Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hello ladies,

I was inspired by a sense of nostalgia when creating today's manicure. In the backyard of my childhood home, there was a flower bed dotted with blue forget-me-nots. I always found their golden centers and blue petals so pretty. As a girl, the name of the flowers made me think they would likely be a gift from a future love interest. I would have been right about this, were it the 15th century.

There is another bit of whimsy here since forget-me-nots are five petaled flowers. I used Konad plate M21 with blue pearl special polish. The golden gems are from the Art Club Pretty Shiny Things Kit. I love the metallic centers with the chrome finish of the stamping polish. The muted lilac shade of Uptown Girl is a lovely backdrop.

I borrowed this piece of lapis lazuli from work today. The gold striations in the royal blue are so captivating. No wonder this stone was so beloved by the ancient Egyptians.

Uptown Girl was nearly opaque in two coats. I am showing three here, but I think ladies with more active length nails would find two coats sufficient. I love the finish of the polishes I have tried so far from Rebel Debutante. When enhanced by a glossy layer of topcoat, the colors appear so incredibly smooth.

Uptown Girl was sent to me for review. This shade along with the rest of the Rebel Debutante Collection is currently available at For a chance to win this collection, please visit the contest post.

I had some trouble trying to seal my Konad stamping. My apologies for the small bubbles caused by my Konad princess topcoat. Thankfully, I found my bottle of GcocL clear polish that came with a nail stamping machine. I tested it on my right hand and I am pleased to report there are no issues with this topcoat. I am going to try adding thinner to my Konad princess topcoat. I am hoping less viscosity will translate to no bubbling! There are obviously some quality control issues occurring with a recent batch. This bottle is actually a replacement for another bottle with the same problem. I will keep you updated.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love this color combination...Blue Pearl really pops on Uptown Girl!

  2. That stone is amazing! I want a nail polish that colour.

  3. Nice color combination and cute design ^^ I love that Blue Pearl, it's very shiny.

  4. beautiful colours and a very cute design!
    I love the story behind this mani.

  5. Very cute! The colours combine nicely, and I like Uptown Girl very much!

  6. That is a stunning design, you always come up with the most beautiful manis!

  7. ainos2: Thank you! I love how the Konad special polishes with the word 'pearl' in the name stamp over cremes. <3

    Rebecca: I would love a lapis colored polish too. Brilliant!

    Ayuu: Thanks! I love paring blue and lavender. Blue pearl does have quite a nice sheen. :)

    Lucy: I agree! Uptown Girl is one of my favorites in Rebel Debutante.

    Kirsten: Thank you! It seems I have been whimsical all my life. ;)

    Michelle: Thanks so much! I love adding flowers to my nails whenever possible. Uptown Girl is such a lovely shade. <3

    gildedangel: Thank you! Beautiful polish always inspires me. <3

  8. So pretty. I'm thinking warm Spring thoughts. A beautiful meadow filled with forget-me-nots.

  9. Lucy: Thanks so much! Ah, warm Spring thoughts indeed! My manicures have all been beset by weather related wanderlust.


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