Friday, April 2, 2010

Grapes and white blossoms

Hello ladies,

Today I am wearing Grape Icy from the Revlon Scents of Summer Collection. The color is a lovely violet purple with fuschia shimmer. More importantly, it smells like grape candy! The scent is like having a palm full of jelly beans and inhaling the sweetness. I can still detect it easily even after two layers of topcoat.

I stamped the small blossom design from Konad plate M51. I used white special polish and affixed purple crystals in the center of each flower. In center city, the flowering trees and hung with white blooms. Gazing down the street, it looks like the trees are draped in bridal lace. I can't resist decorating my nails to reflect Nature.

I purchased Grape Icy for novelty and not quality, so I wasn't disappointed. After my experience with last summer's Revlon scented polishes, I knew to expect enjoyable scent and color combined with questionable application.

I started with a ridge filling base coat. The formula was thin and needed three coats over the tinted base to be perfectly opaque. There were also some minor visible brush stokes. The dry time was longer than I would have liked, but not unreasonable. I'm only sharing this in the interest of fair reporting. All I can truly focus on is that my nails are shimmering violet purple and smell like grape candy.

I will be showing more of the Revlon Scents of Summer line over the next couple of weeks. I really wish those of you who are interested could smell the grape scent through the screen. Today, I amused my boyfriend, my barista, a neighborhood dog and my cat with my scented nails.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Starlight: Thank you! It was such a lovely day. My nails were in harmony with the weather. <3

  2. Wow, it's scented? :O and it's such a pretty colour too

  3. Whoa scented nail polish? That is badass. I loove your spring mani :-D

  4. Silhouette Screams: Thank you! Yes, the polish is scented when dry. Amazing! :)

    Michele: Thanks! I am so in love with the concept of scented polish! I am going to do another look for tomorrow with the green in the collection. <3

  5. I love all of the flowering trees and Spring flowers. It's a beautiful time of year. Your nails look amazing. I used that Revlon last week and had such trouble. I had on Zoya Ridge Filler and maybe it was too thick. The Grape Ice went on streaky and I had to use 3 coats. I also got a lot of bubbles and it looked awful. I hope it was just me and not the polish. I couldn't resist and had my girlfriend buy them all. I always loved Revlon's formula years ago. I don't think it's the same but it is still on the thinner side.

  6. i love you konadicure
    I'm so excited that I'm getting this and a few other lemmings in a swap and can't wait for them to arrive :D

  7. That's a lovely purple and bonus on the scent!! IDK why but I skipped buying these scented polishes the last time I went to Rite-Aid. Maybe I need to go back and get a couple...I know they have a cotton candy scented one that I might have to have now. LOL

  8. I love that color! I have the blue berry from last year and love the color! The scent was meh. Just remembered, I have one more I never tried. I'll have to dig it out. Love the flower blings!

  9. Lucy: Thanks so much for your sweet words! While I did okay with Grape Icy, I experienced terrible bubbling with Beach. I love the scent of Beach. I am going to try it again as a layer over a similar shade. I took lots of flower pictures today. I always have you in mind when I am photographing flowers. xoxo!

    amusedPolish: Thank you! I love receiving packages. I hope you enjoy all your swap goodies. <3

    ShortAndSweetNails: Thanks! I purchased the Cotton Candy scented polish. I will try it soon. <3

    WizardsofBling: Thank you, Sylvia! I have the blueberry polish too. The color is so very lovely. It was my favorite from last year's batch.

    ART OF NAIL: Thanks so much. xoxo!


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