Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seashells and stars

Hello ladies,

With March weather bringing warmth to the air, I wanted to further explore the Essie Art of Spring Collection. Today I am wearing Van D'Go. My mind was adrift with seashell colors. I noticed parts of the design on Konad plate M76 reminded me of the half shell in the Birth of Venus. I decided to adorn the shells with pearls. I placed a silver star on each nail to further the motif of the sea and sky. I stamped the design in pastel orange special polish.

Van D'Go is a fussy diva polish in an unusual way. Whenever I wear a pastel, I always begin with two coats of a ridge filling base. It creates a sheer white backdrop for color to adhere easily without streaking. I used Brucci 2 in 1 Nail Perfection for this task. After two coats of Van D'Go, I think most ladies would be satisfied. For longer nails or dealing with the unforgiving macro camera setting, three coats would be preferable. Now, all of this seems standard practice for applying a pastel.

The diva factor emerged at the time top coat was applied. After one coat of CND Air Dry, Van D'Go changed color. It went from a pink tinted peach to an orange creamsicle, heavy on the cream. I thought maybe my top coat wasn't compatible. I tried my Carolyn New York top coat. I witnessed the same color transformation. I painted another coat of Van D'Go and used Zoya Armor with OPI Drip Dry drops. There was no escaping the orange creamsicle!

My photos are taken under a natural lamp. The polish and bottle shades are color accurate. Unfortunately, I don't have an Essie topcoat in my collection other than Matte About You. I'm uncertain if using Essie treatments with Van D'Go would keep the color the same from the bottle to the nail. Fortunately, I love a good orange creamsicle.

Essie Van D'Go was sent to me for review.

Konad plate M76 was provided for consideration. Konad products can be purchased from For a chance to win the eight new Konad image plates, please visit the contest post to enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. It's not just you. That happened to me with both Van D'Go and Tart Deco. It was especially noticeable with the latter. My Seche Vite turned it basically day-glo orange. Ugh.

  2. Stephanie: Thanks for letting us know! I still love the color Van D'Go evolved into, but it would be nice to see the exact bottle color on my nails. Before I try Tart Deco, I am going to pick up an Essie topcoat and see if that will keep the color consistent.

  3. I had the same experience with Revlon Quick Dry topcoat. I was disappointed. I'd be interested to know what the outcome is with an Essie topcoat. Your nail art is so beautiful!

  4. Karen: Thanks for sharing your experience. I haven't had this kind of issue with Essie polishes before. I own quite a few! I will definitely inform my contact about the feedback posted.

    Thanks so much for the compliment on my nail design.

  5. I really love the polish! I think it's different to what you would normally choose Diana but very, very becoming. Great pictures of your design. I love the Konad, pearls and stars. Please let me know your secret, if you are willing. Do you wait a day before you Konad, or do you paint, Konad, and bejewel all in one day? <3 xx

  6. That is so cute! I have been really crazy for peach this spring!

  7. This is just so sweet and adorable :3 the little stars make me smile

  8. This looks great! I love that stamp.

  9. That is strange about the topcoat. I was on another blog and they had the same thing happen. It wasn't Essie polish being used. I love the cremasickle look. Very pretty pastel and love the design. I haven't had a creamsickle in years. It's too cold and damp to even think of biting into a popsickle. Where is Spring?

  10. This is so lovely! It makes me long for summer!

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  12. I adore this manicure, along with the last one =)

  13. ANSTAH: Thanks so much! <3

    Danielle: Thanks! Reviewing polishes certainly gives me impetus to explore different color palettes. I would probably otherwise wear lots of purple, blue, reds and metallic shades. I've been having a great time with the Essie pastels.

    I don't mind sharing. I should add this to the FAQ. I tend to paint, do cleanup, let the quick dry topcoat thoroughly harden all the layers and then do the Konad stamping. Usually when I am finished cleanup, the polish is dry enough to stamp over. Polishes requiring three coats or more often have a wait period of about an hour before stamping to be very certain my nails are dry. Fortune and I hang out together and watch a tv show on the computer. Then I will stamp. I seal the Konad design, add the jewels and finish with quick dry topcoat. It's rare for me to wear the color alone for a day first. I only do that if I have a time restraint. :)

  14. Thess: That's so nice! Thank you. <3

    WizardsofBling: Thank you, Sylvia! Peach tones are so cheerful and refreshing as Spring comes forth.

    nihrida: Thanks! Ah, pearls go with romance. :)

    Silhouette Screams: Thank you! Those Art Club stars are indeed sweet! I love them.

    Jessica: Thank you! I love the complexity in some of the new Konad designs.

    NY*NAIL*DIVA: You are sweet. Thank you!

    Lucy: I think we are almost there for Spring. My nails are ready! I ended up leaving the manicure on for a few days. It made me happy, as do you. xoxo!

    gildedangel: I hear you! Warm weather, come around. :)

    Charming Nails: Thanks so much! I appreciate it! <3

    Trincess: Thank you! I've done some sweet and feminine looks this week. <3

  15. I've been remiss and forgotten to thank you for answering my query! Thank you for doing that Diana! I find you have patience for drying! I clearly lack this quality ;) I'll have to be more patient as I tend to smudge or bleed my Konad designs :) <3 xx

  16. I picked up this collection and have been slowly making my way through it. I love the colors, and the wear has been good, but I agree about the application - it is finicky! But somehow I don't mind. :)


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