Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss

Hello ladies,

I recently had the opportunity to try Hard Candy's Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss. I am wearing a pale, shimmering pink called Girl Next Door. The color is a pretty basic for everyday wear. It offers an enhancement to a natural look. The micro shimmer reflects in the sun and creates a subtle glow.

Girl Next Door is the perfect choice if you want a touch of make up, but not too much. It would be suitable to wear on a walk, to the grocery store or to yoga class.

This shade would also pair well with a smoky eye look. The soft pink would create balance without distracting from darker, bold eye make up. Girl Next Door could easily go from day to evening. I love the versatility of this color.

There is lovely shimmer along the length of the wand leading to the doe foot applicator.

Hard Candy Plumping Serum has a sugary vanilla flavor. There is a light taste, but it's not so strong as to be distracting. When I first apply the gloss, it hums a bit on my lips. There is some sensation, but the formula doesn't sting. It has the same feeling as letting a ricola cough drop dissolve in your mouth. It's noticeable, but not unpleasant.

The formula makes my lips feel moist, but not sticky. The wear time is similar to other glosses I own. I feel like I want a touch up after a few hours.

I'm really curious to try some of the other colors in the line. There are five additional shades: The It Girl (clear), Material Girl (red), All American Girl (nude beige), Girly Girl (pale pink) and Uptown Girl (peach). All of these glosses provide sheer coverage. I think these would be nice for layering as well.

I feel like my lips appear fuller with the gloss than bare. Do they look plump to you? Have you ladies tried any lip plumping products?

Violets in the sun.

Girl Next Door Plumping Serum was sent to me for review. You can find more information about Hard Candy cosmetics and nail products at The Hard Candy line can be found at Walmart retail locations and on-line at If you would like a chance to win all 16 polishes from the Hard Candy Just Nails line, stop by the contest post and enter.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. so pretty! i wish we have Hard Candy here :(

  2. doe foot applicator?? i LOVE that description!! so precious :)

  3. I just bought "Too Faced" Extreme Lip Injection Quadra Advanced Lip Plumping Serum and WOW. It burns like mad but it definitely plumps up my lips. I got it at Sephora.

  4. Nix: Thanks so much! I really hope Hard Candy expands their beauty empire so you can readily enjoy their products too. <3

    kelliegonzo: I am not the originator of the term 'doe foot applicator', but I do love it! I want to review more lip products so I can type the phrase and say it more often. ;)

    KeysGoRound: I don't know if I am ready for a plumping serum with the word 'extreme' in the product name. Too Faced makes some wonderful cosmetics. I will check it out with your warning! I might be best suited to a kind and gentle lip plumper. <3

  5. I've tried one, but I didn't notice any "plumping" just some tingling. I have a really small upper lip so I've toyed with the idea of using a plumping gloss.
    Maybe post some before and after pics to see if there is any size difference? Just a suggestion. :)
    You always do great reviews.

  6. Ooh that's gorgeous! Your lips do look plump! They remind me of Cherub lips! Beautiful xx

  7. Skulda: Thanks for the compliment! I was feeling a little shy about doing a lip review with such a light color. I don't think I could post my lips entirely nude even to enhance the review. It would be a good idea though!

    The Diva's Polish: Thanks so much! I'm glad my mouth appears angelic. You'll get to see a close up of one of my eyes later this week. ;)

  8. Very pretty :) this is the kind of gloss I wear everyday

  9. This is a cute colour and it looks great on you! I've tried lip plumping products before, a gloss by L'Ebel which didn't plump at all, another one by Rimmel London which was OK, and a lipstick by Maybelline that BURNT my lips - and it didn't plump!

  10. danussik: Thank you!

    Marce: Thanks so much! You are a brave tester! The Hard Candy Plumping Serum has a gentle sensation. I think the high gloss and the shimmer help enhance the look of fullness as well.

  11. I'v used a few different plumping glosses. One worked and one didn't. I used Bare Minerals plumping gloss which did plump a little. I don't think they make that big of a difference. How lucky you are to be able to see so many variety of flowers. One nice advantage of living in the city. Violets are just lovely and have the most beautiful scent. I always think of the violets being sold at the market in My Fair Lady.


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