Sunday, March 14, 2010

Windswept blossoms

Hello ladies,

We have had such rain here for the past few days! Lovely pastels from the Essie Art of Spring Collection have been readying me for the emergence of blooms. I've seen green shoots coming up that are harbingers of crocus flowers. In the community garden, neighbors have been clearing their plots for planting. It will be so nice to visit the garden again as the flowers are greeting the sun.

Today I am wearing Essie Neo-Whimsical. This shade is delicate and enchanting. I've seen much appreciation for Lilacism from the Art of Spring Collection. Neo-Whimsical certainly equals it's beauty. It has a lavender hue with a subtle touch of pink, giving it the possibility to flatter many skin tones. For ladies who have trouble with pastel purples that lean more towards blue or grey, Neo-Whimsical might be a favorable choice.

I stamped the floral image from Konad plate M77 in violet pearl princess polish. The pearls were applied asymmetrically to further the idea of the wind's movement.

Neo-Whimsical is a bit of a fussy diva. The colors I have tried from the Art of Spring Collection take a little more effort to apply than average. The tones are so pleasing, I don't mind. I am wearing three coats of Neo-Whimsical over two coats of a ridge filling base. I used Brucci 2 in 1 Nail Perfection, but any base with a milky tint will accomplish the task nicely. This is a fairly typical method for applying pastel shades from any brand.

Essie Neo-Whimsical was sent to me for review.

Konad plate M77 was provided for my consideration. Konad products can be purchased from For a chance to win all eight of the new design plates, please visit the contest post to enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Wow, that manicure looks so lovely!

  2. Lovely! Just lovely.
    Did you get a lot of compliments? =)

  3. That's such a gorgeous shade, I know what you mean about having trouble with certain shades of lavender - this is what I need.

  4. So beautiful!!! I love purple/lavender and will try to do a similar mani

  5. Beautiful! Love the two shades together. Elegant, stunning and I hope you got loads of comments my dear! <3 xx

  6. That is just so perfect. I have M77 on my way, so thanks for the inspiration. Must try something like this :)

  7. this is beautiful =) I love the matching pearls! =D

  8. It's a perfect kind of violet, and your konadicure is so beautiful. Very spring!!

  9. I had a bit of a hard time with application on these as well, but the colors are lovely. I like this with the cute little flowers, and the tiny pearls are the perfect touch!

  10. I'm not very crazy about this shade of lavender. Maybe it's too cool of a lavender. I do like your designs of flowers blowing in the wind. I'll be happy to see the flowers breaking through the earth.

  11. SUCH a pretty color and the konad just makes it that much more gorgeous!!

  12. I love it, it's so sweet and pretty !
    I have a question, where do you fid your pearls ? (if you buy them online...) Thanks !

  13. gildedangel: Thank you so much! <3

    Thess: Thank you! I wore this look for a couple of days. Friends I met up with were really enthusiastic about the color and the design. :)

    Silhouette Screams: Thanks! I definitely think Neo-Whimsical would be worth checking out for you. <3

    smALtY: Thank you! I adore all shades of purple! I would love to see what you come up with.

    Rebie: Thank you so much! You are sweet.

    Danielle: Thank you! I have been loving tone on tone designs with pastels. As you predicted, this look was popular. :)

    AllYouDesire: Thanks! I can't wait to see your creations with M77. It's one of my favorite plates from the new series. <3

    Trincess: Thank you, sweetie! I love adding pearls and sparkly decorations. :)

    Cah_nossovicio: Thank you! I'm loving the shade too and so very ready for the weather to be temperate and lovely.

    Nicole: Pastels can require special care, but the finished result was so worth it! I am so glad you liked the manicure. Thank you!

    Lucy: That blush of pink in Neo-Whimsical might not be your fancy. I am glad the design appealed to you. I will have my camera ready as Nature reveals the first signs of spring. I am anticipating it with joy in my heart. <3

    ANSTAH: Thanks so much! Nothing can make purple better but more purple. ;)

    Ayuu: Thank you for the compliment! I bought the nail art wheel of pearls in a lot of products on ebay. If you try searching 'nail art pearl', you will find many options. :)

  14. This is the first one of this collection that I tried, and I just adore the color. It is so very different from anything I have in my collection (though to be fair I tend to lean towards darker colors). I wish I owned some (any) konad plates because your nails look awesome!


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