Friday, March 5, 2010

Opalescent stripes

Hello ladies,

I intended to share this manicure with you last night, but I fell asleep while editing photos. If I were to create a blogging montage, I would have to include such a scene.

I've been wearing this look for a couple days and am in love. Nubar Stormhold, from the Fortress Collection, is a noteworthy deep grey creme. With the addition of Nfu Oh #50 and Milani Purple Outline, I feel like I am adorned with opals.

I love how Nfu Oh flakies appear in diffuse light. I am reminded of the glow of deep sea creatures.

Milani nail art striper in Purple Outline, Nfu Oh #50, Nubar Stormhold and Buddha.

I have been really enjoying the deep grey of Stormhold. The creme formula was opaque in one coat. I painted two in stubbornness and disbelief of such perfection. Nubar cremes are among the easiest to apply. I really appreciate working with the Nubar formula.

Stormhold was sent to me for review. This shade, along with the rest of the Fortress Collection, can be purchased from

I have reviewed Nfu-Oh 50 before. The light purple base disappears over Stormhold. The green flakies become the focus. To create the look, I painted two stripes with Nfu Oh #50 and added a second coat to the line. Purple Outline frames the large stripe.

Purple Outline mesmerized me into a purchase. I was really taken with the sparkling violet and blue glitter floating in a purple base. While the other new Milani stripers seemed like classic nail art colors, Purple Outline was a unique temptation. The bottle has a retro flair. I could see it sitting on a 1940s vanity.

Despite the lure of presentation, I experienced some issues applying Purple Outline. I started with my right hand and the color applied smoothly. When I began forming the stripes on my left hand, the color was thicker. I gave the bottle a gentle shake and resumed. I ended up having to go back over the stripes on my right hand to have a match. I intend to use thinner on Purple Outline. I feel it's worth purchasing for the color, but the formula is too viscous to apply perfect, clean stripes with ease. My stripes are the result of patience of repetition.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. That is beautiful! I love the colors your chose for your palette and the Nfu is the perfect touch.

  2. Stormhold is a great base for the nfu-oh flakies! I love this look!

  3. I have that purple striper too! I experimented with it one day and had the same problem. But it's SO pretty.
    This is a gorgeous combo, the flakies are perfect with that stormy grey! I just love it.

  4. I really love this nubar colour! Very pretty mani!

  5. Cool design :D I love the color combo :)

  6. This is really pretty!! Nice grey - looks similar to Recycle but slightly darker - is that what you would say?

  7. I really love the color choice here, I am not blessed with this talent. I admire you yours! This is really a favorite of mine. I really like the colors on the gray background...perfect.

  8. I loooove Nubar's Stronghold. I keep starting an order on their website and then canceling it because I don't want to pay $12 for shipping! I may end up doing it someday, though. That's how badly I want it.

    I really like the combination of colors you chose.

  9. Mary: Thanks so much! The mix of colors was really a result of experimenting. So nice when those experiments turn out favorably! ;)

    Evil Angel: Thank you! Stormhold is a pretty edgy grey. I thought of you when I was applying it. :)

    Nicole: Thanks! I can't even be put off by the application of Purple Outline because of its majestic nature! I think Stormhold is officially my favorite grey creme. There isn't much out there that can't be made better with Nfu Oh flakies!

    Krystle: Thank you! Nfu Oh polishes are such a delight! <3

    Niki*: Thanks! If Stormhold is any indication of the rest of the collection, I am super excited!

    rijaH: Thanks so much! I love playing with color! <3

    Brooke: Thanks! I don't have Recycle in front of me, but I went through a bunch of on-line swatches to be sure. Stormhold is definitely darker. For grey lovers, it's worth owning both.

    ~Elizabeth: Thank you! Working with stripers isn't too hard. I promise! I've found the Art Club stripers to be the most user friendly of those I have tried. The Nfu Oh was a little tricky to outline since the base is almost clear. An easier variation would be to paint your base color, do one stripe with an Art Club striper, then fill in half the nail with Nfu Oh. Voila! Are you shaking your head at me? I wouldn't lead you astray. :)

    gildedangel: Thanks so much, sweetie!

    whateveramber: Thank you! I can only encourage you to purchase Stronghold. It's awesome! Is there anyone nearby who could split an order with you? I will do my part by continuing to tempt you with other Nubar polishes. ;)

  10. I love love love this combination, and Nfu-Oh really gives a special glow to the grey!

  11. Lovely combination of colors and nail art. =)

  12. That is so nice, I really like the colors you chose and the way this came out! Love it.

  13. Can't go wrong with a Nfu-Oh flakie!
    I would so get that Milani striper if it did not have application issues.
    Gorgeous mani!

  14. I absolutely love this. One of my favourites ever from your blog :)

  15. April: Thanks so much. This would look so pretty with your striped dress. <3

    Silhouette Screams: Ah, flakies! They are awesome! :)

    smALtY: Thank you! Stormhold is such an amazing base.

    Thess: How nice! Thank you. :)

    AllYouDesire: Thanks so much! I had a great time experimenting with this look. I started with Stormhold and searched about for other shades to coordinate. :)

    ainos2: Thank you! Nfu Oh is divine! You are so talented. I think you could easily add a bit of thinner to Purple Outline or franken it to perfection.

    Helen: Yay! I am so glad you like it. Thanks so much! <3

  16. I've never seen a Nfu-Oh done quite like that...pretty!

  17. Shayla: Thank you! I will definitely be trying more techniques with Nfu Oh! <3

  18. Very pretty! I love the opal look. It's my birthstone and I adore all the lovely shades in the stone. You do such amazing manicures. Thank you for all of your art work.


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