Monday, February 8, 2010

Red sugar, pink icing, candy hearts

Hello ladies,

My manicure today reminds me of Valentine cupcakes. The pink icing was painted with She's So Glam from Rebel Debutante. The red sugar topping is Art of Seduction from the Glitter Vixen Collection. Both are Color Club polishes. I couldn't resist adding hearts like little candies.

She's So Glam is a 1980's pink. The color is bright with a lavender tint. She's So Glam would be a standout if paired with black. This would also be a great shade for club kids and bold costuming. For daytime, She's So Glam would make a vibrant seaside pedicure. The application was similar to other shades from the Rebel Debutante Collection. Such quality is expected of Color Club. I am showing three coats, but active length nails would likely require only two.

If you want to attempt a gradient manicure, I recommend polishes from the Glitter Vixen Collection. As with previous gradient manicures, I used Orly Smudge Fixer to help distribute the sparkle down the nail. I believe Art of Seduction could even be applied without gradation liquid or Smudge Fixer and achieve similar results. Glitter Vixen is one of my favorite Color Club collections. I am pleased to have found another use for these beautiful polishes.

She's So Glam was sent to me for review. The Rebel Debutante and Glitter Vixen Collections are available for purchase at For a chance to win all nine Rebel Debutante polishes, please visit the contest post to enter.

Happy painting, ladies.


  1. Super cute! They definitely look like a cupcake! Now I really want a cupcake! :P

  2. These are so so cute, and I think the colours go really well together x

  3. It definitely reminds me of a cupcake :D or a strawberry cheesecake

    I never get tired of gradient manicures O_O theyre amazing

  4. I agree, this looks like cupcakes ! Very cute mani, I like it :)

  5. Very pretty! Love the She's So Glam.

  6. This makes me think of Vday sugar cookies....yummm!

  7. That's just super cute! Looks really yummy! Great manicure<3

  8. Ohhhh :::shifty eyes::: I want to eat your nails!

  9. This is perfect! This might be my favorite favorite Valentine-y mani I've seen yet.

  10. Ooh so cute! Now I want a strawberry cupcake from Brown Betty.


  11. very cute! you have awesome long nails!

  12. Distant Dreamer: Thank you! I completely admit I bought sweets today because my manicure made me crave them. <3

    Lucy: Thanks! Mixing red and pink can be tricky, but with the right tones it's a combination I love, especially for Valentine's Day.

    Silhouette Screams: Thank you! I love doing gradient manicures. Now that I know the Glitter Vixen line works so well with this technique, I will be trying it with each of the shades. Mmm! Strawberry cheesecake! <3

    Ayuu: Thank you! I am happy my nails have a sweet, cupcake vibe. :)

    Thess: Thanks! My nails are ready for romance.

    Michelle: Thank you! She's So Glam really is a standout pink.

    Evil Angel: Mmm! Heart shaped sugar cookies! <3

    KONADomania: Thank so much! I did my best not to nibble them.

    -Diana-: Thank you, my name twin. <3

    gildedangel: Thanks! You should try this too. <3

    ainos2: You and my cat! He likes to love bite my nails. :)

    Jessica: Thank you! That's so sweet!

    Lisa: Yes! Brown Betty cupcakes! I will have to do a special cupcake theme manicure. This might be a Spring day venture when we can take nail photos in the park and eat the props. :)

    Niki* Thanks so much! I think the gradient manicure makes my nails even look longer!

  13. Gorgeous! The mani reminds me of sweet biscuits my Nanna used to make for me! A welcome memory! Thank you Diana xxx

  14. My Mother's Valentine's Day sugar cookies have made it onto your nails. How yummy your nails look! I agree that I want to eat your nails. Each and every manicure is so special and fantastic. Your an amazing artist with your nails.


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