Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The sleeping giant

Hello ladies,

My cat Fortune has chosen lately to sleep with his head against my pillow as his preferred dream space. He always sleeps paws forward and belly exposed.

Fortune is a ragdoll cat. He has flame point markings on his ears, nose, and forehead that are peachy in color. The rest of his fur is cream colored. He is as soft as a rabbit.

Fortune is one of the most lovable cats I have ever encountered. He enjoys sitting up in my lap and lets out a chirping purr every time I hug him close. There is an amusing informational video about the ragdoll breed. It's so hard for me to fathom why anyone would have abandoned such a sweet creature, but I am happy to have been the one to rescue him.

I'll be back with a manicure on Wednesday night, but I wanted to share a sight I am privy to every day.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Awhh, he is adorable!! Haha, my dog likes to sleep like that.

  2. Awwwww.....he is so sweet and fluffy! I could just snuggle him!

  3. Reminds me of my Manfred. 20lb Maine Coon. :)

  4. He is adorable and looks very cuddley

  5. Oh my gosh. I just want to squoosh him! He's so cute! What an adorable guy. Naturally I love his name.

  6. Oh man, SO CUTE. I was actually telling my dog the other day (yes I talk to my dog :P) that I wish he'd been a ragdoll cat, because he hates being cuddled and picked up.

  7. I still don't understand how you can abandon an animal. Fortune is beautiful and he must know true comfort to sleep like that. Reminds me of my Gustav, he sleeps belly up all the time! I've said it before, but I am so glad "Fortune" found you Diana!

  8. Oh sweet lord, that is an adorable kitty. I've always wanted a Ragdoll. They look so cuddly.

  9. OMG! Your cat is sooooo sweet and sooooo cute!!!

  10. Tierney: Thanks! There is nothing sweeter than a pet sleeping tummy up. Your dog must look so cute that way. :)

    Evil Angel: He loves to snuggle! I type up the majority of my posts with Fortune by my side. <3

    Skulda: Manfred is the perfect name for a Maine Coon cat! I would say he and Fortune are about the same size. Big sweeties!

    Twister: Thanks! He is a floofy cuddle monster. <3

    ART OF NAIL: He's quite irresistible!

    Nicole: When Fortune is asleep, I can plant a kiss on his tummy. He'll open his eyes a little and start to purr.

    Silhouette Screams: It makes total sense to me! Pets are great listeners. Fortune is licking my hand as I am trying to type. Hilarious!

    CamRenRai16: Thanks so much! Fortune waves a paw. <3

    Danielle: Thank you. Fortune and I are a good pair. Aww, so nice that Gustav shows his tummy in his sleep. <3

    Stephanie: There is nothing quite like a ragdoll cat. He loves bear hugs!

    gildedangel: Thanks! He's such a sweet cat.

    poshnail: Thank you! He will actually sit up in my lap like a toddler.

  11. Aaaw what a cute kitty !
    I love ragdolls !

  12. He's beautiful! My Orton sleeps like that too, and its just too cute to not go awwwww!

  13. One of my cats always sleeps on her back. There's one photo of her on my blog where she's laying on her back one arm extended to the side and the other flopped onto her chest. She's adorable!
    I love his color and markings. He sure does look soft.

  14. What a beauty he is. Wonderful that you rescued him. Bless you for that. A Ragdoll is my dream cat. I've watched several programs about them. They are so sweet and are just a bundle of love.


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