Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hello ladies,

On a walk last night, I encountered the beginnings of the snowfall. I stayed up very late with the storm and awoke to the sight of a white city outside my window. I was thinking about other civilizations and what it would be like for a person of another time period to gaze outside. What colors would greet their eyes?

Charity Ball from Color Club's Rebel Debutante collection reminds me of red clay. It's darker than terra cotta pottery. I would classify the shade as a red brown. Considering the color took me on an inspired journey to ancient Egypt. I used Migi nail art pens to draw a serpent, the eye of Horus, a winged scarab beetle, an ankh and the horns of Isis. I added blue rhinestones to the eye and the ankh.

Charity Ball was opaque for me in three coats. I'm finding the creme formula requires a third coat on my long nails. I believe the majority of the Rebel Debutante polishes would be two coaters for most ladies. The formula of this collection has been consistent of Color Club's expected salon quality. I noticed adding the third coat makes Charity Ball lean more towards brown. I prefer the look of the color with three coats. If you have any red or auburn shading to your hair, Charity Ball would likely complement your look.

Charity Ball and other shades from the Rebel Debutante Collection are available for purchase at My bottle was sent to me for review. For a chance to win all nine polishes, please visit the Be A Rebel Debutante contest post.

I used Migi nail art pens from the shimmer Gold Kit: purple, aqua, glitter navy, white, green and gold. These pens were sent to me for review. They are available at You can click on the Migi label to read more about the product. I have reviewed each of these pens in the past and now I am having a bit of fun with them.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. You did an absolutely incredible job!!!

  2. That is so beautiful, I have always been hugely interested in Ancient Egyptian culture and mythology!

  3. Wow, amazing, I agree with gildedangel I'm also interested in ancient egyptian culture, I want to see the pyramid of giza. And migi nail art pen is so nice... most nail polish are not available here in the philippines, like nubar, essie, opi, chg, etc..some of which are available but very expensive..

  4. Oh wow, Diana- You captured Egypt really well with this mani!

    Back in the 70's, I was fortunate to get to see the gold mask in the Tut exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY!

  5. The base colour looks like chocolate *__* /drools

  6. Oh, what beautiful nail art! I (like a few others, apparently) used to adore all things Ancient Egypt, and this really brings me back to that. It's nice to see how chocolaty-red/brown Charity Ball is. You did such an amazing job free-handing the art as well.

  7. All I can say is...OH WOW. I am in love!

  8. Beautiful manicure. I've always loved Egyptian imagery. I think many of us wanted to be Egypytologists growing up. I know I used to read about Egypt as a teenager. I still love to watch anything about the country.

  9. very pretty mani, ur very talented with those migi pens

  10. April and Ashley: Thank you so much! I had a great time putting this look together. <3

    gildedangel: Thank you! Egyptian mythology is such a fascinating topic of study.

    ART OF NAIL: Thanks! I may do another Egyptian manicure in the future. There are some amazing US brands. I've learned so much about brands around the world from polish blogs. I have to say that I would love to visit Japan for cherry blossoms and nail polish! I can think of sites to see and brands to seek out in most major countries. <3

    ainos2: Thanks so much! The Egyptian manicure you did with stamping was quite beautiful. I am glad you like my take on the theme.

    How magnificent it must have been to witness such an artifact. I have heard the 1970s Tut exhibit was the most exquisite.

    Silhouette Screams: Three coats of Charity Ball will make a candy bar. <3

    Cyan: Thank you! I love the color of Charity Ball after three coats. It reminds me of mexican chocolate with a little cayenne pepper mixed in. I was planning the Egyptian manicure as soon as I saw the color. I thought it would be a pretty base for the lapis shades of blue and brighter metallics.

    artbysarada: Thanks! I am so glad there are many more wonderful Egyptian images to inspire nail art. I will certainly revisit the theme.

    Lucy: Thank you! I can't imagine what it would be like to excavate such treasures. It's amazing to think of all of those artifacts in everyday use by ancient royalty.

    Skye: Thank you! I love trying different techniques. <3

  11. Stunning mani! You are becoming a master with the Migi nail art pens! Gorgeous work! The Egyptian theme was very interesting, love it.

  12. Danielle: Thanks so much! It might amuse you to know I ran off with the Egyptian jewelry tray at work and did a bunch of sketches for this manicure. <3


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