Sunday, April 11, 2010

Konad Eight Plates Giveaway Winner!

Hello ladies,

Today my friend Lisa and I journeyed to the park to select a winner for the Konad Eight Plates Contest.

The components included a bouquet of Spring flowers, an embroidered scarf and nearly 800 entries hand written on strips of paper.
I folded the scarf in half and placed the bouquet and the entries on top.
I wrapped the scarf around the stems and handed the bouquet to Lisa.
She carefully unwrapped the scarf
and arranged the entries neatly over the stems.
She tucked the entries into the bouquet
And tossed it into the air.
Behold the aftermath!
Hundreds of entries were scattered across the patchy grass.
At the furthest edge of the paper trail, we noticed something. Lisa's swift toss managed to behead a rose. Tucked in the petals was the name of our winner!

Kellie Gonzo! Many warm congratulations, Kellie! Please visit her wonderful blog: Also Known As. Kellie takes great photos and shares her high quality swatches with us. A warning: Her blog may induce unrepentant incidents of shopping!

Many thanks to Kathleen from OC Nail Art for sponsoring the Konad Eight Plates Contest! I appreciate the attentive, personable service she provides to each of her customers. Please visit OC Nail Art for all your Konad stamping needs.

A special thanks to my friend Lisa for being such a wonderful support for my efforts with painted Lady fingers and all manner of life beyond polish.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Yeay Kellie! Congratulations lady! :) xx

  2. best way to pick a winner, EVER. Congrats!

  3. yay i'm soooooo excited!!!!! thanks diana and kathleen <3 yayayayay!

  4. CONGRATS Kellie!!!

    and wow, you hand wrote 800 entries??? AHH!! wow. I hope that didn't take you forever. But, what an adorable way to draw the winner :) perfect for a nice spring day!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Bhevarri: I am so glad you enjoyed the selection process!

    Kellie: I am glad you are so happy! <3

    Brooke: I did! You can enlarge any of the photos to see my handwriting. I hung out with my philosopher friend at the coffee shop and tabulated entries while he worked on his dissertation. It ended up taking me a few evenings, but it was worth it! Lisa and I had a great time in the park today. <3

  6. Oh wow! You do the best drawings. I love it! Congratulations Kellie!

  7. Grats Kellie you lucky girl!! :D You always win stuff :D

  8. Congrats to the winner :)
    Great giveaway.

  9. Congrats to Kellie! You are really crazy (in a good way), your "selection" processes are so funny!

  10. Thanks everyone for stopping by and sharing the good feeling!

    smALtY: I have my own way of being and whimsy is often involved. :)

  11. Yay Kellie! Can't wait to see what see do with her prizes. Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways Diana. Love your ideas for picking a winner. That's a lot of papers to pick up!

  12. Lucy: You're welcome, Lucy! There will be a new giveaway coming this weekend or perhaps before. We'll see when the package arrives. I am glad you enjoy my drawings! I usually recruit a partner in crime for the proceedings so I am not out there trying to manage all those little papers alone. <3


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