Friday, April 16, 2010

Bat Cat

Hello ladies,

I was trying to take a picture of my boyfriend's cat, Raider, when he was sleeping on the arm of the sofa. I couldn't resist trying to capture him enjoying a calm moment. When Raider heard the click of the camera, he awakened and immediately began posing. His expression was too sweet not to share. Look at those owl eyes!

I will return tomorrow with a manicure.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Lol! Raider has a very cheeky look in those Owl eyes! I'd be careful of him, endless mischief with that cat I'd think. But he's still very cute and sweet. I'd still want to love and cuddle him ;) gorgeous pic!

  2. Awww. This made my heart melt a little bit. <3

  3. Cats are so adorable. This one is a beauty.

  4. He's such a sweet boy! Bat cat indeed!

  5. He's so handsome. He does have some pretty eyes

    I always try to take pictures of Orton when he is sleeping and then he wakes up and all sleepy cuteness goes away and he gives me a bit of a "what the hell are you doing? Why did you just flash that obnoxious bright light in my eyes?" look...

  6. The Diva's Polish: Danielle, you have summed Raider up nicely. The sweetest thing is he will wait until you are asleep to cuddle.

    Twister: Thank you! <3

    Wizards of Bling: Sylvia, he is sweet and adventurous. :)

    Brooke: I love how cats express themselves. :)

    ch3rryco1a: Mine too! He is a darling cat.

    Silhouette Screams: Raider is such a charmer. <3

    Claire's Blog. True! He does have star quality.

    nihrida: Many thanks to the Empress of Cats. :)

    Lucy: Thanks so much! I love his markings.

    Dao: Thank you! He loves to pose!

    Arrianne: How awesome! What a great nick name!

    Jessica: Cats certainly have their own tolerance levels to the camera. Morgana at the store gives me the dirtiest looks when I try to photograph her. It's hilarious! I should take more pictures of Fortune at home. He loves having his picture taken. He does play the head turning game often though. ;)

  7. Tooooo cuuuuute *__* I just looooove cats ^^

  8. omdais i love your cat! big round eyes ><


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