Friday, February 19, 2010

Purple, philosophy and pancakes

Hello ladies,

After being sick for the past couple days, I decided to call upon my favorite elements for today's manicure. Milani Shimmering purple combines my most beloved color with holographic glitter pieces and bar glitter. As much as I have been enjoying spring pastels, I thought a rich shade of purple would be a rejuvenating change.

I ventured out today for pancakes with my friend David and two philosophers. Not really one to acknowledge illness, I received this e-mail invitation from David last night:

We are meeting here at the shop at 3 pm sharp!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have almost 16 hours from now to get ready and walk the one block from your apartment to the shop. :)

I don't know if I can explain the inherent comedy of combining pancakes and philosophy, but I will tell you my manicure with Shimmering Purple was well appreciated in the mix.

Shimmering Purple was from the Milani Fall Collection: Welcome Back Color. I really love the festive glitter polishes from this release. The key to getting the best application is to apply three coats. The formula is thin but buildable. Two coats looks decent, but using three will help translate the standout color from the bottle to the nail.

The full sun seems to be highlighting the glitter squares more than the bar glitter. I assure you both are reflective in various types of lighting. Of the glitter polishes available, I do prefer the shimmer formula to the creme. It allows the bar glitter to be more visible and produce lovely rainbows. For glitter lovers, I would recommend tracking down this polish if it isn't already in your collection.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I thought you had been gone a little while, between posts! Missed you and your gorgeous manicures. I hope you're feeling better and a little time out and about helped.
    Such a gorgeous shade!

  2. Nicole: Thank you! You are so dear. Purple always makes me happy. I had a nice time on my brief outing. My cat has been keeping me entertained on the home front. <3

  3. That polish is so pretty, I am glad that you are feeling a little better!

  4. What a lovely purple! The bar glitter adds an interesting touch. Thank you for taking the time to show these lovely pics inbetween being sick and eating pancakes!

  5. glad you are feeling better! That polish is gorgeous!

  6. I think my sister'd make fun of me if I wore that nailpolish... 'sigh' It's so tiresome sometimes how certain things (such as chunky glitter) get associated with a certain age group (ie preteen).

    But the purple~~

    By the way glad that you're getting better.

  7. i really must try out these milani polishes you make them look gorjuz

  8. Hope your feeling much better. Purple is my passion as well =)

  9. gildedangel: Thank you, sweetie! I am getting there. <3

    Cyan: Thank you! I am such a fan of bar glitter. I wish there were more polishes formulated with it. I think pancakes and picture taking was the extent of my ambition yesterday. :)

    Rhea: Thank you, sweetie! I am doing my best to rest up.

    Cailley: I would go for it! Higher end brands like Rescue Beauty Lounge have ventured into glitter territory. They are marketing to adults. Be yourself and don't worry about the limiting ideas of others around you. I bet you would rock the glitter! :) Thanks for the well wishes.

    Skye: Thanks so much! I have a few of them left to try so I will tempt you again. <3

    Charity: I appreciate the wishes for good health. I am on my way. There is nothing like a good purple!

  10. The bar glitter is really different and interesting, I dont think I've really seen it in a polish before. It reminds me of sprinkles :D

  11. Love this polish on you. Very pretty. Purple polish and pancakes. Delicious. Hope your feeling better sweetie.

  12. Silhouette Screams: Rainbow sprinkles indeed! Sally Hansen Extreme Wear released a bar glitter topcoat recently. I'll have to show that one soon. :)

    Lucy: Thank you so much for your caring thoughts. I am on the mend! <3


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