Monday, March 1, 2010

Bejeweled Ruffian

Hello ladies,

With Ruffian's Big Bang Fall 2010 Collection, CND (Creative Nail Design) showed a beautiful variation of the classic half Moon manicure. The models wore bold pink lipstick and shimmering black fabrics offset with structured military style jackets. The futuristic, space feel began with towering topknot hairstyles and was furthered by the manicures. The models' nails were dark with shiny Moons. You can watch the progression down the catwalk at

For my interpretation, I decided to bejewel the Moon with pink sparkles. ManGlaze Matte is Murder received a glossy topcoat to reveal the pink and green shimmer. I painted the Moons with an older Revlon top speed polish called Blossom Chrome.

Matte is Murder was opaque in two coats. ManGlaze makes my favorite matte formula. It applies with ease when using thin coats. I can wear it with my regular base coat or for a bit of interest in a nail art creation. It doesn't need to be applied to a bare nail for best results. With topcoat, it goes from edgy to stunning. I love seeing all of the hidden sparkle highlighted. It's a truly versatile matte polish.

I freehanded the Moon design. If you can hand paint a basic french, this is a similar process. I would recommend cleaning up your cuticle area with a paint brush and 100% acetone before adding the Moon. With the Moon shape already defined, it's simpler to follow along with your chrome polish or whatever formula you choose. It's easiest to start on the skin and whisk the brush into an arch shape to the other side of the nail. It's a little messy, but effective.

What do you you ladies think of the Ruffian inspired Moon manicure? Do you like my addition of the jewels?

Matte is Murder was sent to me for review. It is available for purchase at To win bottles of Matte is Murder, Hot Mess glitter topcoat and Matte-Astrophe topcoat, please visit the contest post.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I looove Manglaze and the little moon reminds of Sailor Moon :P

  2. I love the addition of the jewel!!!!


  3. I'm a fan!
    Love how you did your nails!

  4. I love that kind of design, it's really original. The added rhinestones add a cute touch to your nails :)

  5. Silhouette Screams: Thank you, sweetie. That's the first time I have ever been compared to Sailor Moon. heehee!

    yardsticks for lunatics: Thanks, Tiffani! You know I can't resist temptation to bedazzle. ;)

    gildedangel: Thanks so much! I didn't realize ManGlaze could be so glamorous!

    Thess: Thank you! I'll definitely be trying other variations of this Moon look.

    Ayuu: Thanks! A touch of pink can make things sweeter. <3

    ART OF NAIL: Thanks so much! :)

    Marce: *curtseys*

  6. Oooh! I adore this mani. Very burlesque xx


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