Saturday, March 27, 2010

ManGlaze Winner!

Hello ladies,

Today, a winner was chosen for the ManGlaze giveaway!
My lovely assistant Ginger, a miniature poodle, was at the ready.
I gathered the contest entries in a crystal bowl along with Ginger's favorite treat, cream cheese named after our home city.
I placed a dollop of Philadelphia cream cheese at the bottom of the bowl and positioned the contest entries on top. At first, Ginger was demure.
Ginger began the selection process.
We dissuaded her from eating the contest entries...
Even though she thought they were tasty!
She dove in searching...
...and discovered there were consequences to her zeal. She briefly contemplated the cream cheese stuck to her nose.
Undaunted, she tried again!
The winner was chosen!
Ginger selected Lacquer Obsession.

Thank you Ginger! Great job!

Congratulations Jocy! Please visit her blog: She does some very sweet work with the Konad stamper.

Many thanks to Marc from ManGlaze for sponsoring the contest. A special thanks to Ginger and her companion Emily for their efforts in the winner's selection.

I will be tabulating the entries for the Konad Eight Plates Giveaway next.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. That is super cute! Go Ginger! Congrats to Jocy!

  2. YaY!!!! email's been sent :) Thanks!!!

  3. You have the BEST drawings. I always enjoy them from start to finish, such creativity. Bravo to you and Bravo to LacquerObsession!

  4. Haha so cute :D Congrats to Jocy :))

  5. omgoodness, this is the cutest thing ever. HAHAHAHA Congrats to the winner!!!

  6. That was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! Both the dog and the method for selecting the winner. And it's funny because my dogs name is Ginger too!

  7. This has got to be the cutest drawing EVER!! and Ginger is so utterly feminine!! (nice contrast to the ManGlaze! lol). Congrats Lacquer Obsession!!! and good job Ginger :) I hope she enjoy the Philly cream cheese! (My fiance is from Philly too - he refuses to eat any cream cheese but Philadelphia!)

  8. so cute hehe.. so expensive to own one here.. grooming sure costly here.

  9. Ginger is so adorable in her little purple bows! She really knows how to pick a winner!

  10. LMFAO!! Awesome drawing. ;) Congratulations!

  11. Congrats LacquerObsession!

    OMG Ginger is just adorable!

  12. Lol Ginger! Bless you baby, and Congratulations to Lacquer Obsession ;) xx

  13. HAHa love the drawing process ! congrats to the winner ...

    Caro xxx

  14. This is one of the funniest, most adorable things I've seen in a long time!

  15. I love how you pick the winners for your contests! Congrats to the winner!

  16. omg!! lovelovelove Ginger!!
    She is a SuperMegaStar!! :D

    *hugs me some sweet Ginger*

  17. Super cute helper!!! And congrats to the winner!!!

  18. Thank you, ladies! I'm so glad you all enjoyed my time in the park with Ginger. I see her every week. She visits my favorite coffee shop. That's how we became acquainted. She is a doll! That was the first time I had ever seen her ornamented with ear ribbons. Such whimsy! <3

  19. Congrats to the winner, how come I didn't enter this contest?! oh my,I have to catch up with all my fave blogs ;).
    Ginger is super cute and adorable!, I also have baby french poodle ^_^.

  20. Your drawings pics are so cute !
    Congrats to the winner :)

  21. haha, cutest way ever to pick a winner!

  22. That was an adorable way to choose a winner. Congrats and enjoy your polish lacquer obsession.


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