Thursday, February 11, 2010

Peacock blue

Hello ladies,

This afternoon, I ventured out into the snow covered city. The accumulation of two storms this week left Philadelphia 40 inches deep in snow. To entertain my apartment bound self during the blizzard, I created peacock nails.

There was some amusement when I walked to the park for picture taking. A man carrying a large bag of rock salt came face to face with me while I was walking holding a single peacock feather. In storm conditions, we all have our necessary supplies. Ah, whimsy!

Color Club Gossip Column, the star of the Rebel Debutante Collection, forms the base for the feather design. This is the perfect peacock blue. I could easily rate Gossip Column in my top ten creme formula polishes. I drew the feathers with Migi nail art pens. For visual interest, I alternated how the feathers were positioned on every other nail.

As with the rest of the Rebel Debutante colors, I wore three coats of Gossip Column. Shorter nails would achieve perfect opacity in two coats. I loved the look of this color without any embellishment. I will definitely be bringing this shade back for a more subtle design.

Gossip Column was sent to me for review. This shade along with the other Rebel Debutante polishes are available for purchase at For a chance to win all nine shades in the Rebel Debutante Collection, please visit the contest post.

The majority of the Migi nail art pens I chose for the peacock feathers are from the gold pen kit: glitter navy, green and orange. I also used a green from the neon kit. These nail art pens were sent to me for review. You can read more detailed descriptions about use of the pens by clicking on the Migi label. These pens can be purchased at

For another peacock theme manicure, please visit Glammed Up. Lisa lives in the same region I do and both of us independently decided to do peacock nails while snowed in. Talk about birds of a feather!

Happy painting, ladies.


  1. Wow, that is amazing and creative! You work so neat and the colours you used are very peacock-like! :)

  2. That is pretty!
    Would have loved to see the look on that man's face.. =O

  3. I have those cute earrings and have been wanting to do makeup look off these.

  4. I love this! I love peacock feathers!

  5. Gorgeous! peacock feathers are so pretty

  6. so pretty! i think you captured the essence of the feather very nicely!

  7. That mani is so pretty, I love peacocks!

  8. wow! you are so great! i hope you can make some tutorials on your future posts.=)

  9. Michelle: Thank you! I am glad I had the right mix of colors on hand. Gossip Column really began the inspiration. :)

    Thess: Thanks! I do admit that I attract a fair amount of attention walking through the downtown area carrying props for nail photos. I use more props in warmer weather. I walked around last summer toting a statue of Bast. I walked by many a bewildered face!

    rayqueenbee: I have peacock earrings too! Love them. The feather you are seeing is a larger one I keep in a vase with a grouping. It is fun to coordinate nails and make up to accessories. I may have to raid my jewelry box for inspiration. <3

    Jessica: Thanks so much! I am always so astounded by how beautiful peacock feathers are. I used to visit a sculpture garden where peacocks roamed the grounds. So lovely!

    Kae: Thank you! I am so enchanted by peacock feathers.

    Toxin: *curtseys*

    Niki*: Thanks so much! I am glad the intent came through. :)

    Denysia: Thank you! That's so sweet!

    gildedangel: Thanks so much! Peacocks are among my favorite animals. <3

    rosey: Thank, sweetie! I would love to do some tutorials. This will likely be a warm weather project. I need good outdoor lighting and a
    an assistant for picture taking. The pens are pretty simple. The trick is not to squeeze too hard. I usually sketch the design beforehand. My lines end up looking cleaner that way.

    Stephanie: Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

  10. Oh Diana! I absolutely Love your version!

  11. Gorgeous! I love peacocks.
    The color club you used for the base looks awesome. I think I might need it.

  12. Oooh neat Diana! This came out really well! I do think you are nuts for baring your hands in the sub zero temperatures here in Philly- brrr!
    Also hi Ainos2 (Lisa) I saw your peacock manicure yesterday and loved it too!! PS- I know this if off topic and sorry for hogging your blog Diana but Ainos2 are you Greek?

  13. Wow it is sooo beautiful ! Really well realised and the colors are really well choosed ! Do you know how we say "peacock feather" in french ? We say : "plume de paon" ^^

  14. Very cool! I remember, another nail blogger doing a similar design ...Peacock feathers are so pretty! Great job!

  15. ainos2: Thank you! We definitely were visited by the same Muse. <3 If you look a few comments up from this one, my friend Lisa has a question for you. :)

    Kirsten: Thank you! Peacocks are indeed lovely. I would definitely recommend adding Gossip Column to your collection. <3

    Cyan: Thanks so much! I appreciate your sweet comment. <3

    Lisa: Thanks! I'll have to draw a peacock feather on one of your nails. I love talking sun pictures! I don't stay outside for long. There were some days in January I wished I had invisible mittens! :)

    Tenshi: Thanks so much! I am so glad you liked the design. I have been picking up a bit of French from your blog. :)

    Jackie S: Thanks! I wonder if you are thinking of Christy's design. She did a gorgeous rendition of the eye of the peacock feather:

  16. That mani is beautiful! Small wonder the Victorians liked peacocks so much- they are just fascinating to behold.
    I agree- they are wonderful in person- they have such distinct personalities! (and as you would imagine of a bird of such stature- they do not suffer fools gladly...)

  17. How lovely! Your so talented with those Migli Art Pens. Your nails are done so beautifully that they look like the Minx foils. Yours is much prettier since no two feathers are alike.


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