Monday, March 15, 2010

Blue on a grey day

Hello ladies,

I decided to let my nails reflect the weather. Tomorrow the sun will return, but for today, I will work with the palette I see in the sky. There can be beauty on grey days. It's a wonderful opportunity to remain indoors, be thoughtful and drink tea from an owl teapot.

Nubar Palisade from the Fortress Collection forms the base for the design. I stamped the curve of dots and flowers from Konad plate M80. I chose blue pearl princess polish. The turquoise rhinestones provided shimmering blooms. This is my first occasion using a French tip design. I am pleased with it overall.

Nubar Palisade was truly delightful to apply. It was opaque in one coat. I painted two in disbelief. This grey creme is a cooler tone and would be pretty with pink, blue or purple embellishment. It's also lovely on it's own.

My apologies for the tiny bubbles. My stamping topcoat is at the very end. It looked to standard as I applied it and became pesky as it dried. I will blame it on the weather!

Nubar Palisade was sent to me for review. This shade is available for purchase along with the rest of the Fortress Collection at

Konad plate M80 was provided for my consideration. Konad stamping products are available at For a chance to win the eight new image plates, including M80, please stop by the contest post to enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I think it's a lovely gloomy day brightening mani!

  2. Very nice! Love the bling stars!

  3. I love that Konad stamp and the way you've placed it here is exactly what I had in mind when I first saw it. This is a cheerful mani for a gloomy day. I want to see that owl teapot!

  4. Evil Angel: Thank you, love! It's hard to be gloomy with sparkles. <3

    WizardsofBling: Thanks, Sylvia! Allegedly, the rhinestones are flower shaped. There is something starry about them to my eyes as well. I'll take sparkle in just about any form. :)

    ~Elizabeth: Thank you! I'm glad you liked the image placement. I did the stamp in reverse on my right hand with the design curving along the cuticle. It was a little tricky! I'm looking forward to getting more practice with the French tip designs.

    Here is a post with a picture of my owl teapot: I used it to choose a winner for my first contest!

  5. I love that mani! This colour combo is great!

  6. This is very pretty! I was wondering about how to work with the empty space in that design and the rhinestone fits it perfectly =)

  7. Considering the weather doesn't sound that great, this is stunning! :D

  8. I love color & design like your 3 prévious nail art !!
    Very beautiful ^^

  9. Love this mani! I especially like the way you placed the images...the "swoop" of movement is fabulous!

  10. I always love your designs. Very pretty. Today is a nice sunny day. Who can believe it's actually 60 degrees out! I just can't wait for the nice warm weather and lots of sun.

  11. It's been pretty cloudy the last few days here - with a few sunny breakthroughs. This makes me cheerful, I absolutely love the designs and the stars!

  12. I love the mani as I long for cooler weather and cloudy days! Beautiful Diana xx

  13. Liana: Thank you so much! I have lots of grey polishes to review so I will be exploring color combinations. <3

    Kitty: Thanks! You could probably paint a glitter topcoat (something with sheer coverage like China Glaze Fairy Dust) in the open space as well. Nubar has some wonderful hexagonal glitters that would add sparkle. :)

    nihrida: Thank you! I still have more greys left to review. Hopefully, I can intrigue you with some other combos. :)

    SilhouetteScreams: Thanks so much! The weather was beautiful today. I sat outside with a cup of coffee and read Nails magazine. Utopia!

    Saori: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you are enjoying my recent manicures. <3

    Jessica: Thank you! These rhinestones are sold as 'flowers' at Victoria Nail Supply. They look starry to me too! I still love them whether they are earthly or celestial! :)

    ainos2: Thank you! I'm so happy the placement worked out! I'm glad I was able to work with the shape and make it suit my nail length. It's a tricky design. <3

    Tassa: Thank you! You are sweet!

    Lucy: I was so excited to be outside today. The bulb flowers are starting to come up. I saw lots of puppies out for walks. Delightful! I am so excited to be able to take sunlight photos again! <3

    Nicole: Thank you! I am so glad my manicure brought you cheer. I hope the sunny forecast will be reaching you too. <3

    Danielle: Thanks so much! Yes, we are on opposite sides of the wheel. It will be nice to take flower pictures again. More of your beloved dahlias! Grey and blue are very cooling and calm. <3

  14. Oooo, that is a beautiful manicure!

  15. gildedangel: Thanks so much! I appreciate your sweet comment!

  16. Wow... what a great looking Color and Naildesign!

    kind Regards


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