Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gold dust

Hello ladies,

My nails smell very much like cupcake frosting! It is delightful! For a polish named Cotton Candy, what it lacks in accuracy it makes up for in sweet pleasure. I have enjoyed each of the fragrances I have tried so far from Revlon Scents of Summer. The novelty of going throughout my day with perfumed nails was wonderfully entertaining.

Color Club's Sultry Diva from the Glitter Vixen Collection creates the dusting of gold over the pale pink. Cotton Candy has a stirring of super fine gold sparkle. It would be a lovely, work appropriate sheer. I imagine the hint of gold would make Cotton Candy suitable for more skin tones than a basic pale pink.

My nails are posed next to a French perfume bottle with enamel flowers and crystal accents. I borrowed this little trinket from the store.

The application of Cotton Candy was questionable. I used two coats of Brucci 2 in 1 Nail Perfection followed by three coats of Cotton Candy. I experienced some light bubbling near the cuticle area. If I weren't putting this polish under magnification, a quick Konad stamp would have covered the issue successfully. Another option would have been to wait until the manicure had fully dried and use Orly Smudge Fixer to soften the bubbles. An additional layer of color could be painted to conceal the problem.

I opted to reverse the placement of the traditional gradient manicure. I really loved how this look turned out. For a tutorial about using Orly Smudge Fixer as a gradient liquid, please view this post.

The next time I wear a polish from Revlon Scents of Summer, it will be as a layering note. While I love the fragrances I have tried so far, I don't want to battle trying build these colors to perfect opacity.

This little friend supervised all of my photographic endeavors today. When I tried to take his picture, he attempted to look nonchalant and plunked his webbed feet into the canal. Have you ladies teamed up with any unlikely photographic assistants in the wild or at home?

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I LOVE that! That pale pink on your hands is perfect! And the gold is the sprinkles on top!

  2. Oh I swoon.... so girly and pretty. Love the gold dust! Just gorgeous.

    And I love Mr Duck! He's very regal with his white feathers. We have a pond near were we live where koi and ducks reside peacefully together. It's beautiful. We've named all the 8,000 ducks that live there now ;)

  3. Great nails! I love the gold on the pale pink! Super gorgeous!

  4. The gold glitter gradient is so cute :3

  5. Love it - I also love the idea that it's scented, especially like cotton candy!

  6. OMG cutest nails i ever seen!! :D

  7. i love it, always wanted to try out a gradient manicure- now I only have to get the smudge fixer :D

  8. Wow this is really pretty. I'm going to try your gradient tut. :)

  9. Very beautiful! I really love the gold dust at the base of the nail. Very dreamy looking. The duck is so sweet. My cats are the only animals, that feel the need to sometimes help me with!

  10. Very pretty polish and I like the way you placed the gold glitter. Perfume bottle is so pretty and elegant :)

    I'm tagging you :)

  11. Gorgeous manicure. Good idea with the gold. I bought all of them. I had an awful time with the Grape Ice. Loved the color but it was so streaky. Might have been because the Zoya Ridge Filler was too thick. I was at the end of the bottle. I like all the shades but I wished the peach smelled more peachy!

  12. I had a spider come visit and join me in my photo taking.

  13. So pretty! I love these gradient manis with glitter.

    Orton is usually my assistant.

  14. Wizards of Bling: Thank you! I almost had mannequin hands with the pink. I love doing glitter gradients! It was even more enjoyable with scented polish. <3

    The Diva's Polish: Danielle, I always can tell what looks you will love. I am very fond of water birds. They seem to love me back. I was waiting for a friend near the river and a couple of ducks sat under the bench right behind my feet. A passer by thought they were my pets! She asked: "Are those your ducks?". Hilarious!

  15. Distant Dreamer: Thank you so much! The finished manicure came out more elegantly than I had expected. I am glad you like it. :)

    Silhouette Screams: Thank you! I have another gradient manicure planned for the coming week. I am excited!


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