Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bluebirds, golden light

Hello ladies,

Beautiful sunlight was the perfect mood enhancer for the beginning of March. I wore Hard Candy's Splendid, a bright yellow creme, to coordinate with the sunbeams. I created a dusting of shimmer at the tips with Sugar Daddy. Tiny bluebirds composed of fimo swooped and soared.

You can see the jelly ring clearly in this picture. I will venture the ring is about a size 6 or 7. The rings are loose on the bottle cap, but a much better fit for most fingers than those from the older incarnation of Hard Candy.

Splendid is among my favorite names for polish.

"What color are you wearing?"


Can you see what an enjoyable interaction a name like Splendid could bring?

The application was decent for a yellow polish. I started with two coats of Diamond Cosmetics Super Base. I would definitely recommend using a ridge filling base coat with a sheer white tint before painting with any yellow hued lacquer. I am wearing three coats of Splendid, but I think most ladies would be satisfied with two coats over a base. Splendid is bright enough to appear neon, but it actually has a creme formula.

I applied Sugar Daddy with a fan brush to add a hint of gold shimmer. I made longer strokes at the edges of the nail and shortened them as I moved towards the center. I wanted the shimmer to look feathery and glossy. Using a fan brush is a simple way to create a softer french. I will be showing this technique again with more contrast, but I like it as a tonal look.

Splendid was sent to me for review. You can discover more about the full line of Hard Candy products for nails, face and body at hardcandy.com.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. That is so cute, it makes me long for warm weather and spring!

  2. So nice! Although, the bluebirds look like they're about to fall off! Sadness!

  3. This is absolutely lovely! Exactly what I needed on a cold day like today. (The weather where I live went from breezy but nice to frozen windy tundra in a matter of days. I miss the sun!)

  4. gildedangel: Thank you! How I long for Spring! Next week, we are supposed to have lots of sun here. I am excited. :)

    twinsouls888: Thank you! This manicure makes me happy. :)

    Y: Thanks! Not to worry, fimo is pretty sturdy once cemented with CND Air Dry. All the little bluebirds have been on my fingers since yesterday morning. Fimo seems to be ruled by it's own laws of physics!

    Jean: Thanks so much! Tomorrow we are due for sleet here, but next week should be sun filled. I can't wait.

  5. the tips make me want a lemon drop real bad! So bright and I am sooo ready for so bright! Love the birds too.

  6. SO CUTE! Love it! It's such a happy smiley manicure. =D

  7. This is the sweetest, most smile inducing manicure ever! Diana you are awesome!

  8. This is so adorable....love the little bluebirds!

  9. Oh Yea! Perfect mani for the gorgeous day we just had!!!
    I'm not a huge fan of fimo charms...they have to be very pretty, or really special.
    I adore the Bluebirds! I love how they seem to have their own flight personalities..are they from the same cane?

  10. So cute!!! Now I` dreaming again about summer ... heh....

  11. You are a bright ray of sunshine today Diana! This mani makes me feel free and full of laughter!

  12. This mani is very sweet, it screams warmth, summer and sunshine...oh I just can't wait for spring to arrive :)

  13. So cute! I love the blue birds of happiness!

  14. Great color and the birds are lovely!
    We all long for some sunshine I guess.. ;)

  15. Now, *that* is one spring-y manicure! =)

  16. This mani smiles miles away, love it! I'd like to put it as my screen saver now, really lifts up the spirits! =D

  17. I luv the 3-D looking birdies! So awesome! my sis picked me up sugar daddy so I will have to give this a try, next time can you show a pic of the fan brush you used? Is it for makeup or paint?

  18. ~Elizabeth: Thanks! I want a lemon drop now too! <3

    ANSTAH: Thank you! Splendid is the color of smiley faces. :)

    Evil Angel: Thank you, sweetie. The flock of tiny bluebirds and I are happy to bring an extra smile to your day.

    Aubree: *curtseys*

    ainos2: Thanks so much! Fimo is a sweet departure now and again. I bought the pieces pre-sliced. There was a slight difference in sizing (almost like cutting rounds of wood from the same branch). The faces and details look really close. They may look more distinct because of the different angles.

    Liana: Thank you! I am dreaming about summer too. Ah, such a lovely thought! <3

    Danielle: Thanks so much! I love watching songbirds. It was so much fun having tiny replicas flit about my fingers. <3

  19. chocaddict: Thank you, sweetie! The forecast predicts almost a week of sun here. I am so excited! Spring is near. <3

    thriszha: Thanks so much! You are dear to me!

    WizardsofBling: Thanks, Sylvia! I'm so looking forward to seeing those happy bluebirds out in nature. My tips are ready!

    Thess: Thank you! I'm sure the little birds are as ready for sunshine as we are. :)

    nihrida: Thank you! I was not messing around. C'mon Spring! :)

    Doo: Thanks! Please feel free to use my bluebird manicure as your screen saver. That's such a nice thought! :)

    kittyluvscolor: Thank you! I should do a brush post. The fan brush was from the art supply store Utrecht. It's a natural bristle brush with firm bristles. It's used for painting. I purchased the Utrecht brand in this case. I hope that helps until I can get some pictures up.

  20. What a lovely and happy manicure. The bluebirds of happiness. That line was in a very old Shirley Temple movie. One of my favorites. I could use this bright manicure on this dreary day.


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