Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blue of the sea and sky

Hello ladies,

Clarins Ocean is covering my nails with an inky layer of blue. A purple undertone reveals itself in sunlight. The color makes me think of the depths of the sea and the dark evening sky. This is an untried and true manicure featuring a discontinued shade.

Using silver special polish, I stamped the dual flower pattern from Konad plate M75. This design seems to belong with Clarins Ocean. The stylized stem reminds me of a wave and the petals appear like starlight. I added pearls to echo the feel of the sea and crystals to reflect like stars.

This daffodil makes me think of a tiered cotton skirt brightened with vegetable dye. The earth is dressed for Spring!

Clarins Ocean applied beautifully. I am wearing three coats, but I think two would be sufficient for ladies with more active length nails. The formula was easy to control. The consistency felt more like working with a jelly polish than a creme. Clarins Ocean has the lovely sheen of a jelly formula, but the pigmentation of a creme. It's perfection.

This shade has been discontinued. For a chance to win a new bottle of Clarins Ocean, please visit the Smooth and Polished Giveaway.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. So pretty! Love the daffodil too!

  2. Wow, those nails are so long!
    How long did they take to grow?? :OOO

  3. I didnt even know Clarins made nail polish! And the nail art is pretty, as always :3

  4. Clarins is so mean for discontinuing their polishes :(
    That color is so pretty!!!

  5. That is a gorgeous shade on you. It reminds me of the night sky when there isn't any stars showing. I also love your nail art and jewels. Beautiful. Love the daffodil. That was one variety my Mother used to grow. I always picked out different varieties. This was one of my favorites.

  6. Lovely inky shade of blue your wearing. Your nails always look stunning, with your gorgeous nail art too. Gorgeous daffodil. My tulips have sprung up. I'm now waiting for them to open.

  7. Wizards of Bling: Thanks so much, Sylvia! I am so enjoying the Spring blooms! <3

    Maggie: I am honestly not sure! I file my nails every week. I would imagine it would take a few months for a tip to re-grow completely.

    Silhouette Screams: Thank you! I wish Clarins hadn't stopped producing nail polish. I have a few of their polishes. Sometimes I wish I could time travel and round up all the beautiful shades of the past.

    Short and Sweet Nails: Yes, the meanies! Thank you for the compliment on the polish. :)

    Lucy: Thank you! I think we have the same vision of this color. I'm glad you appreciate the added sparkle. I love the tri-toned daffodils. I am happy to share them with you and bring back happy memories.

    nihrida: Thanks so much! I could see you wearing something similar. <3

    Velvet: Thank you! I appreciate your kind words. Please take a picture of your tulips if you feel inclined. I would love to see them in bloom.

    Thriszha: Thanks so much, sweetie!


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