Thursday, February 25, 2010

Putting the Rebel in Rebel Debutante!

Hello ladies,

On this snowy day, I sought to choose a winner for the Be a Rebel Debutante Contest. With the proper motivation, I was able to procure some help from a rebel named Raider.

So it begins!

A mountain of contest entries intermingled with catnip.

Raider understands the task set before him.

He works tirelessly.

Resisting any temptation to sleep on the job.

Raider is one for proceeding with a plan of attack.

Even when things get crazy...

He can roll with it.
And handle public scrutiny.
He looks towards the winner.

And approves the choice from all the entries he had scattered.

Raider's work is done.

Congratulations to Lisa! She has a blog called xmaterialgirlsx where she does skin care product reviews and keeps everyone updated on current giveaways. Lisa is such a sweetie. Raider chose well.

Many thanks to Color Club for sponsoring this giveaway!

Raider is my boyfriend's rescue cat. He loves attention and he loves the ladies!


  1. Congratulations Lisa!

    Love the photo essay, Diana. That cat is the best random generator I've seen.

  2. Ohhhh Raider is so handsome! I'm glad he helped pick the winner.

    Congrats Lisa!

  3. congratz Liza!

    Raider was such a cute way to choose the winner! Awwwww!

  4. *rolls around giggling* I love it! Raider is such a handsome boy *scratches Raider behind the ears*

  5. Congrats Lisa!
    Raider deserves some extra ear scratchies for all his hard work!

  6. JacieO: Raider was so excited! He sat by me on the couch and supervised my cutting out the entries. He really wanted to be a part of whatever was going to happen with those little strips of paper! He did well!

    Jessica: He really is a handsome boy. He makes the sweetest faces. He's such a flirt!

    Rhea: Raider also wants to help me type your reply. He's sitting right next to the computer at the moment. <3

    Kitty: I love cats too! Raider is such a fan of getting his ears scratched. <3

    Evil Angel: Raider has so much personality. We had such a great time with the selection process. I think he is particularly fond of my ear scratching abilities. ;)

    peripatetic: Thanks! Raider is a handsome charmer.

  7. LMFAO!! I'll have to get one of my cats to choose the winner of my first giveaway!
    Congratulations, Lisa!

  8. Congratz Lisa! Great price!

    LOL @ the cat! =D

  9. Congrats to Lisa and "under the chin" scratches to Raider, he's so cute!

  10. I'm not sure it's ever been so much fun to loose before! Give that charmer a nuzzle for me!

  11. Great way to choose a winner! Even though I didn't win, i loved reading this post!

  12. I love the way you let Raider choose@

  13. Oooo lala! Raider looks just like my Penelope. She doesn't like catnip though. I think it might have to do with not liking the other...herbal influences she's had. ;)

  14. What a smart cat picking just the right person to win the polish. Congrats and enjoy your gifts.

  15. Oh, how brilliant! That really made me smile. What a genius way of deciding the winner~!


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