the Dark Side series. :)

  5. This might be my favorite mani you've ever done! =) It's beautiful!

  6. That's a really sexy manicure! I love the design. That Nubar collection of reds are gorgeous. I know I have all of the same shades. Still they're hard to resist. Beautiful reds. I've never used ManGlaze polishes. I've seen plenty of swatches. Hopefully I'll win your giveaway. Otherwise I'll have to try them myself.

  7. wow!! i heart red polish!! this mani is so amazing.. i would definitely try this design on my nails...xoxo!! sweety!!

  8. That looks like "drama" =D


  9. very pretty,im so going to try this

  10. *mouth hangs open* I love this!!!

    I entered your giveaway (I gave up new-buy for Lent)....hoping they come my way!! If not, I only have 33 more days to wait!


  11. WOW!! This one is drop dead gorgeous!! Love it. It reminds me of stilettos. And that is such a great classic red.

  12. This looks awesome! I love the teardrop crystals.

  13. Wow! I agree with Lucy, this is drop dead sexy. I mean it, I seriously love it, you have the perfect nails for this. I also think you chose the perfect colors to complement each other.

  14. I love that the red is just a tiny bit deeper than what I'm used to seeing.

    And well, I love ManGlaze. The guys behind the brand are just awesome.

  15. A very dangerous mani. Very very sexy. Lustful Red would be awesome for a half moon mani. How are you going to top this one, Diana? ;)


  16. How fabulous! These are really quite sultry, love it!

  17. Really love this! I have a quick question.

    How do you grow your nails to be that long & keep it from breaking/splitting/cracking?

    My nails don't grow past a certain point because they aren't strong enough & they tend to break.

    I would love to hear your tips.

    Thanks so much.


  18. SAUCY/Nicole: Thank you! Check out my FAQ. I posted a bit about diet and products. I haven't done a post about filing yet, but that's a big component. Splitting and peeling can be caused by filing. Use either a glass file or a standard file with 180 grit or higher. These are clearly marked at beauty supply stores. After you file, use the smooth side of a buffer and go over the free edge in one direction. That will seal the nail and prevent peeling. I hope that helps.


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