Monday, February 22, 2010

For the love of ManGlaze giveaway!

Hello ladies,

Welcome! Please join me in the For the Love of ManGlaze Giveaway. I have been planning this treat for you for a few weeks. The very sweet and undeniably masculine Marc from ManGlaze is partnering with painted Lady fingers for this giveaway. I can't deny that ManGlaze and painted Lady fingers go well together.

Here are the prizes:
Three awesome bottles and some swag.

Hot Mess: An in your face, silver glitter topcoat. It adds the glitter and removes the shine.
Matte is Murder: Matte black polish done up like only ManGlaze can.
Matte-astrophe: A topcoat that nullifies any shine. A perfect topping for a matte finish.
Swag: A Manglaze sticker and business card.

Click to enlarge the photos to view the distinctive bottle art.

Hot Mess matte, glitter top coat and a ManGlaze sticker.
Matte-astrophe and an artistic ManGlaze business card.

Matte is Murder black polish.

Please note: I have a separate prize package that I will ship to the winner. The bottles in these photos are from my review set. The winner will receive new, unopened bottles. The Matte is Murder prize bottle has the same contents but different art than pictured. The bottle label is yellow with a picture of a long arm and a fist. I didn't want to risk posing the winner's bottle above a snow drift!

You can learn more about these products by visiting Many thanks to Marc for working with painted Lady fingers to bring ManGlaze to the winner!

The For The Love of ManGlaze Giveaway is open internationally for followers and e-mail subscribers. The contest runs through the end of the day March 8th. To keep this simple, I am willing to count the date as the last available time zone worldwide. As long as it is March 8th somewhere on the planet, you may still enter.

Here's how to enter:
1) Become a follower or e-mail subscriber of painted Lady fingers. If you are currently a follower or subscriber, that certainly counts! Please let me know in the comments which option you choose for keeping up with painted Lady fingers. 1 entry.

Optional extra entries:
2) What is your favorite polish or type of polish to wear matte? What do you think of the matte trend? 1 entry.

3) Blog about the contest. I had some questions about this last time. I will definitely count your entry if your blog is not written in English. I am honored if you choose to tell people in your home country about my blog and the contest. I will also count your entry if your blog is just getting started and has a small number of followers. These extra entries are meant to be inclusive and fun. :) Please provide a link. 2 entries.

4) Tweet about the contest. Only once, please. Please provide a link. 1 entry.

5) Have painted Lady fingers on your blogroll or add painted Lady fingers. Please provide a link if I haven't already commented on your blog. Otherwise please remind me. If you have a nail polish blog and you would like to be on my blogroll, please let me know. 1 entry.

You are welcome to put all your entries in one comment or return to the contest post with comments for each entry. Either way works for me. Your entries don't have to be sequential. Enter in any way you like whenever you like before the end of the day March 8th. For the ease of your contest host, please include your e-mail with your entry. To qualify, I need to have your e-mail included with one of your entries. Thank you, ladies! I hope you enjoy the prize offering this round. I love doing contests for you whenever I can! I am so excited to be nearing 600 followers. I appreciate each of you.


  1. Hello there! Please add me to this awesome giveaway. I am currently a follower, and you are definitely on my blogroll. You can check it out yourself at Also, if you don't mind please add me to your blogroll. =] I would greatly appreciate it.

    As for my favorite type of polish to try matte, are polishes with fine glitter, I am seeing how mattefying, this type of polish really brings out the glitter. As for the matte trend, it's starting to get old in my opinion, but who knows maybe 6 months down the line it will be brought back.=]

    Thanks again!

  2. I'm a follower, enter me please!

  3. Yay! I've been dying to try out Man Glaze, what a great giveaway!

    1) I'm a follower
    2) I have been avoiding the matte trend because ages a go I tried a matte grey (I remember it baing Maybelline's) and it looked cruddy. Now I might change my mind. I'd like to try out polishes with multicolour glitter as mattes.
    5) I have you on my blogroll (

    My e-mail: adventurous(dot)purplekoala(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. I am a follower, and you are on my blogroll.

    I only have 1 matte polish, an old Maybelline, but I love the way some glitters and flakies look with the matte topcoat!

  5. Oooh, I've been wanting to try those forever!! Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

    I'm a follower on GFC, under kate.barrington(a)

    My favorite polishes to wear matte are dark shimmers; they look like velvet when mattified.

  6. Ooh I would love to win this!

    I'm a follower

    You're on my blogroll

  7. Hi! I am a follower!

    My favorite polishes matte are flakies!! Especially Nfu-Oh #45. Best thing ever. I LOVE MATTE!

    I tweeted:

    and you are on my blogroll!

  8. Hmm, something went wrong with posting my comment I guess, it's not showing? :\ I'll try again :P

    I am a follower and I posted about this giveaway in my left sidebar ('current giveaways'). You're also in the Worth Watching section, my kind of a blogroll. You can find it here:

    I've tweeted about you here:

    I love OPI's La Paz matte, such a vibrant and pretty colour! And I love my matte topcoat - makes the prettiest polishes even prettier. Especially Nfu.Oh #51 and Ruby Pumps! <3

    Great giveaway and hooray! Almost 600 followers. :)

  9. And whoops, my email:


  10. 1) I’m a follower of your blog :)
    2) I love The Blue Suede Orly Nail Polish, I also like the matte trend! Painting your nails like that is a nice change, personally I think it looks very classy and mature.
    3) I blogged about your giveaway here:


  11. I'm a follower, and I like glitters with matte top coats. Although, I think the trend will eventually fade.

  12. I'm a follower through Blogger!

    I like the matte nail trend, but am finding that I rather prefer the Suede polishes from OPI.

    You're on my blogroll at

    Thanks again for the contest!

  13. I've been craving these soooo bad!

    and I think matt nail polish is the best things that has happened to polishes ha ha my favorite right now is harlow by zoya

  14. I am a blog follower. I am new to the matte polish thing so it is taking some getting used to for me. But black I think looks amazing matte. I blogged about your giveaway
    I tweeted about the giveaway
    You are on my blogroll

  15. I'm a follower! I am adding you to my giveaway post and you ou are on my blogroll.

    here's my link:

    tiffani1 (at) hughes [dot] net

  16. I forgot - my favorite matte is over a really chunky, hex-y glitter (ala Claire's)
    I think the matte craze rocks!


  17. Hi, I am a follower and I would like to enter the contest. You are also on my blogroll here


  18. 1) I'm a follower
    and 2) I really like matte finish, but it seems to be very difficult to find here where I live matte polishes, so I think I'll try with the e-commerce ;)


  19. +1 I am a follower

    +1 blogroll:

    +1 I have never worn matte polish before but I have seen some pics of it and I think it looks pretty cool.

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

    I tweeted this one and I'm a follower
    My favorite thing to matteify is Nfu Oh flakies. They look so cool matte

  21. hi! i'm a follower of Painted Lady Fingers via Google Friend Connect.

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

    and I tweeted about it:

    thanks for having this giveaway :)

    tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail [dott] com

  22. omg I got so excited when I saw ManGlaze. Never tried them before, but I've been lemming them for ages.


    1) I am a follower, my email is st(dot)fx(at)hotmail(dot)com

    2) My favourite types of polishes to wear matte are pastel colours. I do like the matte trend, but I definitely prefer shine with most polishes, such as glitters. I've never seen a nice matted glitter to be honest.

    3) Tweeted: hope you don't mind the dirty-ness. The name just asks for it!

  23. 1/ I'm a follower
    2/ My current favorite for the matte trend is over an Nfu0h flaky!
    3/ I have you on my blogroll (

    email: lunatikitty[at]gmail[dot]com

  24. Hey Diana

    I'm a follower via blogspot (Google Friend Connect) anyway, you should be able to find me among your public followers.

    blog.jellynat - gmail dot com

  25. Hello! Nice giveaway!
    -I'm already your follower via Google frnd.cnn.
    -I never had a matte topcoat(can't find them in my country-nor the ManGlaze polishes and many more-) but it think I would like Nfu Oh 40 on black polish from what I saw on some blogs :)
    -I blogged about your giveaway here and
    -you are on my blogroll
    Thnx :)


  26. Mandatory:
    1) I'm a follower. :D

    Optional extra entries:
    2) I'm not a fan of matte creams, whatever the next step up is. Shimmer , I think? I feel mattifying a shimmer adds a LOT of depth which looks quite nice and a little frosted. (:

  27. I am a follower.

    My favorite matte nail polishes are shimmers, most of the time cremes just look too stark, like house paint or something. Most of the time I just use a matte top coat (ChG Matte Magic) but I have a few actual matte polishes. I found some of the old Maybelline mattes at my Dollar Tree recently and I was super excited.

    Thank you for having this contest!

  28. HIya, im a follower over at google follower :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  29. 1- I'm a follower (

    2- I have no Idea...I own only OPI envy, so that is it! The really matte one's I don't really like, but to be able to play with matte in Nail art? I would love it!



    Great give away! <3

  30. follower peripatetic33
    peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
    i love me some green nail polish so far my favorite matte is zoya verushka it might be interesting to matte some spring green frosts or neons

  31. I'm a follower! Awesome contest. I've always wanted some of these.

  32. I'm way excited about this, I've been yearning for some ManGlaze forever. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    1) I'm a follower. :-)
    2) I'm prefer matte polish to be very dark, black or gunmetal. Lighter colours don't look too nice in my opinion.
    3) I added this post to my giveaway page:
    4) Here's my tweet:
    5) And lastly, you're on the blogroll in the right sidebar.

  33. *is a dope* cucumpear[at]gmail[dot]com
    I should know better.

  34. barelytogether at yahoo dot com

    1. I follow on google
    2. I LOVE matte polish and get a great result if I use a bonder underneath and let it dry for 10 minutes before doing the matte polish
    3. Tweeted! SashaSaysBlog

  35. Hi there! My email is

    1) I am a follower (love this blog)

    2) I love wearing matte polish in pretty much any color so obviously I adore the matte trend.

  36. I just subscribed via email & confirmed my subscription.

  37. Very cool!!! and I agree - Painted Lady Fingers and ManGlaze go perfectly together!!

    1. I am a follower :)
    My email is
    2. My favorite type of polish to wear matte is Zoya because I only own Zoya mattes, BUT I do have a matte topcoat that makes everything amazingly matte. I am especially fond of matte glitters - I think they look incredible!
    3. I will be blogging about your giveaway very soon (on Wednesday!! with a picture!)
    5. You're on my blogroll!!

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!!

  38. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

    I'm following you on blogger

    I love any purple shimmer in matte, they are just gorgeous without losing the depth! I think matte nails are chic, love them.

    I blogged

    and you are already on my blogroll

    I tweeted

    my email is

  39. 1) I am a follower of your blog!

    2) My favorite type of polish to wear matte are grays/silvers. I love the "industrial" look! Frosts and metallics are so not my style.

    Thank you! bobanerd [at] yahoo [dot] com

  40. I'm a follower.

    I love making glitter polishes matte! They look amazing that way!!

  41. I follow as lovemy3girls via blogger, you are on my blog roll.

    I have Zoya Posh Matte and I love it. I have not tried a matte top coat on a shiny polish yet but I did buy a mini China Glaze Matte topcoat to try it out : )

  42. I am a follower through blogger.

  43. I love the matte trend but I don't think it is for me. If I have to pick, then I usually pick a dark color to go matte.

  44. I blogged about the giveaway here

  45. tweet

  46. I am a follower of your blog via blogspot!

  47. Hi!

    I´m a follower,

  48. i'm following and i LOVE matte nail polish!

    daisypack at hotmail dot com

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. Oh my goodness! ManGlaze! ManGlaze giveaway! Thankyou thankyou thankyou, soooo much!

    I'm a follower.

    Hmm...the matte trend. I have to say that the best thing about nail polish (in my opinion) is that it dries so quickly. I love layering over matte polish. My favorite one to layer ontop of is OPI Russian Navy Matte.

    You're on my blogroll:
    (And I would really appreciate it if you would like to take a minute to look at my blog too and possibly add it to your blogroll, thanks!)

    Thanks again for this lovely giveaway!

  51. Hey

    I am follower :)
    I like the matte one :D

    Posted about your conest in my blog!
    And I forgot to put my email address in my comment above! *points up at previous comment*

  53. Wow, amazing prizes!!

    I'm a follower through Google.

    I love wearing super glitters or shimmers matte. It makes the sparkles look frozen!

    I blogged about your contest on my fledgling polish blog and you are also on my blog roll.
    Blog entry:

    I would love it if you would add me to your blog roll. I love having you on mine :)

    Here is my email:

    Phew, I think that's it!

  54. What a great giveaway! I follow via e-mail. My addy is asweetp2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  55. I just reently fell in love with matte polishes. The first time I put on matte polish, I wasn't sure I liked it because it was so different from what I'm used to. The finish grew on me, it complemented my fingers in a suprising way. Now I can't get enough!

    My new favorite is the "suede" finish which is matte with shimmer. I would love to have a matte topcoat for my shimmery nailpolishes!


  56. My favourite type of polish are currently pastels. But I have been DYING to try manglaze after seeing everyone swatches. It`s killing me that I can`t afford them. I think the matte trend is iffy, some people can pull it off, and some polishes dont suit it.

    abbylandd @ im a follower =]

  57. hi!
    i'm a follower through google.

    my favorite type of polish to wear is probably holo, even though it chips so fast...

    my favorite matte trend is konads matte. i LOVE the look.

    my email is heyhey love 87 @gmail .com

  58. 600 followers is an enviable milestone!Congrats!

    I am a follower through Google. Please enter me.;-)

    My favorite matte polish,right now, is Over the Taupe by OPI.

    I have blogged:

    and tweeted your giveaway

    and also added you to my blogroll

    My email address is

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  59. Hi, I'm a follower!
    Email: canusletum (at) gmail (dot) com

    As to your question: I prefer to mattify something shimmery or foily or glittery, I feel that it's more interesting than a matte creme.
    In fact, ruby pumps matte is my favorite :)


  60. Please enter me! This is just AWESOME AWESOME AWESOMEEEEE!

    1. I'm a follower!
    2. I've tried LA Girls Matte Blue Twilight and, although I really love the dark navy blue colour, it doesn't seem to really be...MATTE MATTE? More like a satiny/velvet finish :)
    3. My email address is:

    Thank you!

  61. Hi, I'm a follower on blogger.
    My email is flavietta.g [at] gmail [dot] com.

    I love to mattify chunky glitters like China Glaze Fortune Teller or to put exagonal glitter on black nail polish and then mattify it all.

    I tweeted about the giveaway here

  62. I'm a follower via Google Friend Connect.

    I personally haven't tried matte polish and this is an awesome giveaway since ManGlaze is the first company I've heard of to release a matte polish! Based on the numerous posts I've seen on mattes, I kinda like the flaky polishes like the ones from Nfu-Oh when they are matte.

    I have you on my blogroll:

    I tweeted:

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  63. Great Giveaway!
    I'm an email subscriber & started following your site :)
    Thanks! xo

  64. I follow your blog via Google Friend Connect/blogger :)

    I only own one matte polish (but I am SO DOWN with the trend :D) and it's actually Man Glaze's original matte black, The Death Tar! I adore the look of matte glitters though, I never thought it could be done!

    I've added your giveaway to my blog sidebar, not sure if that counts as blogging about it?

    And you're on my blogroll :)

  65. Whoops, that's (how could I get my own url wrong :|) LOL

  66. Hi,

    I am a follower already shaim

    I love use red and black sparkle nail polish
    Its nice to try but i love the shiny sparkle nail polish

    Blog about it here

    tweet about it here

    thanks for the chance

  67. Great giveaway.

    I'm a follower.

    I think the matte trend is cool. I like the Khromes from China Glaze matte....they are totally diffrent when they are matte. I also like glitter nailpolish matte. After a couple of day's I sometimes make my nails matte just the see how that nailart/polish looks.

  68. Aww, those Manglaze stuff are so cool ! But I never tried them ... Please let me enter ^^

    My email is ayuumi(at)hotmail(dot)fr

    1) I'm a follower, as Ayuu via Google Friend Connect

    2) As i'm a nearly new polish addict, I haven't tried a lot of matte polish. I have Matte About You top coat which is great, and an OPI Suede. I love mattifying polishes with tons of glitters ^^

    3) I added a link in my sidebar and will blog about the contest tomorrow ^^ (

    4) I tweeted:

    5) You're already in my blogroll. I also would be honored to be in yours !

    Thank you !

  69. Oh matte is fabulous but I only tried Orly blue suede up until now and I don't like it very much.. I wish I could've get my hands on something else. These look amazing!

    I'm a follower already and I also blogged about you here:
    and tweeted here:

    my email is michalkessel at gmail dot com.
    Good luck!

  70. follower of painted Lady fingers

  71. I like dark shimmers matte

  72. I am a follower!

    I really like the matte-nailpolish trend, but i like the shiny nailpolishes better though. I love black matte nailpolish witch any kind of details on it.

  73. Please enter me in your giveaway. I'm a Follower of your blog. My favorite way to use a matte topcoat is on a glitter. I love how different the polish looks. Thank you. I don't own any of this brand. Would be nice to win these.

  74. Hiya! I follow through google friend connect. I love your blog and you've been on my blogroll a while now. I've also just set up a competitions section on my side bar and added a link to this giveaway there at If you could add me to your blogroll that would be great, thank you, as it's still a fairly new blog.

    I love the look of matte polish, particularly glitters and flakies, it makes it look like glowing embers! Unfortunately I've not tried mattifying anything yet myself, as I can't get hold of anything at all in the UK! My Sally's doesn't have anything and neither does the other beauty supply store I got to! We're very behind with the times here, there's only 1 holo (GOSH) that you can buy here too!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    ~Carly x

  75. Hi, great giveaway !!
    I am already a follower (Saori) and e-mail subscriber :
    I love OPI suede collection, a matte collection.
    You are already on my blogroll too.

  76. I'm a follower (Kalli Melia)! I love mattes, I usually use a matte top coat on anything I layer with silver glitter, it reminds me of stars.
    kmelia13 at gmail dot com
    Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  77. I'd like to enter and I'm a follower with the google thingy: dutchnailblog at gmail dot com

    I love matte flakies! So interesting to look at.

    I also posted about the giveaway in my sidebar

    And you are on my blogroll here:

  78. Hey, great giveaway!
    I follow with Blogger.
    You're on my blogroll.
    Matte flakies are so amazing! I love the matte trend, and have stocked up on several matte polishes and topcoats.

  79. I love to follow you by e mail

  80. 1. I am a follower, through my Google Reader.
    2. I like the matte look. I have only tried different OPI matte polishes (I like the Suede Collection) but I have ManGlaze bookmarked so I can try it out. I love the manly bottles!
    3. I blogged
    4. I tweeted

    I hope to win! :)
    abrandnewhistory at hotmail dot com

  81. 1 I'm a follower and a subscriber
    2 I would really like to wear every kind of polish matte, I'd love to have a matte top coat to try it with all my polishes


  82. I'm a follower! My favorite polish to matte is Nfu-Oh #51..the flakies look so good when they are matted.

    I don't have any mangalze products, they look great!

  83. I'm a google follower under and LOVE LOVE matte with opi Merry Midnight! flakies just looke awesome with a bit of matte!

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. I like some of the matte finishes from China Glaze and I like the trend of the matte finish.cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

  86. Nice giveaway! I'm a follower.

  87. Hmm well personally I only like to wear dark colours matt. I don't know, it just seems a little odd to wear say, light yellow matt.

    (An exception: I like to wear white matt. It makes me think that I'm wearing white-out... Like those good ol' days of highschool boredom. xD)

    Oh btw I'm a subscriber and my email's chichi.cherry33 at gmail dot com. =D

  88. Hi! I'd love to enter this contest!

    1. I am a follower through Blogger!

    2. I love to wear glittery polishes mattified - I love the appearance of texture!

    3. You're on our blogroll @ PolishorPerish:!

    4. I also tweeted: Painted Lady Fingers is having a contest. Lookie!
    (I'm @aclockstopped on Twitter but my tweets are privatized, so I'm not sure if this will qualify for the contest).


  89. Hi,
    I'm a google follower under "Teresa". :)
    For my second entry, I love glitters mattified - they wear so well they last long enough to put a matte top coat on, and there's just something neat about a matte glitter. :)
    Thank you!!!
    indieamazonprincess at yahoo dot com (my google account uses the same prefix with gmail but I check yahoo more often)

  90. I follow with Google Reader! :)

    I also loooove dark polishes with glitter in it to matte-ify! It just gives it a wonderful amount of depth.

    Thanks so much!

  91. Hello there! Count me in: I'm a follower and have you on my blogroll at

    Have a nice day!

  92. 1.) Following with the ID RZ LI (but I prefer to keeping up via RSS)
    2.) My fav polish is Matte About you, one bottle transform all!
    5) My email is rzrz{at}ymail{dot}com

  93. Hi!
    I'm a new follower, and would like to enter!
    I'm following yoy by the google freind connect thingy.

    my email is colourvictim(@)gmail(.)com.

    as for my second entry, I really love flakies matte. as the beautuful nfu.oh polishes.
    put it on any colour you like, and then mattify.
    oh, the awesomeness...

  94. Hi,
    I follow via Google (meowykittyface at google dot com).
    I like mattes over flakies like the Nfu Ohs.
    Thanks for the contest!

  95. Oh man, I'm so excited about the prospect of winning this. I absolutely adore the trend of mattifying manicures and from what I can tell the man glaze version of this topcoat has the most velvety texture but I haven't been able to get my hands on a bottle. Right now I'm working with essie's matte topcoat- I really love it over basic black and darker cremes.

  96. I dream of owning Man Glaze, so thank you for this giveaway!

    I am a follower

    You have been on my blog roll since day one of my blog. :)

    I blogged about your contest here:

    and my favorite finish to matte over is a toss up between a shimmer and a frost. They both look like rich satin! Love it.

    elizabethallbright (at)

  97. Hi!
    Great giveaway!
    I'm following you via google!
    I never used a matte before but would love to try!
    I tweeted about your giveaway


  98. OH MY GOSH! I've wanted MAnGlaze for a LONG time!

    I Follow via the blogger follow tool thingy, lol

    I LOVE wearing black matte, and can't wait to get some flakies so I can wear them matte too!

    I blogged:

    And you've been on my blogroll for liek ...forever!

    Thanks so much for this!
    aka Pwrlftrchick

  99. I'm a follower!

    I have a matte top coat but have yet to wear it! But I love how flakies look matte.

    I've got you on my blog roll

    And I blogged about your giveaway, top right sidebar.

  100. Im a follower....

  101. 1) I'm an email subscriber

    2) I live the way flakies look over black polish then with a top coat. They're soooo pretty

    lady _bugg24@yahoo. Com

  102. Hi there,

    I'm a follower and you are on my blog roll. I like the matte trend, it makes all my polishes new again. My favorite polishes to matte are shimmers and glitters. I blogged about the giveaway in my sidebar:


  103. 1) I am a follower of your blog.
    2) I think Lustful Red would be great worn matte. I especially like CG's Fortune Teller worn matte (as well as shiny).
    Thanks for this terrific giveaway!
    denfinger at hotmail dot com

  104. I am a follower through google connect, i have you on my blogroll :)

    I prefer the normal kind of polish but the few mattes I have I really love :)The matte trend I think will stay for sure because its a extra way of getting a bit extra out of your mani :)

  105. i'm a follower through google under jammieb at gmail dot com :)

    i love to wear super glittery polishes with a matte topcoat! i think the matte trend is here to stay!

  106. Hi! Great giveaway!

    I blogged about it, and I'm a follower. I really love glitters and sheers :)

  107. 1) I'm an e-mail subscriber.
    2) Favorite polishes to wear matte would be dark, shimmery purples and greys. Mmmm.
    3) Twitter!
    4) Blog post!
    5) Blog roll:

  108. Great giveaway! Thank you!

    I'm a follower of course, through google:)

    My fav mattified polishes are glitter and glossy ones.

    You're on my blogroll from the beginning.

  109. 1) I'm a follower.
    2) Favorite polishes to wear matte would be creamy browns and greys. Such as Opi You don't know jaques...I love matte trend!
    3) I talked about on my blog
    4) You are already on my blogroll!

  110. I am a new follower. I love all thing beauty.

    I was not a fan of mattes at first, but blogs help me to see a different side to nail polish. I am actually liking pastels as mattes.

    I have no blog, but if I did you would be on it.

  111. Fabulous giveaway! I am a follower and you are on my blogroll (of course!) My favorite type of polish to matte are glitters, it gives such a cool effect! I blogged about your giveaway here:

  112. thanx, great giveaway!
    i love brown and pink shades as a matte =] but it can work with almost every polish

    (im a follower)

  113. ooh! matte nail polish! count me in!
    I'm a follower and my email is

    I think mattes look best on flakies, but they also look awesome on glitters and pretty pastels

  114. Omg, I love the artwork on those bottles!

    I'm a follower through google connect and I would really like to enter. :) E-mail is andiegirl at gmail dot com

    I love mattifying glassflecked polishes, especially ChG Watermelon Rind and ChG Orange Marmalade. I really like the matte trend and I'm going to continue mattifying my polishes even if it goes out of style.

  115. I'm follower!Great giveaway! Enter me please!
    Andrea Ferreira

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    Andrea Ferreira

  117. My fav is pink shades as a matte...
    Andrea Ferreira

  118. I am a follower through Google Friend Connect. :)

    My favorite type of polish to wear matte is glitters. Especially large pieces of glitter, they look really cool mattified. My glitter is in a clear base, so I put a coat of it over a dark charcoal creme before mattifying it. I think the matte trend is awesome and it's nice to have something new in the nail polish world because we hadn't seen anything as innovative as the whole matte thing in a long time.

    (2 entries.)

    Thank you for having this giveaway! I've always wanted to try Man Glaze but never have.

    asamiramirez (at)

  119. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! =]
    1. I'm a follower.
    2. My favorite type of matte would be the OPI Suedes. I think they look really neat and pretty.

  120. Followed, linked in sidebar, will tweet later, favourite varnish is essence colour and go in orange,

  121. 1) I'm a follower. email: blackpearl890(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    5) My favorite polishes to use matte are metallic ones :)

    Congrats on all the followers!! :)

  122. Hi! Nice giveaway!
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    I loooove wear glitter polishes with matte!


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  124. ~thanks, I'm a blog follower!
    ~to be honest, I've never used matte so I don't know. I would love to try some gold matte polish though!
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  125. I'm a follower.

    Love to wear glitter/ fleckies matte the most.

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  126. once again, great giveaway :) i would love to enter please. i am a follower of your blog through google reader. thanks!

    nirfreak03 @

  127. 1) I am a follower through bloglovin'- you find me as 'pixijasmine'

    2) my favorite nailpolish in matte has to be pink holographics :) I absolutely love the matte trend, it is different, and that makes it more attractive to the eye.

    3) Blog of this contest here:

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    Much love! xx

  128. Hi! I'm a follower.

  129. +1 Following on blogger

    +1 My favorite type of polish to wear matte are flakies. I love Nfu polishes matte, they just look so cool!

    +2 I blogged about this contest!

    +1 painted Lady fingers is on my blogroll. Link above will get you there. :) My blog is very new, I would love it if I could be on your blogroll. <3


  130. Hey! My email address is and my name is Lissi Bakula. I am a follower (through google) and also through RSS.

    I posted about your giveaway on our blog: Nail Addicts Anonymous
    You are also on our blogroll. Hope you like our page and add us to your blog roll.

    Personally, I love matte and don't seem to understand why so many people I encounter don't like it. It's great to matte a glittery color and turn it into something completely new!


  131. hello! I am a follower of your blog & I love it! I have not tried any matte polish before but I am fascinated by this trend. :P thank you!

    my email:

  132. 1.I follow to keep up with painted Lady fingers.

    2.I don’t know if this count, but I don’t really like matte polishes as they are more difficult to paint as compared to shimmery polishes. I either stamp on matte polishes using Konad or use a matte transformer :P

    3.Linked you in my blogroll but I cant remember if you have commented in my blog or not. Link:

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  133. i wud love to have those :) i am a follwer. pl count me in.

  134. Hello! I found you on my sister's Google Reader and am amazed at some of your nail creations.

    Count me in for this contest!

    Joanna O | 19 y/o | California

    I just became a follower, which I'm not sure if that's the same as subscribing, but I did both. I've just started using Google Reader and I hope to see your fabulous posts on there if I did this right!

    I tweeted about the contest as well! From @AnnaOjers:


  135. for 2 entries:

    i'm now following your blog!
    and, i LOVE the matte trend. =) i don't own any matte nail polish (yet) but i am really really curious to see a dark green matte, as that would look awesome i think. =)

  136. Great giveaway! I am a follower and your fantastic nails are on my blogroll!
    So far I tried OPI You don't know Jacques matte (didn't like it) and OPI We'll always have Paris Suede (loved it), but I like very much mixed nails (shiny with matte tips, for instance).
    BTW I will be glad if you could add my nailblog to your blogroll!
    mail: maisenzasmalto(at)gmail(dot)com

  137. I'm a follower via Google Friend Connect and email!
    I've never tried matte polish, but I think it looks really cool.
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  138. 1)Hello, I'm a follower, enter me please.

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    2)I have some matte nail polishes in the last collection I bought at China Glaze (Up and Away)
    I like them a lot and I put holographic top coat on them.
    I would like to try this brand I don't know.

    5)You're on my blog roll !

  139. 1. Follower
    2.I love matte nail polishe, especially the zoya and nubar collections!
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  140. 1) I'm a follower (vedra) :)

    2) I love the matte trend and wish it would never end, cause I'm afraid of mattes getting htf and running out of supplies in a few years! My fav matte polishes are the Suedes, cause they have that little extra something going on, but I find a plain matte black like KO Flatte Black or Orly Matte Vinyl very sexy too.

    my email is vedra(AT)

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  146. 1)I'm following your blog!

    2)I personally only own 1 matte polish, and that's Zoya Dovima. From looking around, I think I prefer matte polishes to be darker and more satiny looking. Also, I think the matte trend is great, but I don't particularly like the super flat, non-shimmery matte polishes.

    3)I blogged about your giveaway here:

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    5)You're on my blogroll! -

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    My email: polishmakeup (at) gmail (dot) com

    (I had to delete all my previous posts because I forgot to include my email address, sorry!)

  147. I just added this contest to my Contests/Giveaways blog page, at Hope this counts! Thanks!

  148. I'm a follower :)

    OPI la paz-matte is my favorite to wear matte. I think the non-creme mattes are the best!

    I added you to my blogroll-

  149. 1)I'm a follower

    2)My favorite polish is black...

    3)I don't know if that count as a blog but I provided a link!,2131301.htm

    4)I tweeted you!=)

    Thanks for the opportunity!;)

  150. Argh this will be my fourth time trying to comment! Driving me nuts!

    1) defianetly a follower

    2) looooooove matte and love love LOVE mattified flakies!

    3) added this to my contests sidebar on my blog

    4) tweeted this!

    5) you're on my blogroll!

    My email is zoe dot waterhouse at gmail dot com

  151. 1) I'm a follower.
    2) I love matte-ifying glittery polishes because the fire seems to be frozen within! I think the matte trend will pass but it's certainly been fun.

    I follow via my GMail account but I'm leaving another e-mail address here: extemter [at] hotmail [dot] com

  152. Love your giveaway! :)

    1) I am a follower with blogger (the-swatchaholic)

    2) My favorite matte is Zoya's Savita because I am purple-biased. :D

    3) I tweeted:

    My email is theswatchaholic AT yahoo DOT de

  153. 1. I follow through an e-mail subscription.

    2. I like the matte trend. The OPI Suede collection is one of the best.


  154. This is a fantastic giveaway!

    I'm a follower via google
    I love the matte trend. My favourite matte polishes are very sparkly dark purples and greys.


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