Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ornamental grasses

Hello ladies,

The cold day in Philadelphia has made me long for a stroll in the meadow. In shifting my location, I would also alter the weather to include sun touching the strands of long grasses.

Color Club Best Dressed List added a warm and earthy element to my wanderlust. It's a pinkish brown neutral that made me feel like a hand model when I first applied it. I could imagine different types of women finding comfort in this shade. It could further the classic glamour of a well fitted black suit or be equally appealing with a white shirt and khakis. I loved the simplicity of this shade as a base for nail art. With a little adornment, Best Dressed List could be favored by artistic types as well.

Best Dressed List was opaque in two coats. The color evened out beautifully with a layer of topcoat. Applying a light colored cream to long nails is a test of a quality formula. Best Dressed List covered smoothly and I had a perfect application without needing to touch up any areas.

I painted the grasses with Art Club stripers in You're Golden and Penny Pincher from the Pretty Shiny Things kit. The brighter gold tone was created by layering a Migi Nail Art pen in gold with the glitter Art Club striper in Hologram Gold. I found the Migi gold too sheer to be paired on it's own with the more bold stripers. Going over the design with Hologram Gold created unity between the three metallic shades. Instead of using the pen nib to create the blades of grass, I applied the gold with a size zero sable brush from the art supply store. The tiny leaves were painted with the same brush.

Best Dressed List was sent to me for review. This shade along with the rest of the Rebel Debutante collection will soon be available for purchase at victorianailsupply.com. For a chance to win this collection, please check out the Be A Rebel Debutante Contest.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. How does Best Dressed List compare to the other taupe colours that have been so popular lately?

  2. emmajoy: More recent shades of taupe have leaned towards grey and green. Best Dressed List has a pinkish hue to it. I can't think of a dupe from the 2009 fall and winter seasonal collections I have reviewed. Neutrals make up a smaller portion of my personal collection. I don't have a dupe to Best Dressed List. I hope that helps. :)

  3. When you are free could you do some comparison swatches please?

  4. That's a beautiful shade of polish and lovely nail art too! xx

  5. This would be so perfect for autumn! I love it!

  6. I'm not a big fan of taupe tones but this one is nice. And your design is great !

  7. Nice design! I like how creative you are. :)

  8. Your freehand design look so perfect, and I like the color you chose.. very nice and simple... thanks diana for voting me..

  9. Ooo, that looks absolutely beautiful!

  10. emmajoy: I don't do comparisons very often. For the most part, I do my manicures at night and take my photos at the park on my way to work or running errands. It would be tricky for me to do comparisons since I don't have backyard space. I would have to wear the comparison look around for part of the day. The two colors I would like to see this against, I unfortunately don't have on hand. Those would be Essie Eternal Optimist and OPI Tickle My Francey. Best Dressed List looks darker than those two, but may be in the same color range.

    tenshi: Thank you so much! I have another hand painted design planned for this week. <3

    Danielle: Thanks! I feel like I can guess your favorites. You could certainly create a diva's style from Best Dressed List. :)

    Kirsten: Thank you! I am right on time for the ladies in Australia. I was actually thinking about September weather when I did the manicure. :)

    Ayuu: Thanks! I know what you mean about taupe. I like wearing taupe on occasion and Best Dressed List is a pretty one to choose. <3

    Michelle: Thank you! I really appreciate the compliment. This is only the second time I have used a paintbrush for nail art. I love to experiment.

    ART OF NAIL: Thank you, sweetie. I had fun working with the earthy tones and sparkle. You do such lovely work. I am happy to show appreciation when I have the opportunity. :)

    gildedangel: Thanks so much! <3

  11. This is a lovely shade. Love your nail art. Very pretty.


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