Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apothecary: essie naturally clean purifying nail polish remover

Hello ladies,

I have recently been using essie naturally clean purifying nail polish remover. It's an effective, salon quality polish remover with a fresh and pleasant scent.
Essie purifying nail polish remover has an acetone based formula. It would be a gentler substitute for a 100% acetone formula. Working with the remover, I could tell there was a high concentration of acetone. It dissolved glitter polish fairly quickly. As with 100% acetone, the remover easily swept standard creme and shimmer polishes from the nail. I still needed a touch up with a freshly saturated piece of felt or cotton to remove all of the color. The first attempt at removal took away the majority of the polish and left a watercolor residue. This was easily cleaned with another swipe of remover.

Let's examine the ingredients list: Acetone, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Eucalyptus Species Leaf Oil, Limonene (Sweet Pea Parfum/Fragrance), Alcohol Denat, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Denatonium Benzoate.

Glycerin is useful as a moisturizing component. Vitamins A and E are present for their skin healing qualities. I found these ingredients to help maintain the moisture levels in my nails, cuticles and surrounding skin while I was removing my polish. Essie purifying nail polish remover doesn't dry my nails and skin the way 100% acetone does.

The scent of this product is quite wonderful. While described as having a sweet pea fragrance, it seemed more like a watery botanical to me. There is a clean and aquatic mix with the floral bouquet. It may be the eucalyptus mingling with the sweet pea blossoms. The scent remained on my nails after removal. I was as entertained by this as with scented polish. When my nails are subtly perfumed, I am delighted.

For anyone questioning why a nail polish remover would be named 'naturally clean', this is part of a line of products grouped under that header. There is a purifying hand wash, hand treatment, refreshing nail cleanser, and vitamin enriched manicure revitalizer. I'm interested in trying more of this line. I do wish I had purchased the 16 oz bottle of the nail polish remover as it it will join my favorites in rotation.

Essie naturally clean purifying nail polish remover is available at essie.com. There is a 4 oz. bottle for $6.00 and a 16 oz. size for $16.00. I purchased my bottle at an Ulta retail location. The 4 oz. size is also available at ulta.com.

Above are purple pansies in a window box. These were my grandmother's favorite flowers. Seeing them every Spring makes me nostalgic and happy.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Lovely flowers.
    I'm going to have to try this polish remover. I'm currently trying out several brands.

  2. Um, I wonder is this remover equivalant to zoya's remove+ I would love to try it :)

  3. Oh, I forgot..the pansies are just too beautiful!!!...I love purple :)

  4. Signs of spring with the purple pansies. :) And I'm going to have to try the remover, sounds good.

  5. I'd love to try that remover. I'm still in the search for my most favourite brand haha! I love the pansies, makes me happy.

  6. ShortAndSweetNails: It's definitely worth a try! I am always experimenting with new polish removers. I completely identify with having a few different ones on hand.

    rmcandlelight: The formulas are different enough to warrant owning both. Zoya Remove + is non-acetone. I think it's the best non-acetone remover on the market of the many I have tried. Essie purifying nail polish remover is a little quicker but requires a touch up the way the full strength acetone does. They both work well, but differently.

    I'm glad you liked the pansies! Purple always captivates me. <3

    Lacquer Ware: There are so many beautiful flowers in bloom right now! I'm going be visiting a wildflower preserve this weekend. I will share some of the beauty I encounter there. I hope you like the remover as much as I do.

    Michelle: I have a rotation of favorites: Zoya Remove +, Sephora by OPI Remover, OPI Polish Remover (green) and now Essie purifying nail polish remover. These are the only polish removers I have/would repurchase. I think each of them has different strengths. We have the same response to pansies. :)

  7. Hi!

    I really like to read your blog and I love to see your photos.

    Pansies are my favourite flowers. In portuguese we call them "amores perfeitos" that means "perfect love". :)

  8. I'll definitely be trying this.
    Loving your blog...it's so nice and relaxing to read yet so informative.

  9. Pansies remind me of my Uncle John. I used to grow them and petunias. He used to come in the Spring from Washington state and stay with various relatives for a few months. He was good about doing some weeding my garden for me. He was such a handsome man and also very loving. It's wonderful that we all of such good memories of our loved ones. Glad that they are mostly good memories.


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