Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hearts and flowers

Hello ladies,

First, a quick reminder to enter the Be a Rebel Debutante Contest. The end of the day February 13th is the last moment to enter. We're going by the last available time zone on the planet. While there are no human inhabitants of this area, there are bristle-thighed curlews in residence. I don't believe they will be vying for nail polish. There is your bit of whimsy for the day.

It was a very grey afternoon in Philadelphia. My friend Lisa and I visited the Naked Chocolate Cafe for cupcakes and conversation. Afterwards, she accompanied me to the park for photography and solidarity in love of nail polish. We could see the sun filtered through the grey atmosphere. I was able to capture my manicure in diffuse light.

I wanted to create a low key Valentine's Day manicure with tones of pink and purple. Color Club Ms. Socialite is the base for this look. I stamped the fauxnad hearts and flowers design from plate BO1 using Konad Princess polish in psyche pink. I overlaid the heart portion of the pattern with an iridescent purple cutout. In the center of the flowers, I alternated pink and lavender crystals.

Lisa's strawberry cupcake and my red velvet cupcake and French roast coffee. I sprinkled some spicy Aztec cocoa in my coffee. Delicious!

Color Club Ms. Socialite is another of my favorites from the Rebel Debutante Collection. This is a lovely purple creme with a hint of pink. It would make a great base for layering Nfu-Oh flakies. It's quite captivating on it's own. I am wearing three coats.

Ms. Socialite was sent to me for review. This shade and the other eight polishes from the Rebel Debutante Collection can be purchased from

Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day with candy or indifference, I hope your day is lovely. xoxo! Happy painting, ladies!


  1. This is a lovely mani, and that cupcake is making me drool!

  2. Totally drooling over that cupcake right now XD

    The little flowers on your nails are so cute!

  3. wow.. this is very pretty.. love it.. love love love.. happy valentines day.. xoxo

    Diana i email u.. i dont know if u receive it or not..

  4. The mani is delightful! Very sweet! Those cupcakes look delicious! They are just taking off in Australia. Well I should say I've not seen we've not seen many in W. Australia but Melbourne is mad for them!! Beautiful Diana but would I expect less?! xx

  5. Those cupcakes look amazing!
    I love the mani. I always want to use konad and decals together but when I have it all in front of me it never seems right so I hardly ever do. This combo is great though! VDay but not overly sweet and pink. Beautiful.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  6. those cupcakes look so gorgeous!
    esp that rose one!
    I would have just stared and stared and forgot about eating =P

  7. Pretty and gorgeous! Your manicure is perfect for Valentines.

  8. gildedangel: Thank you! The cupcake was delicious. I may admit to nibbling on those purple heart decorations. ;)

    Silhouette Screams: Thanks! There is another wonderful cupcake destination locally I can tempt you with. The fauxnad plates are nice on occasion. The designs are simple and pretty. :)

    thriszha: Thanks so much, sweetie! I hope you had a great Valentine's Day too. I'm glad we worked out the e-mail situation. :)

    Danielle: Thank you! Cupcakes are certainly a worthy trend. I have another sweet mani on the way. <3

    Kirsten: Thank you! Purple to me is a color of love. ;) It's a pleasant departure from pink and red. The little hearts aren't decals. They are shiny plastic pieces. They are about the same thickness as a larger rhinestone. I found a nail art wheel of hearts and star shapes on ebay. I'm still experimenting with them. <3

    Berry T: The rose one was mine. Yay! I know what you mean about decorative pastries being so pretty that you don't want to eat them! <3

    Gabriela: Thank you so much! I ended up wearing this look for a few days. It definitely helped me celebrate the holiday. <3

  9. That is my favorite shade from the collection. Lovely Velentine's Day manicure. Which cupcake would I have? They both look delicious.

  10. Lucy: Thank you! I know how much you love hearts. The red velvet cupcakes are a recent addition to their offerings. The strawberry variety have been a favorite of mine for awhile. Either choice is a winner. xoxo!


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