Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Strawberry Milkshake

Hello ladies,

When I put this look together last night, I still had my mind on Valentine's Day. On Sunday, I returned home from a lovely outing with my friend Sarada and received a call from my boyfriend from the train station. He had an audition in Boston and reworked his schedule to make it home before the close of the day. It was such a sweet gesture. I wasn't expecting to be able to see him on the holiday.

I reached for Essie Pop Art Pink, a sheer jelly polish with an appealing translucent shine. From Konad plate M55, I stamped the strawberries in red special polish. I added pink rhinestones that reminded me of the flower that blooms before the fruit is formed. A botanist might argue with such inspiration the petals should be white. I chose pink for whimsy.

Pop Art Pink is part of the Essie Art of Spring Collection. I've had these colors on hand for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to share them with you when we all really needed that dose of Spring beauty. I am looking forward to using these shades as bases for nail art. I feel the promo photos from Essie didn't highlight the individual loveliness of these polishes. I hope you will be as delighted as I am with these colors.

I wore three coats of Pop Art Pink over two coats of Brucci 2 in 1 Nail Perfection. With long nails, I recommend wearing a ridge filling base coat under sheer and pastel polishes. This will help to minimize any streakiness inherent in the application process with such colors. Pop Art Pink's jelly formula really reminds me of a strawberry milkshake. Over a base, this color is semi-opaque and milky. The color has such gloss it has a sticky candy vibe. The finished manicure makes me happy to gaze at. Even though I am not typically a lover of pale pink, Essie gave us a fun take on a classic.

Pop Art Pink was sent to me for review.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Annd,now I want a milkshake, this totally gives the feeling of one! I think the little flowers are adorable, even though they're not the right shade, they go perfectly with the manicure.

  2. Oh a strawberry milkshake sounds delicious!
    Love the mani

  3. Strawberry milkshake sounds delicious right now. I'd rather have the fresh fruit instead. Lovely springtime manicure. I thought this would be a sheerer shade. I'm pleasantly suprised at how pretty and opaque it is. You have artistic license with the shade of the flowers.

  4. That's a lovely manicure. I'm always a fan of strawberries on fingernails.

  5. We have a strawberry festival in the town we live in. Those nails would be perfect!

  6. This is SERIOUSLY cute and the title of the post is making me hungry XD

  7. Pop Art Pink is gorgeous! Growing up, I had a bedroom that exact shade of pink.
    The strawberries are positively perfect!

  8. So amazing love the strawberry with pink background

  9. I almost licked the screen... =O

    Great konad and color.

  10. gah! I just had a chocolate shake over dinner!
    and now I want a strawberry one too!

    Love that mani dear!

  11. This is so cute! Now I am craving a milkshake lol!

  12. Awww this is really ver pretty! I love it! :) So sweet and girly and springy!

  13. The essie polish is gorgeous. I rather like that. The strawberries are very sweet and the gems are cute. Reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake. I love it.

  14. I love this one! It's so cute and definitely spring like. It reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake. I think this color would be good to use on the tips for a funky French too.

  15. This sounds sooooooo weird but ur nails look good enough to eat! no weirdoness intended

  16. Oooh I looooove justement cette nail art! Il est gourmand sooo cute and sooo (c'est comme ça que tu dis en anglais aussi non?)! Cela me donne l'appétit d'un gâteau aux fraises ou Une Mishake STAWBERRY ^ ^

  17. 10verlada: Thanks so much! I do love strawberries. <3

    Nicole: Thank you! I am so glad you can visualize the strawberry milkshake with me :)

    Evil Angel: Thank you! You are so sweet to me. <3

    Lucy: Thank you! You could get the same opacity using Zoya Get Even as a base. I would call Pop Art Pink semi-sheer on it's own. I would love a bowl of fresh strawberries. Such a decadent fruit! <3

    Pam: Thanks so much! I agree! More strawberries on fingernails! There are so many adorable ways to accomplish the look :)

    Wizards of Bling: Thanks! I am all for coordinating my manicures to town festivals! <3

    Silhouette Screams: You are so sweet! Thank you. :)

    ainos2: Thank you! I had to take a moment and imagine you with a pastel pink bedroom. Mine was pale lilac. :)

    Shaim: Thanks so much! I appreciate it. <3

    Thess: heehee! Thank you! I am so glad the deliciousness of this manicure is apparent to others. <3

    Berry T: Thanks! We were definitely in sync with the milkshakes. :)

    gildedangel: Thank you! I may be responsible for a few strawberry milkshake purchases this week. :)

    Musicalhouses: Thank you! I am having fun with the spring colors.

    Charity: Thank you, dear. <3

    Danielle: Thanks! I can always guess your favorite polishes. I had a Strawberry Shortcake doll when I was a girl. Unless you are talking about the actual cake. I had that too. ;)

    Lisa: Thanks! I would love the color for a funky french, but I think the jelly formula wouldn't be easy to work with to get a clean, even line. I like it with strawberries though. <3

    Skye: hahaha! It's okay, sweetie. I may have nibbled a bit when no one was looking. ;)

    Tenshi: Oui, un gateau! I can read your comments in French. I took some French in high school, but I haven't kept up with it. I seem to be able to read French better than I can write it. I will have to work up my courage to leave you comments in French on your blog. <3

  18. Oh I'm sorry ! In reality I didn't want to write you in french but I've click on the "translation" button on the top of the blog (in the google toolbar) (it's easier and quicker for me to translate the page when I'm hurry ^^). But I didn't think that it will translate my comment in french too Oo (and it is translate only half furthermore....-___-) Really sorry !

  19. nice naill..
    can i make it by myself?
    can you give me some tips to make it?

  20. udit: Check out OC Nail Art: Kathleen sells the Konad supplies I used to make the strawberry design. You definitely can do it yourself with practice. :)

  21. I still haven't tried this one, and wonder if it will be too sheer without a ridge filler base coat. I don't own any and usually just use your typical clear base coat. Anyhow, your nails look lovely!


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