Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cosmic Green

Hello ladies,

As much as I adore Claire's Envy, I really feel the name has been overdone for green polish. What would you call this shade instead? There is something planetary about the color. The green sparkle embedded in the charcoal base looks like the night sky in an alternate universe. I could easily imagine a world where the stars were green.

Please click for a close up of the cosmic green shimmer.

Envy has a very thin consistency. It felt like painting a water color rather than polishing nails. I used four coats, but the process was relatively quick. I didn't have any other application issues other than needing to build the color. I would really recommend wrapping the tips on the initial application and capping the tip of nail with polish the next day. This will help with any tip wear issues often found when using jelly formulas.

I really adore this polish. In low light, it appears black with a little flash. There is enough vital sparkle that keeps Envy out of the almost black category. When painting the color on my nails, the base seemed like a watery charcoal that slowly built to black. This shade has been part of Claire's assortment for awhile. I purchased my bottle last summer and it has been waiting to spend time on my nails. Envy is a great shade for vampy lovers.

This week my friend David and I visited Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia. It seemed like there were waves of white flowers. David would likely describe it as an army of white flowers. We are a rather hilarious pairing on our nature journeys.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. This is a really lovely dark green ... maybe I would name it Black Emerald or Green Onyx ... gemstones on the brain this morning I guess LOL =)

  2. I think I would just call it Cosmic Green, which is how you described it XD

  3. I'll third Cosmic green! And those waves of Hyacinths, if that's what they are look gorgeous! And I bet they smelled even better!

  4. Colette: I'm liking Green Onyx. I want to say that Brucci makes a polish called Black Emerald. Oh, they do! It's in my untrieds! ;)

    Silhouette Screams, Tangerine Fairy, and Wizards of Bling: I thought a post title change was in order. :)

    Sylvia, I am not certain of the identity of these white blossoms. The garden was an olfactory extravaganza! There were so many flowering trees in bloom, the air was a mixed bouquet.

  5. Where's Batram Gardens? When I was little I used to live on Buist Ave in Southwest Philly. There used to be a big park not to far away. My Mom and I used to take a walk and end up there so I can play on the swings. The shade of green is pretty on you. Sometimes I wish they wouldn't look blackened.

  6. Lucy: Here is the website for Bartram's Gardens: It's along the Schuylkill River. We had to cross into University City and travel south adjacent to the river to arrive. I'm not sure where Buist Avenue is. I do love city parks. It's nice to have pleasant memories of a little green oasis. <3


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